Can not seem to stop food cravings? Putting a stop to your food cravings can make you cut back on your calorie intake, thereby making you lose weight. Here are some tricks about stopping your cravings.

  1. Avoid whatever triggers your desires. Get rid of your old cravings of unhealthy foods. That's right. You have to start and strengthen healthier food cravings. Simply switch the foods that you eat. The tough part is during the first few days wherein you're probably unable to completely get rid of your former eating habits. Condition yourself to eat fresh fruits whenever you're craving to eat. This is a real plus if you badly want to munch something.
  2. Banish temptations. Did you just succumb to eating a box of cookies immediately after you've felt the urge to eat? And if it feels bad to eat that temptation, destroy it! Simply throwing it away will not suffice. You can put it under running water and ruin it. Licking your binge will make you feel a sense of accomplishment. Skip thinking about the money you've spent for it. Would you rather that it enlarged your hips?
  3. Eat nuts. Gulp down a couple of glasses of water and munch 1 ounce of nuts, particularly 20 peanuts or 12 almonds and 6 walnuts. Wait for 20 minutes and these chows are bound to wipe your cravings away. It changes your body chemistry, thereby curbing your appetite.
  4. Drink coffee instead. Whenever you feel like grabbing and gorging a candy bar, why not drink coffee? Although the caffeine will not satiate your cravings, it will quench your appetite. Is not coffee so rich and warm as well that it distracts you from (over) eating?
  5. Deal with stress. When you're tension-laden and stressed, do not you feel like eating? In this case you have to look for ways to manage and relieve stress. Buy an audio guide for stress relaxation or do some deep breathing. Try visualization as well.
  6. Re-energize by napping. You'll actually have stronger food cravings when you're tired so do something to recover from the fatigue. Go to your room and have a power nap.
  7. Brush your teeth and feel minty. Gargle with mouthwash, too. You'll feel like you would not want to mess up a clean fresh mouth. That's why you're bound not to give in to your food cravings.
  8. Shift your focus. Do you feel the urge to eat just ice cream? It's a sign of food craving, not hunger. And you know what? Food cravings simply last for 10 minutes. Divert your attention for that span of time and you'll end up forgetting about it. Call a friend or turn the radio on. Exercise, meditate or run an errand. Do something to distract yourself.
  9. Give in to your dreams, but put some limits. Every now and then you can indulge your urge to eat. So have that ice cream, but buy a small cone instead of a pint. Is it chocolates you badly want to chomp? Get a 100 calorie chocolate bar. Cookies? Grab a 100 calorie snack pack. After indulging, go for a walk for 15 minutes. It's enough to burn the 100 calories you've gotbbled up.
  10. Plan your diet or avoid inauspicious places. Take a different route so that you would not have to pass by the pizzeria or bakery. If you have to attend a birthday party and will unavoidably face a delicious cake, eat just enough so that you will not exceed your calorie intake.

These easy and clever tricks can help you stop food cravings.