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Type 2 Diabetes and Healthy Living – Part 1 of Measuring Your Current Lifestyle

Regardless of where your health stands, it is beneficial to measure your current lifestyle. It will reveal areas of concern that can be worked on to elevate your health. It will also make it easier for your doctor to give you actionable advice.

Take a self-assessment test! Answer the following questions in detail and provide this information to a trusted professional. Work out the kinks in your health, and commit to attaining a higher quality of life …

1. Are you a couch potato? First things first: exercise. Do you do it, or do you avoid it more than you would like to admit? Exercising is essential for a variety of reasons. You are always better off exercising than not, and it is rare you will regret making an effort. It does wonders for every facet of health and well-being. Whereas being a couch potato leaves you vulnerable to a host of complications.

2. Do you park close to stores to avoid walking? This question reveals your mindset toward physical activity. Maybe it is a matter of habit but consistently choosing to park close to a store entrance shows a tendency to avoid exercise.

You can not avoid physical activity if you are to be healthy.

3. How do you spend your time at home? There s nothing wrong with leisure time during your downtime. But for work-life balance to exist, it requires your health is looked after. The two best ways to take care of your health is to eat well and be active.

Always allocate some of your time at home to healthy eating and regular activity: this means you should exercise throughout the week and make an effort to cook your meals. You do not have to do these every day, but they should become regular habits.

4. How often and when do you eat out? Is eating out a special occasion for you, or has it become something you have learned to expect? Everything in moderation. There is no harm in eating out a couple of times a month. Any more than this, and you bought to be mindful of the choices you are making at the restaurant.

(Say yes to traditional salads, and no to fish and chips).

5. How much sleep do you get? If you are sleep deprived, it is going to create a slew of problems you may not immediately recognize. It is going to throw off your moods, appetite, and energy levels, making it harder to stay on the right track.

6. How much alcohol do you consume? Be careful with alcohol. That is all that needs to be said. If anyone in their 20's can not afford the internal damage it inflicts, it is even more relevant for you to keep your`intake at a minimum.

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Type 2 Diabetes and Healthy Living – Part 2 of Measuring Your Current Lifestyle

There are many ways to measure your current lifestyle. A short list would not be enough, so here is a continuation for you. Take this self-assessment to determine the state of your health. Go over your responses with your doctor to pinpoint areas where improvement are necessary …

1. Do you set caloric limits? Do you set caloric limits on yourself? If you are trying to lose weight, it may be essential, particularly if you are new to weight loss. It is hard to know how much you are eating if you are not entirely familiar with your caloric requirements and the calories you consume.

Counting calories is not necessary for weight loss but it is beneficial.

2. Do you have an eating schedule? Similar to caloric limits, having an eating plan is not necessary per se. But if you need help getting on track, implementing a diet plan can be helpful.

Barring a few exceptions, two daily meals work for everyone. Decide on two different times to eat, and eat only then. Perhaps it will be lunch and dinner at 7, with no snacks in between. You should not need to eat anything in between.

3. What Is Your attitude towards exercise? Your attitude towards exercise speaks volumes. It is even more important than the exercise you do because it dictates how much effort you put in.

Do you view exercise as a way of caring for your body and well-being? Or do you see it as work with temporary benefits? The better your opinion toward physical activity, the more you will look forward to it. Exercise should not unnecessarily feel like work. It should feel like investing in your health, which makes any effort required more than worth it.

4. How do you eat? Do you eat quickly, or do you take your time? Do you eat your carbohydrates first, or do you focus on proteins? What do you drink with your meals? These questions shed light to how you eat, which could have harmed you in ways you are not aware.

You should eat slowly. Save your carbohydrates for last because in all likelihood they are already abundant in your diet. And needless to say, water is better than soda. But do not hesitate to make your juices.

5. What is your motivation to change? Lastly, ask yourself about your motivation. While not directly a measure of your lifestyle, it impacts your behavior in more ways than you know. If your motivation to change is fueled by a drive to avoid complications brought on by chronic diseases, you are more likely to succeed than if you would simply like to lose a few pounds. A Type 2 diabetes diagnosis can often be a wake-up call to action. But motivation can also be short -lived.

If you are to succeed with your goals ensure your motivation is not temporary. Remind yourself of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, and what you have to gain by making changes.

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Check The Best 11 Tips For Effective Weight Loss

Most obese people know the struggle of losing weight. The entire weight loss process is a journey, and you have to be patient with your efforts. First things first, there is no substitute for exercise. No matter how many hacks and tricks you try, your body needs to burn more calories, which is only possible through physical activity. Even an hour of brisk walking can help with weight loss. In addition, we have 11 tips for help!

1. Eat more protein. Chicken, eggs, cottage cheese, lentils are some of the best sources of protein. Unlike carbohydrates, protein keeps you fuller for long and is the best nutrient for weight loss.

