Dieting: Good or Bad

Many say dieting is a bad word; the joke about this word is that it has the word 'die' in it. So, it's a 'do or die' thing. It may be hard to diet but it should not lead to mortality, although one must be careful and wise in choosing your diet plan or method. The wrong way of dieting can lead to adverse effects on your body and health which everyone wants to avoid. We should only embark on dieting with the objective of being healthy, with looking good coming alongside.

Why is it so hard for many people to find a good diet plan that works for them? And even harder, is sticking to that effective dieting.

Sources for Dieting
As there are so many plans in the market today, and many more homemade or self-professed plans, it is no wonder why many fail to find the right plan for themselves. The choice list of dieting is just too long. Yes, one can try them all; one at a time. You may lose a few pounds with this and that plan but the pounds tend to come back, and that can be so frustrating.

Many think they can find their ideal diet plans on television as diet ads come on like crazy nowdays. Or by looking on the streets where billboards are packed with dieting adverts. Friends and family will have no end on which plans you should go for. They are always full of opinions on dieting.

Before you embark on any plan, no matter how popular and effective it may have been promoted, the best way is to check out each of these plans personally; after all, it is your body that needs to lose weight, and no one knows your body better than yourself.

Make time to research on each diet plan that you may want to consider engaging in. Read through its 'fine prints' if you have to, in order to understand exactly what dieting entails.

Good and Bad diets
When you are armed with sufficient knowledge about each diet plan, you are wise to gauge which is a good diet and which is not. Each dieting plan ventures distinct components that differentiate them and this is what you would need to discover. For instance, good diet plans teach you how to set reasonable goals that are achievable. They should also motivate you along the way to keep going till even beyond; that is, maintaining your weight loss.

Good diets help in developing new good eating habits. Learn to get rid of bad eating habits and replace them with good ones. Good diets are flexible and not restrictive to adjust to our body needs, as the body adjusts to what is fed into it. Good diets encourage you to exercise to ensure that your body looks good with the right food intake.

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Different Types of Diet Plans

As many people who want to diet, there are almost that same number of diet plans available, whether in the market or self-professed. These plans are similar as well as different in their arrangements, ingredients and calorie computations.

Let us look at some of the more popular diet plans that have made many happy with their effectiveness.

Diet Charts
A diet plan can come in the form of a diet chart as recommended by a professional dietician; it can also easily be accessed from the Internet today. The diet chart guides the user through a food rule that ensures weight loss.

The Atkins diet
The Atkins plan is world restructured today for its low-carb structure. Although you skip all carbs at the start of the Atkins diet plan, it is slowly put back when you do not lose any more weight.

The South Beach Diet
The South Beach plan is very popular with its book release or online version. All that is in this diet program is to ensure that you have 3 healthy meals a day, with even some healthy snacks.

The SlimFast diet
The SlimFast plan requires you to take its two shakes; one for your breakfast and another for lunch before you can have a normal dinner meal. The day SlimFast shakes are to keep the calories low in your body which helps in your weight loss objective.

The Weight Watchers diet
The Weight Watchers plan is all about eating what you like but in the right portion so that you will take in sufficient nutrition for a healthy body. It is really a call to changing your lifestyle which might include exercising.

The Subway diet
The Subway diet is found to be quite effective in weight loss due to its low fat in its ingredients in a Subway sandwich. There is no cooking; hence, no saturated fats to boost calories.

But any good diet plan must be flexible enough to avoid over eating or adverse effects to your health. The diet plan that you choose should be suitable to your body, fun enough to keep you motivated to continue until you achieve your weight loss target and allow you variety to ensure that there are sufficient nutrients and minerals which are needed by your body to stay healthy .

The plan that you choose should not put you off food which might lead to a food disorder known as anorexia, which can be fatal. You should not choose the plan that works for your friends or family members because each person is different and their bodies have different make ups and needs that there is no such thing as 'if it works for me, then it will work for you' diet plan. Here, there are numerous diet plans in the market for your choosing. So, choose wisely.

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Weight Watchers Vs Jenny Craig Vs Herbalife Vs Isagenix

The weight-loss industry is big business, and getting bigger – in spite of the recession. A recent study highlighted just how big the financial side of the industry is. Based on the findings of Marketdata's 11th edition of the US Weight Loss & Diet Control Market study, the worth of the weight loss industry was estimated at $ 61 billion in 2010. There are a lot of weight loss solutions out there, using various methods, at a range of prices. Let's make an unbiased evaluation of four of them; two widely advertised on television, Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig, with the other two marketed via network marketing, Herbalife and Isagenix.


Pasta, steak, cheese, ice cream … You can eat what you want on Weight Watchers. While the popular weight-loss plan has been overhauled, the basic principle of eating what you love remains – though the program steers you toward healthier foods with its points system. In its new program, called Beyond the Scale, fitness also takes a larger role. You'll be encouraged to exercise every day.

Weight Watchers is not so much a diet as it is a lifestyle-change program. It can help you learn how to eat healthier and to work out, so you lose the weight permanently. You can follow the plan online on your own. You'll track your food choices and activity, chart progress, and find meals and workouts. There's a coaching option if you prefer one-on-one guidance by phone, email, and text. You can go to group meetings, where you'll weigh in. A Consumer Reports survey found that people who attend meetings were more satisfied with the program and lost more weight than people who just participated online. While Weight Watchers sells its food in grocery stores, the program teaches members to choose their own food using a point system. This method, while effective, may have a weakness in that you are assigning point values ​​to food and allowing a certain number of points daily. While this method is effective in restricting calories, it is not necessarily a good method to teach healthy eating. A monthly pass to attend unlimited meetings will run you $ 39.95 per month, and the online counseling plan costs $ 47.90 for the first month plus $ 17.95 for each subsequent month which is really reasonable, considering the cost of weight loss supplements of other programs.


