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Fast Weight Loss With Increased Metabolism

The main reason to consume food is to gain energy and have enough strength to perform the daily tasks. Therefore the breakdown of the food items into enzymes is very essential. If enough calories are not burnt inside of your body, then this would get collected as extra flesh and result in obesity. To burn the calories the only process that is found responsible is metabolism. If there are ways that one can increase the rate of metabolism, then surely the fats can be cut down on the body. It is not required for someone to keep searching for the different ways to reduce the body weight. Plan a good diet and workout, and everything would just fall in place to gain an attractive personality.

There are some processes that are not under the control of the humans, for example, the calories required by the different processes in the human system that can not be determined, these can only be determined. But, how many calories an individual can burn in a day are under control as it can be regulated with a few changes in the daily routine.

1. Avoid starvation mode. This is a myth among many that to starve and to deprive of oneself from food can help in losing weight. Rather, this can cause harmful effects. Not taking enough amount of food deprives the body from the energy needed and metabolism would crawl as it did not find enough energy to continue.

2. Drinking enough water is suggested as one of the best ways to maintain a healthy system. 8 to 12 glasses of water consumption is not much, anyone can manage to take this amount and it has been found that people who maintain this amount of water have a higher metabolic rate.

3. Green tea has proven great results too. It promotes fat burning with a compound named ECGC. A study says that an individual can reduce up to 4 to 5 percent of body weight if consumes 3 to 5 cups of green tea for at least 12 weeks.

4. Intake calcium, it will help metabolism efficiently. There are certain supplements, which can work as fast weight loss pills . Stop believing that overcutting of calories is anyway going to be beneficial in losing weight, rather healthy meals, consumption of proteins and maintaining a pile on protein along with the necessary workout is all that is required.

A body should get everything that is needed to increase the metabolism so that the unnecessary fat can be cut down easily. Remember that no one is convicting you to eat more, but, only to meet the required energy levels for which 6 mini meals are better than having 3 huge meals.

Alcohol consumption is widely accepted all over, but having an alcoholic beverage before the meal can cause to consume about 200 calories more, then, it would be better if it is avoided. A healthy diet and a good workout to increase the metabolism help more than any weight loss tablets.

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Don’t Suffer Weight And Health Problems In Dietary Confusion

Since the dramatic government interventions of the 1970's which labeled fat as the enemy we have seen dramatic an alarming blow out in many health problems.

Obesity, autoimmune conditions, diabetes to name a few plus the mass increased diagnosis of childhood allergies and ADHD and the huge increase in autism and Asperger's syndrome.

All of these serious problems as well as the general populations of developed countries tend to be overweight, in pain and exhausted, and the wrong diet information is largely still being used to try to resolve these, and in most cases making it worse.

Of course demonizing fat was not directly responsible for all of these, it was the catalyst.

By cutting down fat, something else had to fill the void, and it was not fruit and vegetables, it was processed carbohydrates of all kinds.

Most of these carbohydrates are derived from grains which have been genetically modified and sprayed to death with roundup. To say we are not affected by these is a blatant lie. There are already legal actions against roundup linking it to forms of leukaemia and Parkinson's disease plus scientists have identified another 35 diseases which are tracking in exactly the same way, which included auto immune illnesses.

My recommendation to people who are suffering any of the above mentioned conditions is to slide into change with a fixed term recover your health program, it could be 14 days or 30 days it does not matter, just stick to it. Nothing dramatic just adding a little and subtracting a little.

Admittedly this does fix big problems but it does set you up for further change. Some who have had enough will want to jump right into a more advanced change.

The goal is to eat as no foods which will spice up your insulin with the exception of vegetables. We increase quality installed from meats, nuts, certain oils and avocados. The net result can be a dramatic improvement in a variety of health parameters. I did this myself for and had blood tests before and after to track my results.

I do not know what you will experience but if 15 years and hundreds of thousands of people deriving benefit from such a diet is anything to go by you to will feel better.

Nobody can ever predict the outcome of dietary change, because we are all individuals with individual lives and problems, but if we continue with avoiding low fat and eating lots of carb model, which has been described as the largest failed human experiment in our history.

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What You Must Include In Your Weight Loss Plan

The inclining towards obesity is increasing at an alarming rate. The result that we are seeing show people are suffering from diabetes and other related diseases.

The lifestyle that people are following is not up to the mark at all. Knowing how and when to eat is of utmost importance, without which the metabolism can not remain balanced, and ever, an individual begins to lose his form and figure as well.

However, severely, 20 or 30 percent show the eagerness of becoming fit if they become overweight at any time. Still if one is not overweight, you still need to eat a balanced diet that should be followed by a regular exercise respectively.

How to lose weight wisely and keenly

If you happen to be obese, and the extra pounds have damaged your beauty and your personality, then do not worry. However, it is a fact that losing weight can be quite challenging and to master a particular routine and workout is not a simple task for everyone. What you can do is follow a few necessary and convenient steps to lose the weight without having to feel discouraged at any time.

