Do you want to know the best tricks that work about how to stop emotional eating? Emotional eating is eating to fill your emotional hunger. It does not have anything to do with your kitchen, but the problem lies in your mind. What are the most effective strategies to beat the temptation of emotional eating?

  • Make a list to distract your food cravings. Distracting yourself is not tantamount to behaving mindlessly in this case. It's not like texting while you're driving or that you're badly out of focus. When you distract yourself from your food cravings, it means that you are redirecting your attention on to something else. It has more purpose. Do something or put your focus at another activity or object. Whenever you feel like voraciously gorging foods, try getting a piece of paper and list down five items of five categories of something, such as the names of five people you can ring whenever you feel upset, angry or depressed. Maybe you can list down five activities that'll make you relax. If you want to calm down, what are the five places you can go to? When you're stressed, what are five feel-good statements you can say to yourself? How about five activities that you can do to avoid eating? After finishing this list, display it on your fridge or kitchen cabinet. The next time your compiling food cravings besiege you, browse through your list and do one thing of the 25 items that's been indicated there.
  • Plan ahead for possible emotional eating problems. Over the weekend, grab a piece of paper and a pencil and draw a route about your activities in the coming days. Your map is estimated to indicate your planned stops and possible detours. Select an icon that represents emotional eating. Place that icon over an event or activity that could trigger your food cravings, such as an early lunch with your in-laws. Prepare for that instance ahead. Look online for the restaurant's menu so you can order something delish yet healthy.
  • Clear your insides of your worries. Whenever you're stressed, it helps if you take a deep breath. Another activity you can do to detoxify yourself of stress is to do a visual trick. Breathe in deeply and picture out a squeegee (that piece of cloth that you use to clean your window or windshield) placed near your head. Slowly breathe out and imagine the squeegee wiping your insides clean. Remove all your worries with it. Do this three times.
  • Self-talk to yourself as if you're a royalty. Self-criticism typically goes with emotional eating. Toxic things that you say to yourself such as “I'm such a failure” or “I can never seem to do something right” compel you to go to the nearest drive through. Do not be fooled by these statements even though they're fleeting. These thoughts are like acid rain that typically erode your well-being. The next time you're taken into saying these devastating statements to yourself, counteract by shifting on to the third-person perspective. In times when you're saying “I'm such a mess”, tell yourself instead that “Janice is such a mess, but Janice can do what it takes to work things out and make herself happy.” This technique will get you out of the cycle of negative self-talk and provide you with some perspective. Pull yourself up and be confident so that you'll have the motivation in how to stop emotional eating.