Jenny Craig has a comprehensive weight loss package that includes more than just food. Their program includes prepackaged low-calorie food, a consultant to offer support in person by phone, online tools to help you plan and track meals, and an a workout program. There are no hidden foods, “detoxes”, or menus loaded with exotic meals.

At first, you'll eat Jenny Craig's menus of 70 prepackaged meals, each at about 1200 calories. If your starting weight is particularly high, that could vary. In one study, Jenny Craig clients lost an average of 10% of their initial weight during the first year on the plan. Jenny Craig allows for fresh fruits and vegetables as well as low-fat dairy products. The Jenny Craig philosophy, which is sound, is low-fat foods that are rich in water, fiber, and protein to make you feel full, combined with non-starchy vegetables.

The Jenny Craig program is highly effective and nutritionally sound. However, Jenny Craig is very expensive, at about $ 100 per week.


Herbalife is a health supplement company focusing on weight-loss and overall health. Most of their products contain protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals and, sometimes caffeine. There are four components to their quick-start program: Formulas 1, 2 and 3 and Herbal Tea Concentrate. For the best results, you must take all four. Herbalife gained popularity in the 80s, as a network marketing company, meaning you order products from an independent distributor or from their website. Currently Herbalife has a positive BBB rating.

Herbalife's flag is their meal replacement shake. According to the website, Diet Spotlight, “Using meal-replacement shakes to lose weight is an effective option.” The problem is that you will spend up to $ 92 to $ 95 each month and that's just the starter package. “Though not expensive for a starter kit, which contains other additional supplements just a shake, for many companies, $ 90 + a month for just shakes is rather expensive.

There have been complaints about the taste but I chalk that up to people who need to lose weight generally crave food that taste sweet and anything less than that proves distasteful to them, at least early on. As for results, Herbalife has very good reviews.


Isagenix is ​​a supplement company offering weight-loss solutions since about 2002. These products are sold via network marketing via independent distributors. Their most predominant products are meal replacement shakes, cleanses to flush toxins from the body, and energy boosters. They have clinical trials backing the effectiveness of the ingredients of most of their products.

One point of concern is price. Isagenix products are absolutely on the high end of the health supplement spectrum, at $ 350 for a 30-day weight loss program. There was also a significant level of complaint about taste, which again, I somewhat chalk up to the clientele. While people in the dieting world would complain, people in the fitness world would probably not because of the difference in their palates.

Although lacking in proof via clinical trials on their website, the science behind using protein and fiber to curb appetite and using cayenne and green tea to increase metabolism is absolutely sound.

These are just four of the prominent weight loss systems available on the market today. There ar many more. If you take your time and do some research, there is a solution that will get you to your goal weight, teach you how to eat, and not do much damage to your wallet.

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5 Ways to Sneak Fruit and Veg Into Your Fat Burning Diet

Do you like fruit and veg? Well, it's not a favorite part of my diet either, and I'm guessing many of you out there feel the same way! However if you are trying to burn unwanted body fat, fruit and veg are going to be a vital part of your diet. The real trick is then to sneak them into your diet rather than unwillingly to force them down your throat.

Let's face it there is a ton of fruit and veg in the world and yet, most people do not consume enough of it. In fact such little fruit and veg is consumed that it could be considered as a major public health concern for both children and adults.

How much is enough?

An important factor to consider is portion size, how much fruit and veg should you be taking in every day? You should aim to at least fill half your plate with fruit and veg. Another important factor to consider is what types of fruit and veg you should be consuming. The best way to answer that question is to simply refer to the colors of the rainbow. As long as you are including at least one fruit or vegetable from each color of the rainbow you should receive the maximum nutrition for that meal.

Which fruit and veg is the best?

There is no simple answer to this question, instead purchase produce that is in season at the moment. This way they will be at their cheapest and at their peak flavor. Canned fruit and veg will work just as well, as long as they are stored in their own juices or water, however try avoid frozen produce as they typically contain more sugar than normal for added flavor!

5 Ways to get sneaky with your fruit and vegetables.

1. Quick snacks. Keep produce that require very little preparation and freshly cut fruit and veg for the 'on the go' snack. This is a handy little trick especially if you are the type of person who likes to snack while working or watching TV! Try avoiding dried fruits as these tend to contain more calories and fill you less than the fresh versions would.

2. Experiment with combos. Try mixing your fruit and vegetables for more wild and exotic tastes!

3. Create meals with fruit and vegetables as the main ingredient.

4. Mix your breakfast with fruit and veg.

5. Create delicious smoothies. Throw your fruit and veg into the blender and drink them, but stay away from prepared fruit juice at all costs as these are usually just empty calories! A good idea is to use low-fat yogurt as the filler.

There's no way to avoid it, but if you want to lose weight, fresh fruit and vegetables are just going to be a part of your diet! And let's face it, it's not that fun to be shoving them down your thought every day, that's why it's best to sneak them into your body. It's all about enjoying the process, if you make it a 'gruelling' experience you will give up sooner and will not burn any fat that way!

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What Is Better For Weight Loss, Exercise Or Physical Exercise?

We all know that leading an active lifestyle is an integral part of the weight loss formula! The health benefits of being active very clear to see, such as a lower chance of the negative health conditions like heart disease, strokes, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, depression and can even reduce the risk of cancer. But which is better for you, exercise or physical activity and what is the difference?