1. Make a long-term plan: You will only be successful if you devise such a scheme that will result in long-term benefits for you. Your immediate concern will be to lose some pounds in a reasonably short period, but because you do not understand that you quit losing more weight and begin to eat at any time. You have to think and work towards your future that you appear fit and active at all times.

2. Make the best use of the tools: It is always better to be informed about the various tools that enable people to lose weight conveniently. Those who keep track of their weight by maintaining a food and exercise log are more likely to shed some pounds in the genuine and real sense. In this manner, they get to know the progress and whether or not they are getting rid of the extra fat as well.

You should purchase a measuring tape and jot down the dimensions in every few days to be aware of your routine program.

3. Take assistance from your close social circle: Motivation is the key to success. When you have some solid backing from your friend and collections, you will get closer to your goal quickly. You should ensure that those around you are aware of your routine and give you feedback or suggestion from time to time.

You can even join online groups or forums where others are also following a plan to lose weight as well.

4. Remain steady and calm: You have to stay focused and never lose hope at any time. You can achieve your goal with time, provided you believe in yourself. If you feel frustrated, then you can consult your family, friends or your physician to help you remove any obstacles if they are causing problems.

Some of your exercise technique or plans strategies may need to be changed to include more or fewer calories, or should be more selective about the kind of calories you consume on the daily basis. However, the process of cutting down the weight is pretty challenging and requires much dedication, willingness, and support for sure.

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How To Lose Weight Easily Without Food Cravings

Everyone wants to know the best tips about how to lose weight easily. You'll want to have it quick and easy when shedding pounds, right? Well there's good news because experts agree that the conventional “eat less, run more” method does not work for long-term weight loss. It's needless suffering when you're counting calories and working out for hours in the gym. And especially if you ignore your hunger. These weight loss methods are a total waste of your time. You easily lose your motivation as well. Do not go by the masochistic way for weight loss. You would not want to randomly give up in your weight loss agenda. Get out of being a statistic in the obsesity epidemic!

Now, there's an effortless way of losing weight. That's how to lose weight easily. It's weight loss that's all about regulating your hormones. What you should remember in regards to this is to reduce the hormone insulin. It's otherwise known as the fat-storing hormone. Learn effective ways of curbing your insulin secretion and you'll stumble upon the well-kept secret of how to lose weight easily. Here are some tips about how to lose weight easily:

  • Your diet should be low-carb. It's the most effective diet for losing weight. The most simplistic advice you often hear is to stick to any diet as long as you consume less calories and burn more of it. The problem with this, however, is that it neglects an important mechanism of the body: hunger. Eating less is tantamount to being hungry forever. It's not easy at all, that's why there's a tendency to give up wherein yo-yo dieting results. If you stick to a low-carb diet, you're apt to eat less. You do not even have to count calories because for sure you're consuming less of it. Avoid starch and sugar so that you'll curb your appetite. In a 2012 study, it was found that people who eat low carbs burn 300 calories daily even when they're at rest! It's the same number of calories burned in an hour of moderate to intense physical activity.
  • You feel hungry? Eat! Being hungry is an uncomfortable feeling. You do not have to experience that. People who stick to a low-carbohydrates diet tend to be afraid of fat. The two main sources of energy for your body are carbohydrates and fat. You need to be well-nourished with one of these so that you'll remain energetic. If you go on a low carb and low fat diet, you'll feel starved. It increases your cravings and feelings of fatigue. You can not keep up with that and it normally results to failure. You ever give up. While going on a low-carb diet, you can consider eating food sources of natural fat that'll satiate you, such as olive oil, butter, meat and its fat, full-fat cream, eggs, bacon, fatty fish and coconut oil . Eat enough of these foods especially when you're starting your weight loss program.
  • Eat foods that are real. It's tempting to buy and munch “low carb” products when you're sticking to a low carbohydrates diet. However, you should eat low carbohydrates that are real foods instead of commercialized and processed foods. Real foods that you should include in your diet are vegetables, meat, fish, butter, eggs, olive oil, etc. Low carb products that you buy in the market are usually loaded with carbs. Even low-carb bread is baked with grains that are far from being what they're called. When your body absorbs these carb-rich foods, your blood sugar and insulin levels increase. As much as you can, eat good quality and unprocessed foods so that you'll feel healthy and satisfied in your effort of how to lose weight easily.

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Helpful Tips Regarding Keeping That Weight Off

Losing weight is a subject that alarm most individuals. Why? Because they have tried to lose weight but did not and fear another failed attempt. Most people get excited from time to time about dropping those pounds, but nothing ever quite materializes. However, there is some stuff you can do to make it easier on yourself. Get down to the bottom of the situation, and use these helpful tips regarding keeping that weight off for good.