2. Go for vitamin enhanced water. Alkaline water is great for the body, although a lot of the claims have not been verified. Neverheless, it has added electrolytes, which is good for your metabolism.

3. Skip processed meat products. We all love processed food, but these only add to weight. Avoid foods that must be fried before eating. Also, try to skip all sorts of meat products that come out of a packet.

4. Stop eating refined sugar. If you are really serious about weight loss, you have to avoid sugar at all costs. Within a month, you should see a big difference in your weight.

5. Drink more water. An average person needs around three to four liters of water each day. Make sure you are drinking enough through the day. If possible, avoid colas, sweetened and aerated drinks.

6. Include more tea in your diet. We are not talking about sweetened teas here. Instead, you should have more of herbal teas, such as green tea, chamomile tea, and black tea.

7. Reduce your portion sizes. Instead of three big meals, consider seven to eight smaller meals a day, and keep a check on the portion. You can have pizza too, but not more than one slice.

8. Avoid plain carbohydrates . White rice, refined flour, and white bread some of the conventional plain sources of carbohydrates that are not good for the body. Do not skip carbs entirely through. Focus on complex options like oatmeal and brown rice.

9. Sleep enough. If you are exercising and following a proper diet, you need to sleep enough. Your body needs rest, which will only help with weight loss.

10. Go for fruit infused water. Many of us are fond of packaged juices, but a healthier alternative is fruit infused water. Get an infuser bottle and add a few slices of your favorite fruits, and you infused water will be ready in next couple of hours.

11. Go on a detox diet. There are so many types of detox diets these days, and as long as you are getting your nutrients, these foods are perfect. If you are not sure of what to follow, just drink a glass of warm water every morning with the juice of half a lemon and some honey. This will flush out the toxins.

Finally, do not forget to check your weight after every two weeks, so that you can track your efforts.

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How to Get in Shape and Stay in Shape

It's 6:30 AM, and oh I need my morning coffee. I drag myself out of my bed and head straight to my kitchen to grab that mug of instant energy to get me going. Then I get busy with my day-to-day schedule with no time whatever to work out. We blame our job, our kids and our tired selves for not finding time to stay active. How do we get ourselves out there and move to feel better, and in turn make the lives of people around us better as well (health improvements mood and focus)?

I hear so many friends of mine complaining about not getting the push to start working out or start the healthy diet period, to get where they want to be. Sunny beach, bikini? Nope – I'm better off in my cover up! It may seem tough, but if you want to see yourself as someone healthy and happening you can do it as well.

10 Steps to a new you :

  1. First have a clear goal in your mind about what you want to achieve, but remember to be practical, knowing that a healthy weight loss, or getting fit does take time. Anything too quick is usually short lived and harmful.
  2. Talk to friends who have the same goal, make a chat group to keep in touch and post pictures to inspire and get inspired. Also take some before and after pictures. Post sweaty post-workout selfies for friends who are in that group. Stay motivated make it FUN!
  3. Buy some athletic clothes, yes it helps a ton when you have good-looking clothes. You feel like wearing them and go to the gym or head out for a run. A good pair of shoes are key if you want to take running seriously, so do not skip or skimp on that.
  4. Start slow and start EARLY! It does help, when we start early our energy level is at the peak and the early morning air always helps us to feel the best. However do not forget to warm up as it takes a while to get our bodies in the active mode early in the day. Starting with small easy walks always helps us to stay motivated without draining us out till the next workout. Build slowly from there. Add strength and more challenging cardio as you get stronger.
  5. Music is another important component, create your favorite workout playlist. I have mine which I have saved under the playlist Run, and I keep updating the list to avoid getting bored.
  6. Be regular, whatever you do stay on it, make it a routine. It is the key! Sometimes when its difficult to find time, workout for a few minutes; even ten minutes make a difference and keeps you on that track.
  7. Eating is another key component, remember – 80 percent nutrition and 20 percent workout. A lot of health coaches use this formula and it is quite true. the first thing is to get rid of all the junk food from your kitchen pantry. Stay on track, with home cooked tasty food. Do not go crazy right in the beginning on super low calorie food. Keep a food log, this really helps. Foods high in healthy fats are the best way to stay full and avoid binge eating. Who does not love to snack on junk specifically after a long day when we are really hungry. Eating natural natural foods like nuts, hummus and avocados can help us stay on track. Include a protein in every big meal. Chicken and turkey are great options but lean grass-fed beef is also good. Vegetarian / Vegan options are also available if you stick to foods like nuts, chickpeas, hemp, flax seeds for optimum protein intake.
  8. Eating in small portions but more frequently helps us not to binge. the key to lose weight is to EAT and not STARVE! Eat, but eat smart and eat yummy. Use spices and good fats to enhance flavor and taste.
  9. There will be times that you lose track specifically with vacations or during occasions. Never give up! Know that you can wake up the next morning and start a fresh and some cheat days are absolutely fine and also healthy not to get you frustrated. When on a vacation try to make smart food choice. Choose fresh fruits, salads and more protein. Bananas are another amazing fuel for our body, so keep them handy. If you slip off track in one meal, keep the next lean and healthy. But never get negative and give up.
  10. And you need not have access to a gym or a grand outdoor setting – your floor in the living room is perfect! A set of 25 jumping jacks, followed by 20 squats, 30 second planks and 15 push ups can get you rolling.