Physical activity

Simply put, it is the act of working your muscles through moving your body. It probably will not burn more fat than exercising, but will definitely boost your weight loss efforts! The best form of activity will usually include some form of house chores, so there is the added benefit of burning unwanted calories while completing daily tasks around the house. This can include any of the following:

• Try do your work standing

• During TV commercials try a bit of exercise

• Wash the floors

• Vacuum your furniture and carpets

• Go window shopping

• Wash your homes windows

• Go for a walk

• Walk to work if you can


Exercise is similar to physical activity, except it is more structured and repetitive. And similar physical activity, exercise will improve your fitness, allowing you to do more and more exercise. However, when it comes to exercise, if you are new to it, you should try not do too much too soon to prevent injury and to avoid burning yourself out!

Which is better for weight loss?

So which is better for weight loss,? It is always best to do a combination of the two! If you are beginning your weight loss journey then aim for about 45 minutes a day of a combination of both physical activity and regular exercise. And always ensure that you have at least two rest days from your exercise routine to ensure that your body has adequate recovery time.

Any regular exercise is good enough for weight loss, but if you wanted the most 'bang for your buck' then adding some physical activity will definitely boost your weight loss efforts! Just make sure that the physical activity boosts your heart rate for maximum health benefits.

At the end of the day, weight loss boils down to one thing, 'perseverance' so when picking an exercise, pick one that you enjoy the most so that you do not end up quitting after one week. You'll receive all the health benefits from a regular routine of both physical activity and exercise even if you start small with just 10 minutes a day and build your way up!

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How to Stay Slim These Holidays

The holidays can be a difficult time, being that there are so many family responsibilities and all! Yet it is still important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and squeeze in exercise whenever possible in order to maintain your weight loss momentum. After all losing weight is like an aeroplane taking off – it does not work if you slow down at the end!

How it helps

Boosts your mood – with all the stress of preparing for the holidays, a bit of exercise here and there will help your body release endorphins aka, the bodies 'happy drug'.

Burns unwanted calories – let's face it, it's the holiday season and you probably going to cheat on your weight loss a little more than what you usually do and a little extra exercise will go a long way in keeping the calories at bay!

It can be fun – if the weather is permitting you can always get your guests involved by going ice skating, skiing, sledding or even snowshoeing!

Spend time with loved ones – instead of sitting on the couch and watching TV with your family, you can go outside and have fun with the entire family!

How to use exercise at home

It is no secret that chores around the house are hard work, so use that knowledge to you advantage by getting some work around the house done. You can try cleaning the floors, de-cluttering the garage or even scrubbing the outside furniture.

Exercise in the great outdoors

Houses in the neighborhood at this time of year are usually over decorated, so take a stroll outside and take a look at what there is all to see! You can even take a hike at a local nature reserve if the weather is permitting. And if you are equipped to be living in a part of the world where it snows you can build a snow fort or go cross-country skiing!

Exercise at public centers

Weather is going to play a big factor here, but if you do not belong to a gym, you can go swim a few laps in the community pool!

Exercise during the holiday season can be a real challenge with all the family commitments, however it can prevent future stress when later on when you do not have extra weight to lose! Just remember that all holiday exercise will make you feel better in the long run!

Till next time!

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Weight Loss Pills – An Easy and Proven Way to Lose Weight

Obesity has become a major issue pestering people across the continents. It is a medical condition where excess fat is amassed in the body to the limit where it starts to have a negative impact on the body. There are several reasons like overeating, mitigated physical activity and genetic susceptibility that contribute to obesity in one or another way.

Check if you need to lose your weight

Obesity, itself being a problem, also roots for the development of many other problems. The possibility of high blood pressure, chronic heart diseases, stroke, some cancer, type 2 diabetes, back pain, osteoarthritis and other health problem increases many folds if you are obese or overweight. Now the question arises how one can realize that they need to lose their weight – this can potentially be determined by calculating (BMI) body mass index. The calculation shows whether you have a healthy weight in proportion to your height. The size of your waist is another parameter by which you can check wherever you have to lose your weight or not.

Know the ways to lose weight

Obesity can be preceded by adopting healthy choices. From physical exercises and lifestyle change coupled with necessary diet intakes such as reducing the high fat and sugar diet, to the intake of prescribed medications or weight loss pills can help you to lose the excess kilos off your body.

The medications or the weight loss tablets can make the weight loss process much easier. The main aspect of these pills is to reduce the fat by burning as many calories as possible along with some features such as preventing frequent hunger pangs; that means the individual will feel less hungry and refrain from munching on unhealthy options.

Weight loss tablets can show better results under the supervision of an expert

The doctors do not always recommend weight loss pills to every overweight person. There are a few required factors which make the person eligible to use such pills. And to use these pills the Body Mass Index should be 30 or more, but at least 27 with a weight-related problem like high blood pressure. So it is always recommended to consult a physician before using any weight loss pills or tablet.

Remember that your body does not prefer losing weight rather it has the desire to store and retain the calorie. And weight loss tablets or pills work against the will of your body and allow you to reduce extra calorie from your body. Best results can be achieved when these pills are taken along with a diet plan and regular exercise.

There is nothing wrong if you are taking pills or tablets to reduce the weight. But you need to ensure that the pills are manufactured by reputed brands, so that you can be sure that pills will allow you to achieve the desired results. Do not be in a hurry to get into a proper shape instead explore the possibilities and make the right selection.

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The Best Exercise for Your Weight Loss?

Hi there!