1. It is Critical to Lose Weight!

Losing weight is of important to our well-being and our life span. To live longer healthier lives, we may need to lose weight and keep it off. In any case, a change to a healthy lifestyle based on a healthy diet and regular physical exercise will not harm you. In America, almost 70% of the grown-up populace is overweight or obese. Indeed there are a larger number of individuals who are obese than in any other category. Obesity can be a link to diseases including hypertension, diabetes, heart and other diseases. By losing weight and keeping that weight off, we diminish our dangers of these sicknesses and increase our vitality and zest for life. We start to live and appreciate life more because being overweight has a physical, mental and even substantial impact on our lives.

2. Have a Weight Loss Plan

To lose weight and keep it off you require a successful weight loss plan. Your weight loss arrangement must be thorough and even groundbreaking. Your weight loss plan must include healthy eating, standard physical exercise, getting sufficient rest, fresh air, and the sunshine. You should be focused on your plan and follow through. An effective plan must incorporate SMART goals. Be Specific in what you need to achieve. Your goals must be Measurable, Attainable and Realistic. You bought to have the capacity to track and manage your goals. Yes, this sounds like a retail strategy. Effective, lasting weight loss is your business. It is your well-being. What is more important than your well-being? Riches without well-being are pointless. To oversee and track your plan youought to begin a weight loss diary.

3. Healthy Diet

You start by eating Healthy nourishment. The primary diet should be fresh fruit, raw vegetables, entire grains, nuts, and beans. Lean meat, fish, and poultry add protein and fat to your eating routine. You get the majority of the protein require if you limit your fish, meat, and poultry to 10% of the calories you eat each day.

Confer yourself to learning the health benefits of fresh organic fruit and vegetables. Moreover, also whole grains, nuts, and beans. You will probably realize what is not beneficial for you and what will cut years off your life. Indeed, even prescriptions and solutions for infections originate from plants (organic product, vegetables, entire grains, nuts, beans, and herbs).

Your Healthy Diet bought to include drinking plenty of water. Numerous specialists say to drink eight glasses of water a day. Some say 1 oz of water for each 2 lbs your weight. If you weigh 200 pounds, you bought to drink 100 ounces a day. If you are eating a diet with lots of fruit and vegetables, 9 or more servings a day, you do not require as much water. Additionally, you bought to drink natural tea every day. Tea, like water, has no calories and helps your digestion system which helps you have more vitality and lose weight.

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A Helpful Guide To Seven Weight Loss Strategies

If your object is to lose weight and feel great, then you need to stick to effective weight loss strategies. Nothing is more important than consistency when it comes to losing weight.

Also, you need to eat effectively also if you want to give your body the proper nutrition and shape that you want it to have. You do not want to do a 30-minute workout, and then right after – eat a bowl of sesame chicken.

I want to share with you seven weight strategies that will keep you on track, and prevent you from earning back the pounds that you have already lost.

For some people, weight piles on quickly, and comes off super slow. Moreover, for others, weight piles on slowly, but burns super fast. Part of this is due to metabolism, but at the end of the day, it just comes down to proper weight loss management.

Here's the first of the seven weight loss strategies that I want to share with you:

1) Exercise 3 – 4 times per week

I regularly workout four times per week. Also, I also take a protein shake to help build muscle because I want a lean muscular shape. Since you are looking to lose weight, do not purchase the protein shakes with 100 grams of protein and 1000 calories per serving.

2) Drink a two quarts of water every day

Water is your best friend when losing weight. Find a fun sports bottle, fill it up, and drink it entirely from the beginning of your workout till the end.

3) Eat right

You can not expect seeing great results if you do not eat right. Do not do a 30-minute workout and then drink a cup of Pepsi Cola as a substitute for water. Also, stay away from fatty foods, and start eating healthy.

4) Go running

Running is great for the body, and is one of the most efficient of all of these weight loss strategies mentioned here. Buy a treadmill or go running outside with friends four days per week. Also, no, running in place does not count.

5) Train with weights

Light weight training will help to turn your fat areas into muscle. Do not be surprised when you start to look more attractive in the mirror after two weeks of weight training.

6) Get much sleep

Sleep is important. Critical. Do not exercise on fumes and try to “rush” results. Get 6-8 hours of sleep every night, and wake up refreshed and ready to take on your day.

7) Take a laxative

I had to toss this one in as a part of these seven weight loss strategies. Even though the direct impact will be on your belly area, it will also help you to lose overall body weight too. Plus, it is healthy for you. However, do not take it every day. Consider using it once a week if your system can not “get it out” on its own.

Take these seven weight loss strategies and use them as part of your weight loss plan today.

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Lose 10 Pounds by Following These 8 Great Tips

There are quite a few people who do not need to lose a lot of weight, but they do need to lose a few pounds quickly. To help women identify the best ways to shed the extra pounds we reviewed a variety of techniques and outlined our findings below. There are a range of methods that people can employ to lose weight. Here are our 8 ways to lose 10 pounds in a month which are highly effective if employed correctly.

# 1 Watch the Size of Your Meals

Make a diet plan which pushes you to eat small portions with the correct amount of nutrients daily. Rather than eating three big meals, try eating four or even five smaller ones.

