Packing new muscle mass is not something that you achieve overnight. You would need to get committed to the process and make the right food choices and actually stick to them. Building of course has a lot to do with exercises and weight lifting but you also need the right foods to keep your energy levels up and support muscle growth. The only way you will manage to keep your new muscle mass is by keeping up with a good bodybuilding diet and a workout regimen that targets the muscles. Everything that goes into your mouth should be carefully thought through.


Carbohydrates are very important when seeking to grow muscle mass and actually maintain the growth. However, you also want to make sure that you make the right choices with the carbohydrates and one of the best ways of doing this is by limiting the intakes during some days and then boosting the intakes the following days. When you cycle the carbs, you are able to drive metabolism high because you reverse the process and then increase the intakes.

You also want to clock the carbs so you do not end up becoming fat. A large amount of your daily carbohydrates should be during breakfast and after you have trained so as to avoid muscle breakdown that is training-induces. This is also a good way of keeping cortisol in check. To make the carbohydrates work for you, consider choosing the slow burning ones like whole grain pastas and bread, brown rice, oatmeal and sweet potatoes. The slow carbs reduce insulin effects.


If you want to perform at optimum levels, then you should ensure that you remain hydrated. Proper hydration keeps metabolism high and put nutrients to good use so they reach your muscles and make a difference. Apart from ensuring that you take enough water every day, you should also consider drinking tea regularly. Green tea, black tea and oolong are some of the best when it comes to boosting fat fighting chemicals. The tea works best when taken before training and green tea contain antioxidants that increase the burning of calories. You can throw in some ginseng to stabilize blood sugar levels so you get lean in the end.

Apart from water and tea, you can also consider healthy energy drinks before, during and after your workout. Including protein drinks in your daily diet will also maximize your mass building results; you will only need to select the best products for bodybuilding.

Amino acids

To maintain an anabolic environment as you diet for muscle gains, consider taurine and glutamine amino acids. Glutamine affects cortisol uptake thus preventing muscle breakdown and protein loss and should be taken post workout. Taurine on the other hand grants water retention within your muscles so you have better anabolic edge; it can be taken pre and post workout to drop fat rate. To preserve your muscles go for branched-chain amino acids and include them in breakfast. The BCAAs make substitute fuel sources so stored muscle protein is not used during workout.