Have you ever surprised, what is the best exercise out there for you to lose weight? Well let me help you answer that question, the best exercise for weight loss is the exercise that you will stay committed to! It's really important to have exercise that challenges you and also excites you, otherwise you'll give up after the first week and will not lose any weight!

Consider these 4 areas when deciding on an exercise program:

1. Factors to consider

Enjoyment – Make sure you actually enjoy the workout activity otherwise you will not do it for very long.

Convenience – Is it possible to perform the work out activity close to home?

Social – Is it possible to get your friends involved for extra support?

Skill level – The activity that you are considering is it something that you can jump straight into or do you have to spend some time developing skills.

Physical impact – If it is an activity that involves a lot of physical impact, then it could have negative side effects on you at a later stage.

2. What are the areas that you want to work out?

If you are looking for an exercise that can burn a lot of fat, then your best bet is to go with some type of cardio such as walking, jogging, cycling, etc … times, which is something I can refer to!

Or you can even try a bit of cross-fit which basically alternates between different types of exercise. There is also an added bonus to cross-fit which is less chance of injury and is a bit more exciting than cardio.

3. Will it cause you pain?

Obviously exercise that causes you pain is not beneficial to you at all! It is only natural to feel some 'soreness' after exercise but not pain and you should stop immediately if you feel any sensations of pain. Also the pain associated with the exercise will seriously hamper your motivation to continue in the long-term.

4. Steps to prevent pain / injury during exercise.

Warm up – Make sure you are doing the proper muscle stretches before your workout routine.

Wear proper gear – If you are going to be jogging, it is critical that you have proper running shoes in order to prevent injury.

Hydration – Drink plenty of water before and after exercise.

Cool down – Just as warm up, make sure you do some post workout stretches after your workout routine.

Sleep well – Your muscles do most of the repair work while you sleep so make sure you are getting your 8 hours of sleep!

Have you ever done something you absolutely hated? And how long did you do that for? I'm guessing not for very long! So avoid spending grueling 6 hour marathons in the gym, except that's what you love, so that you can stay motivated and build momentum towards your healthier lifestyle. Remember, at the end of the day it's all about having fun!

Till next time!

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Weight Loss – The Pros and Cons of Cardio Workouts

Cardio workouts gather a lot of attention. Sometimes it is as if it's popular for someone to tell a neighbor about the new cardio routine they have included in their workout. Go to any crowded gym, and you will see the treadmills, exercise bikes, and stationary exercise machines widely used by those who are faithful to their cardio workouts.

But is cardio really what it's made out to be? If you are someone interested in improving your health and looking after your well-being, it is crucial to know the answer to this question. Physical activity is highly accredited in any health discussion, and cardio is almost always the first recommendation you will hear about.

Of course, we'll go over the benefits of cardio because it is inevitably attractive for at least a few reasons. But, it is not without its flaws.

First, let's go over the pros of cardio workouts …

The Pros. Needless to say, doing cardio is an excellent way to burn calories and lose weight. In fact, no type of physical activity is better at wasting calories to create a caloric deficiency. Jogging, running, riding a stationary bike: they are all great ways to do cardio to lose fat.

Beside, cardio is a great way to bolster your cardiovascular fitness. It strengthens your cardiovascular system, which often lowers with age and a poor lifestyle. Cardio can be considered crucible to maintaining the well-being of your heart.

There are various ways to do it: different exercises and wide-ranging intensities are just the beginning. But let us remember cardio is just another way to do a physical activity which is essential for all individuals. Doing something will always be better than doing nothing.

The Cons. Cardio does have its flaws, but they are mostly contextual. Notably, cardio has the effect of engaging cortisol and insulin in your body, which substantially stimulates your appetite after a workout. Feeling hungry after a workout comes about to help you take back in what your body has lost. Like in physics, every action has a reaction – your body has sacrificed energy during a workout, so it is natural to want some of it back.

The major downside of using cardio for weight loss is you will have to be very careful not to overpensate. It is easy to eat more calories after your workout than you expended at the gym: it does not help you tend to crave carbohydrates more than anything else. Type 2 diabetics especially should take note.

In summary, the advantages and disadvantages of cardio are clear when it comes to general health. As far as weight loss goes, cardio helps but only if you can control your eating.

Let us not forget a healthy eating plan is the number one method to lose weight and treat chronic health conditions like Type 2 diabetes. While physical activity is essential, your nutrition must never be overlooked.

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7 Day GM Diet Plan: Vegetarian Version

Realistically, about half the population will admit that they are unhappy with their physique. However, losing weight is not as difficult as many would believe. All it takes is willingness to commit and a little bit of effort on your behalf. Okay, honestly, it takes a great deal of effort and dedication, but it is definitely worth it in the end.

We have a special new diet plan to help you lose weight and slim down in just 7 days! This diet plan is the top vegetarian diet to lose weight safely and effectively!

GM Vegetarian Diet
This vegetarian version of the GM Diet Plan consists of vegetables, legumes, fruits and limited starches. In order to prep your body for this diet, you should eliminate alcohol during the diet, as well as few days prior to starting the plan. This is important as alcohol retains water as it increase the uric acid level, which then precedes the body from detoxifying naturally.

Another key factor of The GM Vegetarian Diet is to drink up to eight to 10 glasses of water per day. As you will be greatly cutting back on the number of carbohydrates you would normally consume, water will act as your main source of energy during this time. Not only will it speed up your metabolism, but it will help naturally remove those extra, unwanted pounds.

For those who have tried this plan previously, or who plan to continue beyond the initial seven day period, it is recommended that you give your body a break for two to three days prior to resuming the diet. This will give your body time to adjust to the new level of nutritional consumption and help reduce any stress on your system as well.