# 2 Increase The Exercise

Keeping your body moving and your heart pumping is an essential part of weight loss. Find a routine that suits you and stick to it.

# 3 Do not Overeat

This sounds simpler than it is. Stress and emotional attachments may push you to eat even when you are full. Listen to your body, it will tell you when to stop.

# 4 Stay Away from Junk Food

Try to make a list before you shop, it will help you to stay away from the aisles with junk food and avoid their temptation. You should also stay away from hydrogenated fat which is present in margarine, most junk foods, and fried food; it is a bad fat and is hard to lose.

# 5 Keep Hydrated

Water will not only help your body to function properly, and remove all the toxins, it will also help you to stay full and eat less.

# 6 Remember to Sleep

Sleeping a full eight hours a night will help keep your energy levels up and then stop you from eating as much.

# 7 Eat Foods with Alkaline

Ensuring that your body has a high pH level will help it to function correctly, helping your weight loss goals.

# 8 Cleanse Your Body of All Toxins

Before trying to lose weight, cleanse your body internally as it will help all the systems in your body to function correctly.


Losing weight in a month is not easy, no matter how little you have to lose, but these 8 tips are highly effective. We recommend that you find a way to control your eating habits, incorporated exercise into your routine and keep those negative emotions away. Hopefully, our suggestions will help you to achieve your goal in record time!

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How Important Is Exercise In Weight Loss

Exercise is very important for weight loss but not for the reasons you might think. If you watch the television commercials you could have convinced that any number of magical exercise machines and gadgets will help you lose weight. At best they are wrong and worst they are lying and cheating you.

To lose weight you would need to be training for a marathon, a 20 minute workout on a treadmill would not work off the calories of a small handful of raisins. The simple fact is that you can not out exercise your mouth and that diet is the major factor required for weight loss.

Exercise does help regulate insulin, it helps with stress management and does burn a small amount of calories. Human bodies have always been designed to move, we are by nature active creatures not sedentary.

Good health and wellbeing needs movement, diabetes, arthritis and often every health issue needs movement. 30 minutes of walking a day can reduce allergies by 25%. Moderate exercise aids with sleep and movement aids thinking, studying and creativity.

There can be no disagreement that exercise and being active is essential for healthy living but it is not directly the key to weight loss. However when you sleep better and have less stress and feel healthier you are more likely to eat a better diet and there before exercise has a role.

Hard exercise does not help more than moderate exercise, you sweat because your core is hot not because you are burning more calories. Research shows that while exercise is a poor calorie burner the best pace is what is referred to as zone two activities, ie 180 minus your age.

This gives a good working heart rate for most people, of course some people like my super fit father at 83 would have time practically standing still. You can add 5 if you are fit and subtract five if you are very unfit.

The important message here is that you need to exercise as a part of healthy living but do not drive yourself to burn calories, you will be disappointed.

As mentioned the key to weight loss is your diet, and specifically being in a fat burning mode, which means you need to consume good amounts of quality fats and low levels of carbohydrates (sugars).

Sugar is a poor energy source which needs to be frequently topped up, with proportions being converted to triglycerides (fats). But fat requires fewer calories and burns better as a fuel source while laying down less fat.

So to lose weight you need to avoid processed carbohydrates, eat quality fats and protein, take moderate exercise, sleep well and manage your stress.

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How To Get Others Involved In Your Weight Loss Plan

When you start with a weight loss plan, support is critical, especially with your family and friends. However, it is not always easy to get them involved in your program even though it is importance and can keep you from falling back to unhealthy eating habits. For your plan to work, you must look for every way possible to get others and especially those close to you involved in the program. The more involved they are in the process, the higher your success chances of reaching your ideal weight target.

Let your weight loss plan known

One of the difficult things you can try to do is entering into a weight loss program without letting your family and friends know about it. The good thing about coming out clean about the decisions you have made to lose weight makes them aware, so they do not end up tempting you to engage in the habits that you are trying to drop to lose weight. For instance, your sweet-toothed friends will work and enjoy their trips away from your presence, and your family members will try to eat healthy meals from home compared to dragging you out to eat to increase your chances of eating unhealthy foods.

Make them do shopping on your behalf

The supermarket can be very tempting, especially with all those tasty trips lined up for your selection. To avoid this kind of temptation, get your family or friends involved by listing your foods list and sending them out to get it for you. This way, they can also get their favorite trips and enjoy without tempting you in any way. In case they bring their favorite trips home, then ask them to store them somewhere you likely will not visit, their rooms, basement or garage. The less you see, the less tempted you will be.

Cook healthy meals and desserts for them

One of the best ways of getting others involved in your weight loss plan is by offering to cook them delicious meals and desserts. This way, you could make all the food choices, and cooking techniques, so you can dine healthily and achieve your weight loss goals. When you offer to cook for the family, you might just also manage to get them to improve their health and want to enjoy more delicious but healthy meals at home.

Choose treasures that do not interest you much

If you feel a need to allow your family to continue enjoying their trips, but without putting you into temptations, ask that they list their favorite trips. You can then go through the list and buy gifts that are not likely to tempt you, but will keep the others happy.

