Most people view dieting as an all or nothing. In January, they make their New Year's Resolutions and hit the gym for endless cardio sessions and eat nothing but fish and vegetables for about two weeks, but soon they are eating birthday cake and drinking beer again, ashamed that their diet has failed. Studies show that diets often fail because they are too extreme; people adopt an all-or-nothing philosophy instead of making a few small healthy changes that can actually become permanent and be sustainable. If you are interested in speeding up your weight loss and have been a habitual all-or-nothing dieter, try adding just a couple of these small lifestyle changes to enjoy an expedited weight loss.

# 1 Limit Going Out to Eat

We all know that going out to eat increases our calorie count. Most restaurant food is loaded with additional fat and sugar, and it is also usually served in much larger portions. Therefore, eating out less is obviously a great way to lose weight. But, do not completely eliminate eating out, because that is not sustainable. Instead of ruling it out, limit it. If you usually eat out once a week, try and make it once every two weeks. If you usually do it twice a week, try and make it once a week. If you make the change more gradual, it is more likely to stick. Bottom Line: Gradually limiting the frequency with which you go out to eat can help you to lose weight quickly.

# 2 Stop Buying Junk Food It

is unrealistic to absorb you can just stop eating junk food, particularly if it has been a staple of your life. Therefore, do not even tell yourself that you will completely stop eating junk food. Instead, stop buying it for yourself. You may still eat the cupcake at the office, but if you do not buy it, then you can not also have the popcorn at home. Making this one small change can have an awful effect. Bottom Line: Stop buying junk food to limit your eating it at home.

# 3 Do not Skip Breakfast

A lot of people feel that skipping breakfast is a great way to lower their overall calorie count, but this is just not true. First, breakfast helps to jumpstart the metabolism, encouraging your body to burn calories. Also, if you give yourself a healthy breakfast at home, you will be less hungry and therefore less likely to eat the leftover birthday cake in the break room. Instead of skipping breakfast, just assume that you will eat a healthy breakfast at home every morning.Bottom Line: Eating breakfast gives you more control over what you eat and helps to jumpstart your metabolism.

# 4 Take Garcinia Cambogia

There is no shortcut to weight loss, but there are some natural supplements that can help. Garcinia Cambogia is a tropical plant that has been shown to inhibit the body's ability to make fat and can regulate blood sugar and cholesterol. Adding a Garcinia Cambogia supplement in addition to some of these other recommendations can speed up your attainment of your weight loss goals. Take Home Message: Making small, lasting lifestyle changes is much more effective than the all-or-nothing dieting philosophy. Instead of making extreme restrictions, try adding a few healthy changes to expedite your weight loss goals.