Day 1:

Warning: the first day is always the hardest so try to resist any temptations! Today you will be partaking of fruits only. With the exception of bananas, litchi, mango and grapes; you can eat any fruits in any quantity you wish. However, the most beneficial fruits include melons, strawberries, lime, pomegranate, apples and oranges. You can have up to 20 servings of fruit only today.

Day 2:

Instead of all fruits, today you are only able to consume sole vegetables. However, you can eat as much as you want. Boiled, steamed, roasted, and raw … anything but fried or battered! You should begin your second day with a baked or boiled potato with a just a teaspoon of butter. This will provide your body with the proper amount of carbohydrates and energy required for the day. However, after this, you can only consume veggies.

Limit yourself to only one potato today. If you want to add some zest to your meals, simply add a pinch of basil or oregano. Day 2 is basically a calorie-free day, however, it is chock full of essential vitamins, nutrients and plenty of fiber! If you can survive Day 2, you definitely have what it takes to stick to this diet!

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Goal Setting to Push Your Fitness Limits

My name is Chris and I want people to break through their walls and push the limits by which they live.

I'm here today to tell you that there is a very easy way to get what you want in any aspect of your life.

Goal Setting

I know this works because I have done it, I'm still doing it.

Going back 7 years or so, just after the birth of my first son I was putting on weight. (not in a good way)

I was not exercising and I was eating. I was becoming more and more unfit as time went on.

My excuses ranged from, I have no time because of the baby and work and commuting. Basically everything in life was a barrier.

So here I I am at 15.5 stone. One word fits all here ( Moobs )

Suffice it to say I looked 15.5 stone here.

More importantly I felt it.

I was tired all the time, out of breath quickly if I had to exert myself at any point.

And I knew this was the worst example I could set my son.

So one day I looked at my self in the mirror and imagined how I used to look when I worked out and decided it was time to be there again and set an example for my son to follow.

How … I set a goal.

I saw an advert on the TV for a work out program that would help me get back in shape and do it quickly. I purchased it because I knew that if I spent the money I would use it. (Because I'm tight ha ha)

My Goal: Lose 2 stone in 60 days.

So I did it. The program was a 60 day workout program with a meal plan and set of workout DVD's.

I committed to getting up at 5 am every day and smashing out one of the craziest workout's I had ever done. As especially inside the house.

I weighed myself only 30 days and could not believe what I saw.

Here it is 13 stone ( No Moobs )

I felt great and had so much energy.

It was all made possible because I set a goal and followed it through.

You need to find out what your Motivation is, set a Goal and Commit .

I not only achieved my goal but I did it in half the time.

1. Find Your Motivation , why do you want to change, in order to change you need to know what drives you. For me it was setting a good example for my kids and improving what I was capable of. Write your motivation down.

2. Set Your Goal , it really is that simple. What do you want and when do you want it. Write your goal down

3. Go and Get it , you have to commit . Once you are in a routine and forming good habits it gets easier to do the work every day.

My advice is that you look at your motivation and your goal every day (that's why you write it down). Keep it fresh in your head. Why do you want to change and What do you want .

The workout program I used was Insanity, most people by now know what this workout program is and know the man who created it, Shaun T.

However the proof is in the pudding and I do not look back.

I still do a 60 day round of Insanity from time to time to test my limits, but since completing Insanity I also workout in other ways on a regular basis and it is all due to the good habits formed when I went through this program.

Insanity is not expensive and is a change for life. I would recommend it to anyone at all who needs to set a fitness goal and achieve it quickly and at a fraction of the cost of an annual gym membership.

To sum it all up goal setting is the best way to achieve what you want. Not just in fitness but any aspect of your life.

Motivation , something has to drive the change. What is your why. Find that why.

Goal , what do you want and when do you want it. Put your goal up somewhere. Look at it every day, remind yourself of what you want.

Commit , plan how you will get what you want and do it. commit, it will get hard, you will have a hill to climb. I promise you though that if remind your self why you want it and what you want every day you will get it. In any aspect of life.

Get what you want.

Live a No Limits Life.

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Quickest Method to Slim Down – Do Not Consume Lunch

Let's take a look at the proof for and versus; Avoiding Lunch to Drop weight.

Avoiding lunch is barely hunger, and it is worth a second appearance as a weight loss method.

If you avoid a meal or make it much smaller sized, you will feel hungrier at the next meal, and you might have the tendency to consume more. You will not consume two times your typical meal, and so you will not compensate entirely for the calories you did not consume at lunch. Your will-power and adhere to your regular meal size at supper you will wind up eating 30% fewer calories every day.

Much of the claims about avoiding meals and fasting are simply misconceptions. Avoiding lunch can be an efficient technique and is a lot easier to retain as a discipline.

Fasting and avoiding meals to reduce weight, have bad credits and are expected to be counter-productive because they set off the 'hunger' action, slowing your metabolic process and you might put on weight.

It works for lots of people, and it is simpler to do than trying to limit the variety of calories you consume at every meal. Avoid lunch and consume a typical breakfast and supper – it's that easy.

Research Study Research studies on Avoiding Lunch and Within Day Fasts

The scientists discovered that this method of avoiding meals early in the day and consuming all their food in one big night meal triggered possibly harmful metabolic configurations (see the post to see the results). The topics had raised fast glucose levels as well as reflected a deferred insulin action might be a trigger for diabetes.