Plan picnics and choose healthy food joints

Eating-in may not always be fun, but you can plan picnics that will thrill everyone and still ensure you eat healthily. If you must eat out with your family or friends, then search for restaurants offering healthiest food choices and invite them to try out the healthy recipes with you.

Support from people around you is critical when you get into a weight loss plan. Find effective ways to keep everyone around you involved in the process to help you reach your goals.

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How To Reduce Weight With Guggul Natural Herbs

Guggul or Commiphorawightii is a shrub or flowering plant. It grows as a short tree in a semi-arid environment and comes in different varieties; each variety has different uses, and its usage is determined partly by the color and age of the gum. It is a common, yet one of the important herb as per Indian Ayurveda. The herb is famous for resinous sap, which is obtained from its bark. Guggulsterone, a plant steroid and an active ingredient extracted from gum guggul. Scientific research has evaluated that the herb has the great ability to support weight management apart from the other health benefits.

Himalaya Guggul has very penetrating and subtle qualities, because of which it is often used to carry other substances deep into the tissues. Further, its rejuvenating and detoxifying qualities are aroused when combined with other herbs. All the tissues of the body, as well as nervous, respiratory, digestive and circulatory systems, has a high affinity towards guggul. It works as a cleansing agent that allows it to clear the toxins from channels and tissues and keep them rejuvenated. In fact, the beneficial attributes of the guggul are because of its scrapping quality.

The guggulsterone found in guggul have lipid lowering features. Conventionally guggul has been used to lower and control the cholesterol levels, and various scientific studies have supported this. It also synthesizes the cholesterol in the human body and benefits the excretion and the degradation of cholesterol. Further, the guggulsterone optimal thyroid health, that means it returns the metabolism to a normal level, and once the metabolism is at a reasonable level or stable it supports the body to burn calories and fat naturally.

Cellular and tissue damages are caused by reactive oxygen species that are produced during the general fat oxidation process. Guggul mitigates the activities of enzymes like xanthine oxidase and lipid peroxidase that are key to lipid oxidation and produces the antioxidants vital for the protection of tissues and cells. Further, it reduces the body weight by affecting the thyroid hormones. It increases the production of triiodothyronine or T3 and thyroxine or T4.

Triiodothyronine and thyroxine are thermogenic compounds that increase the metabolism rate of the body and burns the stored fat. Thyroid hormones also enhance the protein synthesis and carbohydrate metabolism, apart from increased breakdown of body fat.

It has other health benefits also like it is very useful in bone inflammation, joint pain, muscle pain, benign prostatic hypertrophy and other maladies. The actions performed by guggul phytochemicals at the cellular level make the herb a potent immunomodulator. It helps the immune system to provide a timely and appropriate response. Guggulsterone has been widely used for the treatment of dermatitis. The herb extract is also used for increasing insulin sensitivity and can also be used as an appetite suppressant.

It promotes lipid synthesis in the skin, and its benefits extend beyond treating dermatitis. It increases the production as well as reduces degradation of triglycerides in the skin cells, which gives the skin a supple appearance and keep it wrinkle free and smooth.

As a precautionary measure, herbs should not be used by pregnant women and those suffering from hormonal imbalance. It should not be combined with blood thinner as it Promotes blood clotting. Guggul is a natural herb that has great health benefits and promotes weight loss in a natural way, still while buying guggul supplement preference should be given to those that are standardized by guggulsterone content.

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How To Get The Most Out Of HIIT Training

OK so you just signed up for Class Pass or a new gym and you want to check out some classes.

You've heard that HIIT training is awesome and it's all the rage so decide to give it a try, but then you freeze – because you've also heard it can involve sprinting and doing Burpees and other exercises to the point of wanting to puke (sorry but it's real) so you hold off another week until you feel you are strong enough or fit enough to make it through the class. And then another week goes by … and another …

If the above describes you — this article is for you!

And if you're that person who is already doing HIIT classes but wants to get more out of them this article is also for you!

But first what exactly is HIIT training anyhow?

Basically HIIT stands for high intensity interval training and it really can vary in format and program style depending on what studio or gym you go to take a class but the main component that stays consistent is that it's timed bursts of movements / exercises done at full out effort with very short breaks in between.

The result is an elevated heart rate for a longer period of time than your basic weight lifting or steady state cardio session which in turn burns more fat in less time.

Actually, it's a bit more scientific than that and involved EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) and a few other things – but that's a topic for a different article.

This article is to arm you with a few quick tips to make sure you maximize your HIIT workout each and every time.

Let's jump right in but keeping in mind that the class format will vary from studio to studio in this article I am focusing on the HIIT class formats that utilize treadmills for sprints combined with floor exercises.

Since I am based in Beverly Hills, California here are the local LA based studios that offer this style — I'm sure there are more but these are the main ones I am most familiar with.

Burn60 Studios – full disclosure – I am partial to this one since I also happen to teach here.