It is all about quality and not quantity! So little goes a long way. The key is to move and be smart in terms of food choices. With these tips you can start your journey to the new 'you' which you have always dreamt of.

Nothing is impossible when you train your brain and learn to have fun and not give up! Happy moving, and remember to say hello to your new self!

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Weight Loss – What You Need To Know About the Process of Reverse Dieting

If you have just finished following a fairly intensive diet plan and are now looking to move into maintenance, you may wonder the best way to go about this. Sadly, many people who lose weight gain it all back a short while later, and this is because they simply do not have a smart plan going forward.

Reverse dieting is a technique many people use successfully to help move them into maintenance eating and help prevent unwanted weight gain. What is reverse dieting and how do you do it?

Let's take a closer look at the facts you need to know …

What Is Reverse Dieting? Reverse dieting is essentially doing the same thing as dieting, only in reverse as the name suggests. When you reverse diet, you slowly add calories back into your diet plan instead of slowly taking calories away as you did previously.

The idea is this is less of a shock to your system and, as such, will reduce your risk of body fat gain. Look at it this way, if you were consuming 2000 calories before and then at the end of your diet had your calorie take down to just 1200 calories, if you jump straight back to 2000 calories, chances are, some fat would be gained.

Your metabolic rate will have adjusted to the 1200 calories to some degree. So you can not just go up high and expect yourself to bounce back. Going up slowly, adding 100 calories or so every two weeks will help you accomodate the increased calorie intake as you experience an increase in your resting metabolic rate.

Who Benefits From Reverse Dieting ? Who benefits most from reverse dieting? The people who find this helps them significantly are those who were dieting at very intense levels. If you were just using a 300 calorie deficiency, for instance, chances are you did not have much of a metabolic slow down taking place.

If on the other hand, your calorie intake has dropped 700 or more calories from where it was, this is when reverse dieting is going to be necessary. One point to keep in mind, however, is if you are on a low-calorie intake right now, it can be smart to jump up quicker at the start. This may produce a little bit of fat gain but at this point, simply getting to a reasonable calorie level is the most important thing. Once you are there, you can then do smaller increases until you arrive at your target calorie intake.

Getting Started With Reverse Dieting Today. So how should you get started if you feel like reverse dieting is something you want to try? Take your current calorie intake and begin by adding around 100 calories of carbs or dietary fats: this means about 25 grams of carbs a day or around 10 to 11 grams of fat. Hold it there for one to two weeks.

Then once you are adapted, increase another 100 calories, repeating the process. Since protein was already set at recommended levels while dieting and does not need to go up for maintenance, it is only carbs and fats you are increasing here.

All in all, if you want to come off your fat loss diet and stay as lean as possible, reverse dieting is something to consider. When done right, it can help you transition to maintenance perfectly.

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Want To Quit Soda & Cola? Tips & Tricks to Mix & Match For Success

Are you looking to stop drinking so much soda?
Even if you do not have a 'cola addiction' too much high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners like aspartame are not good for you. You can read the headlines “OK in moderation”, but because High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) is in so many foods and drinks, it's very hard to practice actual 'moderation', because it keeps popping up in so many unexpected places. Eliminating or cutting down on soda for any reason is a good move for better health, weight loss, better digestion, and so much more. But then, why is it still so popular?

Tasty & Fun:
Denying the facts will not work: soda & cola is tasty and fun to drink. The bubbles make it more enjoyable, and the range of flavors and brands can suit anyone's tastes. So, if you want to cut down on cola you need to avoid feeling deprived. Having to 'miss out' and dealing with disappointment every day is not the path to success or even contentment. It makes it too easy to go back to less healthy drink options. Replacing soda with water or tea might not be enough for success if they make you feel deprived.

Avoid the fruit juice pitfall
Lots of people look to fruit juice expecting it's the better option for weight loss or blood sugar help. Maybe replacing orange soda with orange juice would solve the issue? After all, the ads for OJ tell you about how healthy it is at every turn. But … a typical 8 ounce glass of orange juice has 22 grams of sugar while 8 ounces of several different sodas have about 26 grams. You might as well be serving soda for breakfast, at the amount of sugar that's in OJ. Apple juice has 24 grams. High fructose corn syrup, cane juice and sugar all cause infection when ethan excessively, and they feed bad bacteria in the digestive system. It does not matter if it's “Fortified with vitamin c & d”, it's still way too sweet and will sabotage your efforts if you skip soda & replace it with bottled or carton fruit juice.