In a research study released in Free Radical Biology and Medication, a group of grownups with moderate asthma and excess weight, taken in regular meals one day then just one-fifth of their typical calories (400 or 500 calories) on the next day (alternate day fasting).

After two months, individuals in the research study lost about 8% percent of their preliminary body weight and reflected improvements in their asthma signs.

In one research study, a group of topics was provided a business plan lunch amounting to just about 200 calories. A 2nd group is a typical buffet-type lunch of about 600 calories. Both groups consumed as they liked for the rest of the day.

After two weeks, the group that consumed the little lunch weight revealed an overall daily intake of 400 calories less than the other group. They did not compensate by consuming more at the other meals.

On the drawback, a research study released in the journal, Metabolic process, analyzed the metabolic settings that took place where individuals avoided mines, however, offset it, by eating way too much at the next meal, so that they consumed the very same variety of calories when it comes to 3 standard meals. For two months, a group of females in their 40s consumed three meals a day to set a standard. For the next eight weeks, the ladies avoided two meals however taken in all their daily calories in one big meal at night.

Conclusion: Availing Lunch can Work if Overall Calories Consumed in a Day is Minimized

You can produce the very same 'sincerity' system by monitoring exactly what you consume everyday.

Just like numerous such research studies the participation in the research study may supply the inspiration to avoid overindulging.

Not consuming lunch and not eating way too much at the next supper can be helpful for your health.

Attempt the calorie deficiency worksheet system and seen while the 'avoiding lunch' strategy works for you.

If you tape-record all your 'faults' and afternoon binges since you had appetite pangs, absolutely you might have the ability to end up being more disciplined.

Your body is versatile.

Availing meals and then eating way too much to take in the missing out on calories throughout the night meal can trigger hazardous metabolic structures in the body and unduputedly will not assist you to lose weight.

It appears that avoiding meals to minimize each day calorie consumption can work as a weight loss technique if the net number of calories consumed is reduced.

Why Avoid Lunch to Reduce weight?

It is a misconception that breakfast is an essential meal of the day – though it does matter in breaking you're over night 'quickly.' When you consume your food and calories through a 24 hour day, Research study has revealed that it does not matter. The option is yours depending on how you run and your 24-hour cycle.

For the majority of individuals, lunch is the most convenient meal to avoid, particularly when you are at work. Supper, the night meal, is a social celebration as well as a meal.

Unfavorable Side-Effects of Avoiding Lunch and Ways to Conquer Them

. Often your body responses to avoiding a meal by producing a headache and other signs hypoglycemia, or low blood glucose.

When you avoid a meal you get starving, however, this is not inescapable if you are trying to drop weight and consume fewer calories than you burn to establish a calorie deficiency (recommendation to cal def post here).

In some cases you may feel baffled, suffer headaches, sweatiness, blurring in your vision and tiredness. However, these signs are unusual and are an indication that you are exaggerating it. The service is simple – just consume an apple or an orange for lunch. After a while your body will adjust to the modifications and the hostile actions will be vanish.

Everyone who is dieting needs to handle appetite pangs. Avoiding meals can have side impacts that consist of crankiness, sleepiness, headaches, trouble focusing, and so on

After a couple of days, your body gets utilized to it, and the cravings and other signs decrease. It is amazing how your body can adjust to these type pf configurations.

Do Avoiding Meals activate a 'Hunger Mode' Modification in Metabolic process?

Cravings and hunger are the inevitable repercussion of dieting that everyone who is aiming to drop weight needs to manage. You need to starve yourself to reduce weight, and this suggests you will feel starving – get utilized to it, over it.

Lunch break is a good time for a workout and going out and doing things which can sidetrack from your sensation of appetite. There are some methods of handling cravings pangs.

The theory goes that when you avoid a meal, your body can slip into 'hunger mode' where it erroneously thinks you have to begin saving energy and as an output your metabolic process decreases, causing that your body burns calories and fat much slower. This can make it much harder to slim down.

These issues are mainly unproven as your body will not alter to 'hunger mode' till you have starved for at least 24 hours or even more. These problems might use to day-to-day fasts, however not to avoiding lunch. It has likewise been revealed that it takes 2-3 weeks on incredibly low-calorie diet plans for your body to start to make basic configurations in metabolic process to decrease the rate at which you burn calories.

Lots of weight loss professionals promote that individuals must consume lots of little meals (5 or 6) through the day and never feel starving. Is it possible to lose weight without feeling starving?

Discipline and Dieting

Supper, the night meal, is a social event as well as a meal.

If you avoid a meal or make it much smaller sized, you will feel hungrier at the next meal, and you might tend to consume more. You will not consume two times your typical meal, and so you will not compensate entirely for the calories you did not consume at lunch. On the disadvantage, a research study released in the journal, Metabolic process, analyzed the metabolic configurations that took place where individuals avoided mines, however, make up for it, by eating way too much at the next meal, so that they consumed the same number of calories as for three typical meals. For the next eight weeks, the ladies avoided two meals though taken in all their day-to-day calories in one big meal in the night.

Dieting is so simple – all you have to do is to consume fewer calories than you burn. You then establish a calorie deficiency and your body needs to discover the calories someplace – ideally by breaking down body fat. Sounds simple – the tough part is the discipline and will-power.

Sure you will get starving, you might have faults, and you will need to withstand the temptation to eat way too much at supper. Avoiding lunch is far much easier to do relating to discipline.

Exactly what is much easier – to thoroughly minimize the calories you consume at breakfast, supper, and lunch – every meal – every day with all the temptations, or to just AVOID LUNCH.

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Is Thrive The Best Weight Loss Program?