Barry's Bootcamp

Sweat Garage

Circuit Works

Here's my 6 quick tips for crushing each HIIT workout:

1. Know your body and listen to it:

In other words know your limitations – which can vary from day to day. I always remember my class students to do a body scan and check in to see if its a “yes day” or a “no day”.

If all pistons are firing and everything feels good to go – that's a “yes day” and this is the time to push extra hard. If you scan your body and things are a bit achy or you feel a twinge in your knee or your back etc. this is what I call a “no day”.

This does not mean you do not workout, it just means you modify the high impact exercises and / or hold back a bit so you do not risk an injury.

This way you still benefit from the gift of movement but you honor your body along the way.

You will still leave feeling better than when you walked through the door but you walk out – rather than limp out.

A side note to that – when having a “no day” and need to modify the exercises safe bets are pushups (providing you do not have shoulder issues) or crunches or plank holds – and then join the class again when the next exercise suits what your body is able to do.

The most important thing is to keep moving (except in plank which requires a more static position)

2. Managing Your Sprints:

Look lets face it – not everyone's BODY can handle sprints – whether from wear and tear or chronic injuries; but whatever the case may be – I'm here to tell you it's OK, you can still benefit very much from this type of HIIT class.

There are so many options on the treadmill. As someone who has a chronic recurrence 15 year old hamstring injury – flat sprinting does not always agree with my body so I have come up with some fun and super effective calorie burning alternatives.

The two main things I do to get my heart rate up and burn tons of calories are:

1) grab and hold 3-5 lb dumbbells while walking with your incline somewhere between 8-15% at a speed between 3.0 – 3.8.

2) Do the same runs as the group but on an incline.

For example. If it's a 30 second flat sprint where you might normally do 10.5 mph – take the incline to 6% and run at 6.0 mph or more.

Trust me – your heart rate will still get very high! This has made all the difference in my training since doing my runs this way and I have not re-injured my hamstring and still feel amazing after every treadmill workout. And ps … yes, you still get the endorphin high!

As an aside – some ladies in my classes have asked me “will my thighs get bigger from running or walking on an incline?” The answer is NO!

In all my 20 years as a personal trainer and fitness consultant I have never seen someone's legs get bigger than doing incline running or walking.

Think about it – how many hikers have big legs? Of all the women (and men) in LA who religiously Runyon Canyon day in and out, sometimes twice a day, do you know any with huge muscular thighs from hiking?

Now maybe if you ran uphill for hours at a time day after day you would build bigger legs but even then its doubtful as women just do not produce enough testosterone for it.

But I digress and that's yet again a whole other article.

And to really put my suggestions to the test, get a heart rate monitor (my favorite is the F4 by Polar) and see how much your heart rate spikes when you add weights to your incline walking and when you do incline sprints.

You will be a believer in one session and in return reserve your body for the long haul of enjoying and benefitting from HIIT training classes.

3. Current injuries or body issues:

This is so important – be sure to always tell the teacher if you have any issues so we can look out for you and give you modifications where needed.

Also, so that we do not push you to do more than your body should be doing that moment.

Give us the opportunity to support you wherever you're at!

Remember fitness should be a fun lifelong endeavor so set yourself up for a healthy and happy journey!

4. How light or heavy:

When choosing your weights / equipment for class, if it's not clear what the weights will be used for, you can always grab two sets a lighter and heavier set – this way you do not have to break your stride or momentum if during an exercise you realize that you're tired and need to drop weight or conversely, you feel super strong and want to go up in weight on the next set etc.

Proper weight selection will make a huge difference in the class but be patient with yourself as you may not always know right away what weights you need for some exercises even with a recommended weight from the teacher as everyone's strength varies.

5. How Many HIIT Classes Per Week:

Well this can be a tricky answer because everyone is different and has different body issues and life stressors etc. but in general if you are that person that pushes all out in every class I suggest no more than 3-4 a week.

If you want to do more than that accepting going at less less effort and be OK with that or trust me on this – your body will eventually break down physically and / or you will experience training burnout which is a similar mental feeling to a low grade depression or similar just general lethargy.

Both of these are the opposite of what your journey should be about.

When you limit the times per week you do HIIT training you will look forward to it that much more and give more each class extremely leading to better results.

Imagine if your favorite dessert, like in my case, anything covered in peanut butter, coconut and bananas were available to you every single night, ever it would lose its allure and your desire for it would slowly disappear (well maybe but sometimes less is MORE .

NOTE: Of course there will always be that superhuman person who can defy this suggestion and go 6 times a week and never sustain an injury or mood changes. Hats off to you who you are !!

6. Honoring YOU:

Finally, and I think this is the most important thing – remember, it's not you against the person next to you on the treadmill or the floor because we never know their journey or their background and comparing yourself does not serve you in the highest way possible.

During class – it's you against you – and I do not even like to use the word against – as it's more about YOU in support of YOU – doing more and better every single time.

That's the true definition of progress. After all “practice makes progress”.