Flavor power to the rescue:
So what are you supposed to do? Learn how to mix up something else to drink that's fast, flavorful and better for you. There is no single solution, because everyone's tastes are different, but it's recipes to the rescue here. When you choose the aspects you want (fizz + flavors + caffeine or not, etc.) you can concoct a drink or drinks that taste as good as, or better than soda so you will not feel like you're being driven. Something delicious will make it easy to switch to a healthier refresh.

Fizz source- Club soda, lightly flavored carbonated water, and just plain old 'carbonated water' will give you the fizz and bubbles you crave for texture. All you need to do is figure out how to avoid diluting it too much when you add more flavor … with some handy tips.

Fresh squeeze: You do not need 100% juice when you're using real fresh (or frozen) fruits. All fruit juices on store shelves have to be pasteurized for safety when they're packaged. This means the juice is heated to kill bacteria, but this also kills the flavor! Heat treated juices are much less tasty & vibrant than raw fresh juice you squeeze yourself, so you need much more of it (or treated HFCS juice) to get the flavor. Example: Fresh lime juice tastes much different than bottled.

Add-ins: When you make your own drinks you can use 'impossible' add-ins like citrus zest & drops of fresh pressed ginger root that bottlers never can. These give an intense boost of flavor that you can control. They're also strong enough that you will not dilute the bubbly base water too much.

Tea Time … but not really. Do you like traditional tea like Green, Black, or Earl Gray? That's great, and will make quitting soda easier … but what if you do not? There are plenty of flavors in tea bags that do not really taste like tea on shelves these days. Apple-cinnamon, hibiscus-mango, and wild-raspberry are all in tea bags for hot or cold use, but they do not have the 'traditional tea taste' to them so even tea-haters can enjoy these new flavors. All it takes is a trip down the grocery store aisle to see which 'non-tea-tasting' flavors are on offer.

Fullness-factor: Soda can help you feel full between meals, so some people rely on it to replace a snack. This does not have to be the case when you add chia seeds to your drink. Chia seeds are tiny, flavorless seeds. They do not affect the taste of the beverage, but they're so high in 2 kinds of fiber (soluble & insoluble) that when you drink them, you feel full. They're as easy to use as 'simply stir', so anyone can mix up a chia drink. Once soaked in the abundance of choice, they form 'chia gel', tiny beads of gelatin-textured drops. It's similar to “tiny-boba” from the popular fun beverage “boba-tea” or 'bubble tea' (though that's made with tapioca-starch). Not only does adding chia stop hunger, it also adds nutrition like calcium, omega-3 healthy oils, b-vitamins and much more.

A touch of sweet: You do not need artificial sweeteners to have a sweeter drink. Now that stevia is available in many brands & formats (leaf powder, squeeze-drops, etc) it's always ready to use. It does not make people hungrier like aspartame can. Monk fruit is also becoming more common, and xylitol, derived from birch tree bark is yet another way to sweeten. Another option is raw local honey. Raw honey can help stop allergies & contains many nutrients including minerals, phytonutrients, beneficial enzymes, and antioxidants. Adding it to a cold drink will not cancel its benefits. Do go light on it though, as it's still a real sweetener on the glycemic index.

Time to combine:
With these elements in mind, it's time to combine them to experiment in making soda-substitute drinks that are just as delicious, but much healthier. Making a very strong brew of wild raspberry tea, then adding a splash of it to club soda with a squeegee of stevia drops will give you a bubbly raspberry beverage. Pressing pomegranate arils and adding the juice to ice water then using fresh lime zest / juice & chia seeds will make a tangy drink that can replace a snack and help you feel full. Pressing ginger juice can really turn this drink into a wake-up-call. Honey, lime & chia in ice water makes the traditional beverage from ancient times “Chia Fresca”. You do not need some powdered mix for strawberry lemonade when you've got lemon zest, fresh or frozen berries and some stevia powder. These are only a few examples; of course, by combining the principals above you can get countless more ideas.

Stopping soda can become much easier when you've got a flavor you really enjoy that's simple to mix up. If you start feeling better as well, with less sugar or artificial sweetener in your life, it becomes that much simpler than a task … as the rewards are something you can feel every day. All it takes is a little bit of effort to find a mixture that you enjoy, that also has all the effects you want & you'll be on your way to cutting down on soda.

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Maximize Your Health With Kitchen Ingredients And Leave The Drugs Behind

Seasonings play a vital role in managing the healthy weight including providing various other health benefits. It helps to manage different diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, blood pressure problems, and even cancer. A plant compound called polyphenols provide a number of health benefits and it is found in tea, fruits & vegetables, red wine, and of course some spices.