What's the Thrive Patch?
The Thrive Patch is a weight-loss product that's delivers it's ingredients directly through the skin via a patch. The ingredients in the Thrive Patch include Forslean (coleus forskohlii), green coffee bean extract, garcinia cambogia, CoQ10, white willow bark, Cosmoperine (tetrahydropiperine), Satiereal saffron extract (crocus) and green tea extract. The delivery process is called “Derma Fusion Technology” and supposedly boosts metabolism while suppressing appetite. You stick the patch to your upper arm / shoulder, where it is worn through the day. There were several products precedent The Thrive Patch using this delivery system.

The Thrive Patch first was marketed in 2014 from Le-Vel, a network marketing company based in Frisco, TX. It's sold on the official website and through independent distributors. There are a few positive customer comments and the product looks easy to apply.

Customer Service? Could Be Better
My first concern had nothing to do with Thrive Patch side effects, but poor customer service quality. Network marketing product experts say, “The true test of a company is the level of support, It seems as if users are not impressed by this business and that's disappointing figuring in the Thrive Patch cost.”

“There was no phone number and no one to call you back. I emailed them this morning … no response,” said a customer.

“There is no customer service line. This is a completely Cloud Based Business, meaning there is not an office full of people waiting to answer your questions on the phone,” said another of the Thrive Patch reviews we read.

But I was also able to find some fans of Thrive:

“It seems as if this company has it together.

Effectiveness of Thrive Patch – Sketchy

Lack of results from the Thrive Patch was a main concern reported by customers. One of them said, “Does absolutely nothing for me.”

“I was given the 3 day trial packet and followed the directions to a T. I've felt nothing while taking it; not even a short burst of elevated energy,” said another user.

But some users noticed some results from the Thrive Patch ingredients.

“Been using it for about a month and noted some changes.

“Down a few pounds so far. I guess it works,” said another.

From what I could surmise, if there is one aspect of a product that is especially troublesome, it is that the likelihood of long-term success is quite minimal. If Thrive products do not boost weight-loss pretty quickly right after a person starts using them, the likelihood of that person staying on the patch for the long haul, is unlikely.

The Science – Is It There?
While the company website claims it provides lifestyle support to the customer, there's no clinical studies connecting the Thrive Patch to weight-loss. The only ingredient documented to boost metabolism is green tea. Unfortunately, the amount used in the patch is not provided; which means it may not be enough to actually produce weight loss. Before starting any program, the potential customer needs to see documented clinical research supporting the effectiveness of the formula in order to have confidence in purchasing it ..

Does it Work?
So, what's my conclusion on the Thrive Patch? I like that it has a few natural ingredients and that we found some positive customer comments. I'm really unsure about the patch because there's no research supporting the ingredients connecting to weight-loss, with the exception of green tea, but I still do not know how much green tea it contains. I also can not ignore the negative user feedback about it not working and quality of customer service.

Dieters who really want to drop pounds and get rid of excess body fat, should do their homework, then purchase a supplement containing ingredients backed by clinical research and a robust service.

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Looking for the Most Effective Weight Loss Program

Sometimes losing weight can be very intimidating especially if you feel like you are following every do's and don'ts that your diet chart has, but then too you are not seeing any results? This is because you might be making some common and minor diet mistakes that you feel will not affect your weight loss program. But actually, small mistakes hinder your progress and will demotivate you which will tempt you to try some other weight loss program.

Americans spend millions of dollars, trying to lose weight. But, before you spend your hard-earned money to decrease your waistline, here are some common diet mistakes that you should avoid:

Choosing low-fat or sugar-free diet foods

People think that low-fat or diet foods are the best option to shed some weight, but actually, they have the reverse effect. The low-fat food means less fat and not fewer calories.

These products are loaded with sugar to make the product taste good. Such foods will not keep you full but will increase your hunger and extremely you will end up eating more.

So, do not be fooled that low-fat foods have fewer calories; it has as many calories as the regular version.

Skipping meals

You might be thinking that if you skip your meal you will balance the calorie consumed, but it will work opposite. Skipping meals will just make your more hungry at the end of the day and that will make you eat larger portions which mean more calories. So, this will definitely make it harder for you to lose weight.

Trying to do everything at one go

You may think that if you develop all the good habits at the same time like eating less, calorie counting, drinking sufficient water, getting enough sleep, eating breakfast and much more, you will lose weight faster. But doing everything at once will definitely not help you. You should gradually adopt good habits if you want them to be effective.

Drinking lot of calories

When you are on weight loss, you may avoid aerated drinks, but what about coffees, nut milk, and even smoothies? You might think that one cup a day will not do any harm. But, all these drinks add up extra calories to your day with you even realizing it.

Avoiding whole foods

People think that avoiding carbohydrates, gluten or dairy goods, will help them lose weight. But this will work entirely opposite because avoiding whole foods will reduce the certain nutrients in your body, which will result in more weight gain.

Not having snacks

This is the largest mistake people make, as they think this will reduce weight. But actually having healthy snacks in between meal times will make you less hungry and extremely you will eat less during mealtime.

O Overeating healthy foods

There are many foods that are great for your health like quinoa, avocado, almond butter and more, which are good if eat in small portions. Because these foods have high calorie count and are easy to overeat. Also, do not avoid these foods entirely because they are rich in nutrients.

These are some of the common mistakes people make in their diet plan and fail to see any results in their weight loss program and think that they will never be able to reduce their weight.

If you are the one having the same feeling, then you should definitely try the 3 Week Diet plan, the fast weight loss, and the most effective weight loss program. It guarantees to help you lose weight in just three weeks.