In each class your goal should be to do the best you can given what your body is capable of on that day.

So as I get ready to end this article I realize there are so many other tips I want to share – so stay tuned for a part deux to this post.

In the meanime – know that when you walk into your first or your next HIIT class, in my humble opinion, you're in the right place at the right time as I really feel HIIT classes are not only the fastest way to get fit, strong and sexy but also the most fun!

So what are you waiting for — walk, run or lunge to your near class and get your HIIT on! And hopefully, one day you will even end up in mine!

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Smart Tips About How To Lose Belly Fat For Men

Is there an easy way about how to lose belly fat for men? Yes, there are easy ways to blast fat in your midsection IF you have enough motivation and the right set of advice. For one thing, you need to get active- regularly. Regular physical activity helps you burn fat and gain muscle. Do some cardio exercises to shed off those unsightly layers of fat on your abdomen. And that means intestinal cardio exercises. Along with it, you should do strength training workouts that'll build muscles in that area, and that's how you get a lean and tone physique. So how is it to lose belly fat for men? The fastest way by far is to combine fat-burning training along with muscle building workouts.

  • Blast your belly fat with cardio exercises. Your overall workout plan should incorporate cardio exercises. Doing cardio exercises hastens the calorie-burning process in your body. It then results to rapid burning of belly fat as well. More fat is burned if you're doing your cardio workout more intensely. This includes high-intensity interval training where you alternate vigor exercises with short periods of recovery. Interval training is in fact the most effective cardio workout. A typical way of doing high-intensity interval training is by doing jump squats for 15 to 20 minutes. This is performed along with jumping jacks and burpees. Alternate these exercises for 20 seconds while you rest for 10 seconds in between.
  • Weight training works to melt belly fat, too. If you want to burn fat fast, you should do cardio training. It's the best solution for reducing a fatty midsection. However, do not forget weight training. Weight training works well in blasting belly fat as well. If you do weight training, you'll keep burning calories even if you're at rest. Weight training exercises you should perform should be targeted to your abs. Examples of these workouts are crunches, barbell push crunches, lever-lying crunches, dumbbell push sit-ups and barbell push-ups. Keep to this routine and you'll get big fat-burning results. Your muscles will be toned, making you sport an attractively tight and well-sculpted body.
  • Incorporating stretching exercises in your workout program. Stretching may not be as effective in burning calories as cardio exercises, it burns calories nonetheless. Being able to do that, it means that stretching also aids in burning fat. An hour of stretching enables you to burn 180 calories. Your workouts will be more efficient if you do some stretching. It enhances your flexibility and strength. What are stretching exercises that can burn belly fat? These are torso twists, side bends and back bends. Breathe deeply when you're stretching to boost oxygen flow all over your body.
  • Always watch your diet. No amount of cardio, weight training and stretching will work to reduce your belly fat if you do not eat right. Take fewer calories from your food intake to create a calorie deficiency. That's how cardio exercises became effective in burning abdominal fat. Your caloric deficiency should be for a total of 500 calories each day so that you safely lose 1 pound a week. Whenever you can, avoid eating processed and fatty foods. Steer clear of consuming snacks and meals that contain excess salt and sugar. A healthy diet to reduce belly fat are fruits and veggies and protein-rich foods such as peanuts, egg whites, chickpeas, salmon and chicken breast. Be mindful about doing your diet and exercise routine and ask for the advice of a fitness expert about how to lose belly fat for men.

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Efficient Weight Loss Strategies

Losing excess weight is not as easy as it may sound, especially when you want to lose weight without starving yourself. It is invariably necessary that you choose a weight loss plan that is healthy and one that is bound to yield long-lasting results and at the same time be easy to keep up with even after you have achieved your weight loss goals. Losing weight is a long-term decision, and you must, therefore, think beyond reaching your ideal weight. After you have reached your ideal weight, you must find ways to maintain the results and continue leading a healthy lifestyle after that.

Weight loss strategies significantly determine the results that you get. You, therefore, want to approach your plan with care, so you can keep the motivation till you reach your targeted weight zone. With so many weight loss tips available, it should not be that hard to come up with winning strategies.

Plan 1 – Think long-term

When creating a weight loss plan, make sure that you are getting into one that you can keep up with even after attaining your goals. Starving yourself may offer fast results but you will not be able to maintain the results and could expose yourself to health issues. Let your plan be for healthy food choices, exercises and a healthy lifestyle that you can quickly adapt to and keep up without stressing. When you think long-term, you will be able to walk the weight loss journey a step at a time until you make holistic changes.

Strategy 2 – Make the scale your friend

When unfortunately trying to lose weight, you may be advised to stay off the scale, so you do not get discouraged. However, the weight scale can be helpful in guiding you through your journey. Apart from letting you know whether your plan is working for you, weighing yourself often can also help in preventing weight regain. The only way you will get to know about your success is by weighing yourself on a regular basis so you can make necessary changes as needed. If you are on a weight loss program, then set weekly goals and work hard to achieve them, so you are not disappointed when you step on the scale at the end of the day.

