In recent years the number of people using weight loss surgery has increased dramatically.

But for every person who does have a gastric band or bypass, there are many others who are unable or unwilling to undergo surgery. This could be down to health concerns, the cost or a lack of availability.

An alternative solution for those people could be to use hypnotherapy for weight loss. Hypnotherapy helps your mind to think differently about food and helps to change the habits that are often the cause of the extra weight.

It's that mental change that is the key to success in weight loss. Even with the various surgical methods, you still need to change what and how much you eat, otherwise the weight loss will not happen.

One of the main factors of obesity for a lot of people is comfort eating. Having an alternate way of dealing with emotions means that you are less likely to turn to food for comfort and so less likely to put on weight. Hypnotherapy combined with cognitive behavior therapy can help you to think differently about situations that make you happy so that you react differently and do not rely on food for comfort.

What happens in a hypnotherapy for weight loss session will depend on the individual hypnotherapist. Everyone has their own way of doing things. Some hypnotherapists will design sessions specifically for each client and others will follow a predefined program.

Most hypnotherapists will discuss each of the issues that are related to the weight problem. Then they will address each of those with suggestions while you are hypnotised.

Some hypnotherapists conduct a session where you experience a hypnotic gastric band. The session takes you through the surgical process under hypnosis. That may appeal to some people but would not be suitable if you are using hypnotherapy because you do not want the surgery.

To reinvigorate the weight loss suggestions you may be given a CD to listen to which may be a generic weight loss CD or might be a recording of your own session. Other hypnotherapists may ask you to practice self hypnosis or one of the meridian energy techniques.

The number of recommended sessions will vary, usually from around 4-10. They could be weekly sessions or there might be a longer gap between some of them.

If you are considering hypnotherapy for weight loss then do some research into the best hypnotherapist for you. It's important to find someone who you feel comfortable with and who you feel has the relevant experience.