These herbs help to curb the inflammation and balance the acid level in the body. The commonly found spices also concentrate on the problems like rising blood glucose while keeping the level constant. Apart from this, they also play a major role in weight loss management, which let you control the portion size of the diet effectively.

Certain Ways You Can Add Spices To The Food For Better Health Benefits: –

  • Chutney – Indian food is incomplete without chutneys. Not just chaat but some snacks like Idli Sambar, Dosa, Vada, Dhokla, Pakoras, etc. are incomplete without the spicy flavor of chutney. Core ingredients of various chutneys help to target different common causes and give you surprising health benefits. For example – If you are making Coconut Chutney, the main ingredients like coconut itself and tempering of mustard seed together give a perfect flavor and many health benefits as well.
  • Beverages – In summer season, all we live for is only chilling beverages that are the eye candy in all the regions. From buttermilk to some other refreshing drinks, you can get the benefits of different ingredients used in making different beverages. These helps to fight with the heat strokes and keep you fit for the daily challenges. The best way to reap the benefits of spices for a good health is to add them to some homemade beverages instead of the packaged ones so you can get the healthy and delicious options at the same time. For instance, adding roasted powdered cumin seeds to the buttermilk gives digestive aids and keeps you cool in the soaring temperature. Apart from this, you can include Lemonade, Jau Ka Sattu, Lassi, Thandai, etc., which are super healthy and free from all the preservatives.
  • Lentil Broth – Lentils are the powerhouse and best source of proteins for the strict vegetarians. The lentils itself are healthy but adding various raw spices while cooking them enhance their nutritional value while adding zingy flavor. You can simply put in turmeric, black pepper, cloves, bay leaf, cinnamon, cumin, asafoetida, etc. To reap all the rewards and medicinal values ​​of these spices.

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5 Super Foods That Prevent High Cholesterol

Our eating habits control various body functions for the healthy you. Whatever you eat balances the amount of nutrients and essential elements in the body, so it is always recommended to pick healthy foods and keep the munching on junkies minimal. Our heart is one of the most important organs as it pumps out the blood through the entire body. You must have heard the doctors and dietitians advise to adapt with a diet that lowers the cholesterol for a healthy heart. This is a list of super foods to keep your bad cholesterol level lower and enhance the buildup of good cholesterol.

  • Tomatoes – The juicy vegetable tops the list as it is really easy to incorporate the tomatoes in your diet through any season. Filled with great benefits, they have the higher amount of lycopene, which give them beautiful red color, and eating these will keep the LDL cholesterol lower to a great extent. The healthy heart diet vegetable releases even more lycopene when they are cooked.
  • Almonds – The crunchy nut has several benefits and we can not ignore them anyway. The great source of Vitamin E, Biotin, Manganese, Monounsaturated Fats, and Fibers which help to prevent production of high cholesterol and fight with the bad fat. It reduces heart diseases and risk of diabetes as it is high in HDL cholesterol. Therefore, without giving any second thoughts make them the part of your grocery list.
  • Garlic – It is known for its various properties to kill the bacteria and fungi to aid digestive disorders and lower the bad cholesterol level. The high amount of allicin helps to keep the long-term effects for the same. Through any of the medium ie powder, extract, tablet, oil, or raw it has the same benefits.
  • Dark Chocolate – Who else would say no to the super delicious food? You must have heard from the doctors that the dark chocolates are healthy for the heart. They are pure and contain theobromine, which is an active compound for increasing the good cholesterol in the blood. It also prevails blood platelets from sticking together and keeps the consistency of the blood accurate as to prevent the arms from clogging.
  • Apple – We have heard many times that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. It is actually true for the heart patients who daily eat apples has good amount of antioxidants and soluble fats that keeps the bad cholesterol at the bay.

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Imagine Your Favourite Food As a Way to Lose Weight

The holy grail for weight loss is food that is tasty and enjoyable but low in calories, sugar and fat. That sounds like a tall order but there is a way of achieving that which few people have ever tried.

That food is stored in your brain. It is the memories you have of your favorite “unhealthy” food. It is the experiences of you eating and enjoying it. By accessing those, you can enjoy your favorite food whenever you want to and eat as much as you want.

Most people are surprised when I tell them that thinking about food can stop you wanting to eat it. That is not their normal experience. Usually, thinking about it makes them want it more. You have to think about the food in the right way though. You have to experience it with all your senses. You think about what looks like, how it smells, what it tastes like and what it feels like to eat it.

Doing this helps you to tap in to your remembered experiences of eating that food. It releases the chemicals into your body that are usually released when you enjoy eating something so you are left feeling satisfied. This means that you are likely to eat much less of that food if you have the opportunity to do so or the craving could even go away completely.