All you have to do is follow this best weight loss program strictly to see the desired results. On completing the 3 Week Diet Plan, you will see remarkable changes in your body, which will motivate you to continue with the plan more than 3 weeks.

What results will you get by following the 3 Week Diet plan?

• Reducing weight in between 12-23 pounds

• Your waistline size decreases between 2 -4 inches

• Improved muscle tone

• Increased energy

• Dress size decreases by 2-3 size

• More healthy hair and skin and lot more other health benefits.

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When Food Is Love

Health Consciousness

I've been looking at my relationship with food in the last month. I am always health conscious when I eat, but I had come to see that my need to be so healthy was actually causing issues in my body. I have now cleared up the dermatitis on my face and scalp through working on my issues around my need to be so healthy. It was very much that I was coming from fear instead of love. Fear of contamination. Very subtle indeed.

This was exacerbated I think when I found out my friend was dying of pancreatic cancer at the start of the year, it set me into another tail spin on being healthy, in fact the day she died is the day I started a 5 day juice detox . Since that day I have put the weight back on that I lost, and then some.

I was exercising with a PT and had to stop, my adrenals were getting creamed, I just could not lose the weight. I did more research and thought it had to do with my cortisol levels.

Then I started to get indigestion everyday. And felt bloated. I could not work out because because I was eating so healthy.

Geneen Roth

I decided to start reading Geneen Roth's books again, and bought Women Food and God, because it was the book I could get the fastest. I've read Geneen's books before, but this time I really got it.

I had never had a weight issue; I had prided myself on the fact I could eat what I wanted without putting on weight. But then I put on a lot of weight after I had an abortion. I thought it was hormonal; perimenopausal. I've looked at so many angles I just could not find anything that shifted the issue.

Restrictors and Permitters

Geneen talks about how there are restrictors and permitters in eating. I'm a restrictor. I can restrict my intake of food and control it really well. I have iron will power. I can control cravings. I do not mean anorexia, but more that I can stick to an eating plan. Restrictors believe that if they can control then they feel safe. My parents are restrictors and so is my first husband. Then my second husband came along and he is a Permiter. They are the ones who eat what they want when they want. They want to have a party with food. Eat everything they were not allowed to eat as a kid. They believe they can not control so they might as well merge with the chaos.

So he hated my restrictions around food. He did not want to come home to eat a salad, he wanted a big hearty meaty meal. We always had to have lollies and chips and popcorn and coke. After my childhood and first husband it was as if someone was giving me total permission to have fun while eating, even if I felt guilty, it was easier to just buy the crap food and not get into a battle about how we should eat healthier. On some level my inner child was loving it because I got to eat all the foods I was not allowed to eat on tap as a child.

Food as Love

Geneen has always talked about Food being Love. I never really fully understood this, I knew I was an emotional eater, to quell anxiety normally, but it was not until I read these two lines in her book I really got it. –

“I am beginning to understand that the whole struggle with food is not about discipline, or self-control or bargaining with myself; its not even about food.

“When I told myself that this time I could eat what I wanted with no strings attached – I headed straight for the foods of my childhood I was never allowed to eat what I could not eat as a kid, I thought I could get what I never got … I needed to prove to myself that what I wanted most was not hidden, but what I did not want the cookies; I wanted the way being allowed to have them made me feel; welcomed, describing, adored. “


So if I spend time observing the feelings I have about food. I realize when I eat a salad or something healthy I'm sorry, I'm eating well, I'm always eating, I'm a good girl , which always mean in my childhood that I was then allowed a treat. So when that treat does not come now, I feel empty, as if something is missing. So the emptiness I equate to hunger so I eat more.

Because my emotions around food are all about deprivation, biologically my body goes into stature fat because it thinks its in a famine. More so this year than ever because of my friend dying and really wanting to be in control of my health.

I thought about how my feelings for nice food are no different than how I feel about other things. I realized I like buying nice food and really what Im saying to myself is that I deserve something of value, I want to be valued. I want to be important, I want to matter. All inner child feelings.

I do not so much crave chocolate anymore, (I had worked on that already) but I seem to have a thing for scones at the moment, date scones. Even though I had stopped myself from having wheat, it was creeping in. So I got into the energy of it and I realized it's a way of having a treat and still acting like I'm not really making much of an impact, sort of the invisible treat. As if I'm fooling myself into thinking its not really cake. Like the poor man's substitution, so it did not really count toward being special.

Feeling Loved

I allowed myself to really feel what it is about cake and carbs that I associated with Love and Wanting and realized that those foods always made me feel special when I was a kid, as they were party foods. So eating those foods made me feel special, as if I really mattered and I was seen and valued and loved.

So the idea is to pull away the projections of all the feelings you have about the foods that have an energetic charge for you, and feel into it and explore where they really come from. They are inner child feelings, your inner child is still running the show.

By thinking eating cake is the only way you are allowed to feel special or loved then you are not going to give that up for any diet or restriction. The idea is to connect to the Love and allow yourself to have it, without having to eat the cake. Love that part of you that equates food with Love.

Eat What You Want

Geneen talks about eating what you want. I did not think I could do that (because I'm a restrictor) because I felt I would be “self will run riot”, but by eating consciously, and not from a place of rebellion, you come to see that all food is Love and Love is not restricted to only food. Or whatever you project your deportation issues onto, whether it be things or money or people etc.

So you can still eat from a place of loving yourself, and loving food, but not from a place of deprivation or rebellion.

Do you have any food restrictions that throw you into the yo-yo-ing of Deprivation? Or are you a Permiter? The party is at your house.

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