Strategy 3 – Get active

Apart from making healthy food choices, you also should work to burn calories. Starting an active lifestyle is very easy, and you will have an evenly easy time keeping up with one when you make sensible choices. Moving your body and putting it to task always yields good results, especially when trying to lose weight. The good thing about taxing the body is that you do not need to have a gym membership. Think about fun activities that you will enjoy and at the same time reap some value as per your weight loss goals. Walking, swimming, and jogging is some of the best weight loss strategies you can choose. If you love dancing, then move your body and burn them calories as you enjoy the activity.

Top weight loss strategies are made up of simple tips that you can keep up with and maintain. Do not go overboard, but do not be too soft on yourself either to be a success in achieving your ideal weight.

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Bodybuilding Diet You Must Follow

Packing new muscle mass is not something that you achieve overnight. You would need to get committed to the process and make the right food choices and actually stick to them. Building of course has a lot to do with exercises and weight lifting but you also need the right foods to keep your energy levels up and support muscle growth. The only way you will manage to keep your new muscle mass is by keeping up with a good bodybuilding diet and a workout regimen that targets the muscles. Everything that goes into your mouth should be carefully thought through.


Carbohydrates are very important when seeking to grow muscle mass and actually maintain the growth. However, you also want to make sure that you make the right choices with the carbohydrates and one of the best ways of doing this is by limiting the intakes during some days and then boosting the intakes the following days. When you cycle the carbs, you are able to drive metabolism high because you reverse the process and then increase the intakes.

You also want to clock the carbs so you do not end up becoming fat. A large amount of your daily carbohydrates should be during breakfast and after you have trained so as to avoid muscle breakdown that is training-induces. This is also a good way of keeping cortisol in check. To make the carbohydrates work for you, consider choosing the slow burning ones like whole grain pastas and bread, brown rice, oatmeal and sweet potatoes. The slow carbs reduce insulin effects.


If you want to perform at optimum levels, then you should ensure that you remain hydrated. Proper hydration keeps metabolism high and put nutrients to good use so they reach your muscles and make a difference. Apart from ensuring that you take enough water every day, you should also consider drinking tea regularly. Green tea, black tea and oolong are some of the best when it comes to boosting fat fighting chemicals. The tea works best when taken before training and green tea contain antioxidants that increase the burning of calories. You can throw in some ginseng to stabilize blood sugar levels so you get lean in the end.

Apart from water and tea, you can also consider healthy energy drinks before, during and after your workout. Including protein drinks in your daily diet will also maximize your mass building results; you will only need to select the best products for bodybuilding.

Amino acids

To maintain an anabolic environment as you diet for muscle gains, consider taurine and glutamine amino acids. Glutamine affects cortisol uptake thus preventing muscle breakdown and protein loss and should be taken post workout. Taurine on the other hand grants water retention within your muscles so you have better anabolic edge; it can be taken pre and post workout to drop fat rate. To preserve your muscles go for branched-chain amino acids and include them in breakfast. The BCAAs make substitute fuel sources so stored muscle protein is not used during workout.

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Is Your Gut Leaky Making You Fat And Sick

A leaky gut sounds kind of alarming, but it is more common than you would think. It's not about food and liquids gushing out of your small intestine to who knows where, but it's all about a microscopic change in the wall of the small intestine.

If your proteins are not properly broken down in the acid environment of the stomach the no further digestion occurs in the alkaline atmosphere of the small intestine.

These partially digested proteins can then enter the blood stream through the leaky gut and the response is an inflammatory or allergic reaction.

Leaky gut or its technical term dysbiosis is caused by a change in the health of the wall of the small intestine. The microscopic pathways which allow amino acids, water and other nutrients to pass naturally into the blood stream.

But when the gut is leaky larger molecules of undigested food can move into the blood stream. The difference could only be seen through a microscope, so it's not as scary as you might imagine, but the health implications are serious.

Asthma, allergies, skin problems, headaches, joint and muscle pain are the tip of the ice berg.

Leaky gut can be caused by any number of things.

Alcohol, anti-biotics, Bali belly, over cooked barbequed foods, stress, junk food, in other words all the foods and drinks we know to be unhealthy, plus some things which are unavoidable.

The process is that the good bacteria in the gut is finished making way for less desirable bacterial habitants. The wall of the intestine becomes covered with things like dust and gluten and toxins and this aggravates the tissue leaving it open to irritation which results in leaky gut.

Prolonged illness or a diet deficient in amino acids is also a cause. Some people when they first adopt a vegetarian diet miss out on important amino acids

The repair process is done over several weeks, but the first thing to do is to give your gut a rest by backing off on the offending foods and drinks.

A bit of rest and recreation goes a long way in allowing your gut to recover. Aloe Vera will soothe the gut and sometimes a protein shake with pre-digested branched chain amino acids, which ensures delivery into your blood stream.

By solving leaky gut it can make a big difference in your overall health and is the first step in your vital health recovery

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