If you would like to try this yourself, find somewhere quiet and think about your favorite food. Close your eyes and imagine eating it and think about all the sensations that you experience when you eat it. If you find that difficult at first then eat just a small mouthful so that you have something as a reference. Then spend about 5 minutes more imagining eating it. I know it sounds strange but if you struggle trying to resist tempting snacks, try it because this could really change the way you feel about weight loss.

Using this technique takes away any feelings of deprivation. In fact you may well end up normally eating less of other foods as well if you use the same thought process when you are eating real food too.

If you watch TV, check your social media or are distracted by something else when you are eating then you are not getting the full value of that food. People tend to eat less when they focus on what they are eating because they are aware of the physical signals of fullness and also get the satisfaction of experiencing each mouthful rather than simply eating without tasting.

So, focus on what you are eating when you are eating real food and imagination eating when the sugary cravings hit and you want to feel satisfied.

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Hypnotherapy As an Alternative to Weight Loss Surgery

In recent years the number of people using weight loss surgery has increased dramatically.

But for every person who does have a gastric band or bypass, there are many others who are unable or unwilling to undergo surgery. This could be down to health concerns, the cost or a lack of availability.

An alternative solution for those people could be to use hypnotherapy for weight loss. Hypnotherapy helps your mind to think differently about food and helps to change the habits that are often the cause of the extra weight.

It's that mental change that is the key to success in weight loss. Even with the various surgical methods, you still need to change what and how much you eat, otherwise the weight loss will not happen.

One of the main factors of obesity for a lot of people is comfort eating. Having an alternate way of dealing with emotions means that you are less likely to turn to food for comfort and so less likely to put on weight. Hypnotherapy combined with cognitive behavior therapy can help you to think differently about situations that make you happy so that you react differently and do not rely on food for comfort.

What happens in a hypnotherapy for weight loss session will depend on the individual hypnotherapist. Everyone has their own way of doing things. Some hypnotherapists will design sessions specifically for each client and others will follow a predefined program.

Most hypnotherapists will discuss each of the issues that are related to the weight problem. Then they will address each of those with suggestions while you are hypnotised.

Some hypnotherapists conduct a session where you experience a hypnotic gastric band. The session takes you through the surgical process under hypnosis. That may appeal to some people but would not be suitable if you are using hypnotherapy because you do not want the surgery.

To reinvigorate the weight loss suggestions you may be given a CD to listen to which may be a generic weight loss CD or might be a recording of your own session. Other hypnotherapists may ask you to practice self hypnosis or one of the meridian energy techniques.

The number of recommended sessions will vary, usually from around 4-10. They could be weekly sessions or there might be a longer gap between some of them.

If you are considering hypnotherapy for weight loss then do some research into the best hypnotherapist for you. It's important to find someone who you feel comfortable with and who you feel has the relevant experience.

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A Slave to Advertising

Many aspects of life today encourage us to not act or think for ourselves. The lazy culture that has taken many of us over in mind and body could become our downfall. Ready meals which are constantly available from supermarkets ensure that kits in many homes are rarely used. This together with take away delivery services that are always available, often rarely resemble the images of the meals advertised.

There is no doubt that advertising has become part of society today and gradually a high percentage of the population are not thinking or acting independently. The weight loss industry is a prime example where you are inundated with adverts that promise the earth but in some ways deprive your body of essential vitamins and minerals which are needed on a daily basis.

Lose a stone in a week with this miracle diet that will make you feel good about yourself. We have all seen adverts like this but in some cases to actually register what the implications of the advertised products could mean.

Why was the weight put on in the first place? Will losing weight this quickly do any harm? The answer to these questions is that common sense must prevail and taking over your own destiny is the only way to achieve a healthy and fulfilling life.

Losing weight quickly is never a good idea but laziness and inertia tend to take over and many opt for the easiest option which is what the advertisers hope for. What many people do not appreciate is that by succumbing to drastic weight loss regimes to encourage people to become victims of “yo-yo” dieting. This means that the sooner the weight is lost, the sooner it will return and this process can become more dangerous than obesity itself.

Once the excess pounds have reduced and the required weight has been reached, it is tempting to revert back to normal eating patterns with the mindset that you have lost weight before and you can do it again. The producers of the magic pills are only too pleased to keep selling you their products because you have become a regular customer without realizing it!

Sitting back and analyzing what is being offered and assessing how it will benefit you is essential before making a hasty decision and purchasing something that could, over a period of time, prove to inflict untold damage to your body.

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Belly Dancers Lose Weight

I want to take belly dancing to lose weight. Will this dance help me to do so?

This is a very popular question which many women who are considering taking lessons ask either before or during class sessions. The instructors will supply guidelines to assist weight loss.

Commit to Losing Weight

The first decision is to make a commitment to lose a certain amount of pounds within a period of time. Select small units of weight loss. The reason for this is not to lose weight so quickly that you find yourself hungry or frustrated and binge eats undoing efforts. The time frame is to allow a healthy and reasonable amount of weight loss. For example, losing two pounds a month and keeping it off is a realistic goal.

