In this article I will tell you about the importance of water and the important answer of your question “how to reduce weight” ?

Water: The best zero calorie food with many benefits

Water has a therapeutic approach in treating some diseases. Water is an important element in your diet plan too. When you are planning to reduce weight using a diet plan such as GM Diet plan, water becomes critical in achieving your desired goal.

The good part – Water is cheap and easily available. The best part – it has zero calories.

Many of us overlook this healthy fact about water and instead opt for other beverages such as aerated drinks, canned juices, fresh lime soda, tea or coffee. Perhaps many of us drink more calories through these beverages.

One can be eating 200 to 400 Kcal if he or she is taking 4 to 6 cups of coffee / tea or two canes of aerated drinks.

If you are preparing for the diet, homework is necessary. Even skipping three of your five coffees would reduce your calorie consumption by 50 to 200 calories.

Case Study

Study suggests – those wanting how to reduce weight should choose more water over the other beverages. This was the outcome of the western study carried over 18000 adults over a period of 7 years.

Survey adults underwent diet recall of their foods intake over two different days. They detailed their drinking of plain water and other beverages such as canned juices, lassi, soda, energy drinks, and sweetened bottled drinks. They also underwent the diet recall for empty calories foods such as, ice creams, pastries, cookies and chips.

The survey shown that participants on an average, in a day drank 4 glass of plain water while consuming little more than 2,150 calories. The contribution of sweetened beverages or tea / coffee and other empty calories was around 125 calories.

The study also concluded that the participants drinking plenty of water happened to consume fewer calories who drank the most plain water in their daily diet consumed fewer total calories, drank fewer calories, drank less quantity of sweetened drinks, took less sugar, salt and total fats and cholesterol.

They learn that the total calorie intake can be reduced to 65 to 200 calories just by increasing plain water intake by one to three glasses a day. This could benefit significantly in weight management over the time.

These outlet of this study holds up the earlier on this weight loss and water connection, which has indicated that drinking plenty of water instead of sweetened drinks and empty calories and taking water can reduce the calorie effect effective mange weight control.

That indicates people looking to reduce weight and wanting to improve overall health can certainly be benefited from adding more plain drinking water into their diet chart. So next time you're tempted to go for a coke or a Pepsi or soda or when you feel thirsty, keep in mind that a more healthy drink is available in your kitchen or at work place. Water!