Since the dramatic government interventions of the 1970's which labeled fat as the enemy we have seen dramatic an alarming blow out in many health problems.

Obesity, autoimmune conditions, diabetes to name a few plus the mass increased diagnosis of childhood allergies and ADHD and the huge increase in autism and Asperger's syndrome.

All of these serious problems as well as the general populations of developed countries tend to be overweight, in pain and exhausted, and the wrong diet information is largely still being used to try to resolve these, and in most cases making it worse.

Of course demonizing fat was not directly responsible for all of these, it was the catalyst.

By cutting down fat, something else had to fill the void, and it was not fruit and vegetables, it was processed carbohydrates of all kinds.

Most of these carbohydrates are derived from grains which have been genetically modified and sprayed to death with roundup. To say we are not affected by these is a blatant lie. There are already legal actions against roundup linking it to forms of leukaemia and Parkinson's disease plus scientists have identified another 35 diseases which are tracking in exactly the same way, which included auto immune illnesses.

My recommendation to people who are suffering any of the above mentioned conditions is to slide into change with a fixed term recover your health program, it could be 14 days or 30 days it does not matter, just stick to it. Nothing dramatic just adding a little and subtracting a little.

Admittedly this does fix big problems but it does set you up for further change. Some who have had enough will want to jump right into a more advanced change.

The goal is to eat as no foods which will spice up your insulin with the exception of vegetables. We increase quality installed from meats, nuts, certain oils and avocados. The net result can be a dramatic improvement in a variety of health parameters. I did this myself for and had blood tests before and after to track my results.

I do not know what you will experience but if 15 years and hundreds of thousands of people deriving benefit from such a diet is anything to go by you to will feel better.

Nobody can ever predict the outcome of dietary change, because we are all individuals with individual lives and problems, but if we continue with avoiding low fat and eating lots of carb model, which has been described as the largest failed human experiment in our history.