People who lose large amounts of weight in a short period of time will create folds of hanging skin. The skin which has been stretched with extra weight will pull and hang in folds. Exercising is important to help the skin gain tightness, toning, and elasticity in order to return to normal.

Costumes Motivate Weight Loss

Belly dancing is a unique dance form which works naturally with the female body and the dancer wears beautiful costumes. The costumes are a great incentive for any woman to lose excess fat. The excitation of performing is a turning point for many women to look in the mirror and make desired physical changes.

Beautiful costumes camouflage or hide body faults, but the dancer can continue to be mentally and physically attractive during her weight loss program. As she loses weight, the costuming will change and she is rewarded with beautiful gifts for her exercises, dancing movements, and healthy eating habits.

Dancers Are Focused

Many students of this dance are so preoccupied and focused on learning and performing that weight loss is put on the back burner. They are not preoccupied with counting and measuring calories because they become mentally, psychologically, and physically active with dancing. With months of increased activity and performance, each woman can experience weight loss or see results of trimmed and toned muscles.

Performances bring many compliments from fellow students, families, friends, and people in the audience. These positive compliments help many individuals to continue their journey towards becoming slender and taking pride in their appearance.

This dance requires discipline, patience with the learning curve, private practice, rehearsals, before and after exercises, and new skills. Nutrition knowledge and portion control needs to be managed.

Bad versus Good Eating Habits

Approach eating as a nutritionist and eat those foods which are beneficial to one's health. Eliminate hydrogenated fats, animal saturated fats, no fructose corn syrup and artificial sugars, no diet drinks, and if the label has ingredients which you can not pronounce, do not eat or drink it. Avoid fast foods and commercially prepared foods. In other words eat foods in its most natural state. Learn to steam, boil, bake, or sauté foods. Avoid deep fried foods and large portions of candies and desserts.

If you are a daily junk food eater or have unhealthy eating habits, changing to a healthy eating lifestyle may seem difficult or shocking. However, reaping the benefits of these food types has wonderful rewards. There are many varieties of foods available from nature's bounty. People have discovered that eating natural foods satisfies their hunger and boosts their energy level resulting in weight loss.

Feel and look beautiful; take belly dancing classes to not only lose weight but to build a positive self-image, self-worth, self-esteem, and confidence.

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6 Benefits of the Paleo Diet

The Paleo diet is mostly easy to follow and promotes the eating of healthy foods. The diet offers plenty of benefits with many followers starting to notice more energy within a reliably short period, and with the combination of exercise, a leaner physique and a loss in weight. Here are a few of the benefits of the Paleo diet:

Clean eating

The Paleo diet is intended to promote clean eating with unnatural, processed foods removed and healthy options in their place. Also, there is no need to compromise on flavor when changing the diet to the most nourishing foods.

Typical foods to feature in this diet include lean meat, fresh fruit, seafood, fish, nuts, eggs, seeds, and plant-based oils. While grain, starchy vegetables, dairy products, high-fat meats, sugars and processed foods are some of the items that should have been removed from the food intake.

Also, this diet gives a certain amount of freedom to indulge periodically with snacks such as high-quality dark chocolate or a natural sweetener listed low on the glycemic index.

More movement

The Paleo lifestyle does not demand that a particular fitness regimen is followed. Instead of spending 60 minutes at the gym on a daily basis, it is more preferred to vary the activity in an effort to get fit. The preferred exercise options include dancing, swimming, hiking, cycling, walking, or anything similar that will get you outside.

Reduce inflation

This type of diet eliminates several of the inflammation culprits such as alcohol, sugar, gluten and dairy. By removing these foods, there is less risk of causing sensitivity issues with the immune system. This is certain to help the sufferers of asthma and other allergies.

Eliminate cravings

Followers of the Paleo diet will be eating more healthy fats and protein, which is very useful for filling the stomach and promoting satiety.

Healthier stomach

The stomach is rich in microbes that help to regulate metabolism, boost the immune system, synthesize vitamins, and help digest food. The Paleo diet can eliminate a lot of food types that irritate the system to leave the stomach a lot healthier and more efficient at what it does.

Better Sleep

A further benefit of this diet is the holistic approach to health which is intended to treat the mind, body and soul. In addition to following a healthy diet plan, it is also important to be responsible with self-care and fitness. By getting the better dietary intake, the body is in a much better position to get the restful and deep sleep.

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Weight Loss Cooking Basics

Are you someone who is on a lookout for a flat stomach? Are you ready to work out for countless hours to lose at least 10 pounds in a week? Do not worry, working out is not the topic of this discussion. If you think you're prepared for any challenge ahead, then consider struggling with the kitchen itself.

In combination with some exercise, the best way to get the flat stomach you've been dreaming ever is through a healthy diet that's low in added sugar. But to be honest, you do not need to read dozens of pro tips like this one, because by now, everyone knows what food is bad and what is good. So you definitely know about differentiating good food from bad food as much as we do! But still, before we get into the food cooking and preparing part, you should know about some very special foods that you can incorporated into your meals for a metabolism boost. It's good to know that these food will keep you full for a longer time, which means you'll eat less within a day. Consider adding following foods to your diet plan:

Almonds. Although almonds are quite high in calories (almost like chocolate), they have fibers, protein, and vitamins packed inside. Their unique high fiber content is what makes you feel full. The best part about almonds is that their healthy nutrients do not contribute to the fat on your body, and you should know that they're probably the best meal out there.

Oats. With a medium sized bowl of these flakes, your breakfast will give you a good amount of energy for the rest of your day. Do not consider flakes with added sugar, because those are not the ones you'll want to eat every morning.

Cucumbers. As a side-dish or a salad, cucumbers can ease water retention and body bloating.

Natural yoghurt – or even better, Greek yoghurt. Either way, it's full of protein, and most yoghurts come with probiotics that help your digestion.

Now that you've discovered some of the healthiest foods out there for weight loss, it's time to move on to the cooking basics for losing weight. First of all, the list of foods available to you is pretty simple to follow and very straightforward:

1. Healthy meat (fish, chicken)
2. Fruit
3. Vegetables

With these foods in mind, check out three of the best cooking recipes you can prepare right now:

Broccoli & feta omelet with toast
Start by heating a nonstick skillet, and as soon as it's heated, add broccoli, and cook it for 3 minutes. When it gets a darker shade of green, mix in an egg, some feta cheese, cook everything for up to 4 minutes. Flip the omelet and cook for one or two extra minutes until it's done. Serve with toast.

Noodles with salmon
The first thing you want to do is cook the noodles until they're soft under boiling hot water. Before throwing the water out, add some asparagus to it, cook it for about 2 minutes, and then rinse with cold water. Apply cooking spray and continue with cooking the salmon until cooked through. You can add in vinaigrette, and to make it, whisk sesame oil, lime zest and juice together, and add some salt and pepper into a small bowl. To serve, combine the noodles, asparagus, and vinaigrette in a bowl, add heated cucumber and avocado, and finally, add salmon.

Rice Salad
For a good rice salad, simply heat some oil in a skillet, add comments and stir often. When the onion reaches a brown-ish color, add chickpeas, cumin, and salt to the skillet. Combine rice with some mint and parsley in a larger bowl. Toss well until thoroughly combined.

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Type 2 Diabetes and Weight Loss – Taking Control of Your Hunger

Unless you are completely new to weight loss, you will know managing your hunger and appetite is essential for weight loss success. If you are at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes or happened to be diagnosed with the disease, this becomes even more important.

In case you would like to jog your memory, here is why it is critical to manage your hunger: if you do not control your portions, you will not lose weight. For fat loss to occur there needs to be an energy deficiency in your body. This is why there is so much fuss around calories.

Even if your diet is not perfect, you can still lose weight by properly managing your hunger: this is why it takes precedence. Moreover, there is a right and wrong way to do it.

The most common way also involves the most mistakes. If the idea is to reduce your caloric intake, unfortunately, it tends to bring about drastic measures. Individuals start to …

  • skip meals to cut calories,
  • replace meals with snacks, and
  • introduce extreme changes.

Anything that deviates too much from what is normal is likely to cause a shock to the system. If you are ever in doubt, do a search on crashing the body's metabolism. And that is only the beginning.

In contrast, the right way to do it might surprise you, since it contains similar changes. The difference, however, is significant. The right way to manage your hunger proves more sustainable because the changes are gradual and they are not extreme …

  • Skipping a meal is usually taking it too far. A better way to do it is to adjust your meal timing, so you do not have to eat as many meals each day. You can do well with a proper lunch and dinner, with a couple of healthy snacks or minor meals in between (fruits, nuts, and yogurt are excellent options).
  • Eating appropriately proportioned meals is key. You should not feel full or hungry twenty minutes after you have finished your meal (it takes some time for your nerves to catch up). When you eat proper meals, you will not have to rely too much on willpower to end regular hunger pangs that will signal you are creating the conditions for fat loss within your body.â € <
  • Also, it helps to do other things like drink plenty of water or tea and to avoid periods of boredom. Do not underestimate how much sitting around can tempt you to eat without necessity. Be especially especially careful when you are winding down at the end of the day in front of the TV.

Ultimately, the right way to manage your hunger is not a method. It is more about avoiding the traps and errors that cause many people to stray from their goals. If you are committed to better health and well-being, you will make sure you manage your hunger and appetite correctly.

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