How To Get Others Involved In Your Weight Loss Plan

When you start with a weight loss plan, support is critical, especially with your family and friends. However, it is not always easy to get them involved in your program even though it is importance and can keep you from falling back to unhealthy eating habits. For your plan to work, you must look for every way possible to get others and especially those close to you involved in the program. The more involved they are in the process, the higher your success chances of reaching your ideal weight target.

Let your weight loss plan known

One of the difficult things you can try to do is entering into a weight loss program without letting your family and friends know about it. The good thing about coming out clean about the decisions you have made to lose weight makes them aware, so they do not end up tempting you to engage in the habits that you are trying to drop to lose weight. For instance, your sweet-toothed friends will work and enjoy their trips away from your presence, and your family members will try to eat healthy meals from home compared to dragging you out to eat to increase your chances of eating unhealthy foods.

Make them do shopping on your behalf

The supermarket can be very tempting, especially with all those tasty trips lined up for your selection. To avoid this kind of temptation, get your family or friends involved by listing your foods list and sending them out to get it for you. This way, they can also get their favorite trips and enjoy without tempting you in any way. In case they bring their favorite trips home, then ask them to store them somewhere you likely will not visit, their rooms, basement or garage. The less you see, the less tempted you will be.

Cook healthy meals and desserts for them

One of the best ways of getting others involved in your weight loss plan is by offering to cook them delicious meals and desserts. This way, you could make all the food choices, and cooking techniques, so you can dine healthily and achieve your weight loss goals. When you offer to cook for the family, you might just also manage to get them to improve their health and want to enjoy more delicious but healthy meals at home.

Choose treasures that do not interest you much

If you feel a need to allow your family to continue enjoying their trips, but without putting you into temptations, ask that they list their favorite trips. You can then go through the list and buy gifts that are not likely to tempt you, but will keep the others happy.

Plan picnics and choose healthy food joints

Eating-in may not always be fun, but you can plan picnics that will thrill everyone and still ensure you eat healthily. If you must eat out with your family or friends, then search for restaurants offering healthiest food choices and invite them to try out the healthy recipes with you.

Support from people around you is critical when you get into a weight loss plan. Find effective ways to keep everyone around you involved in the process to help you reach your goals.

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How Important Is Exercise In Weight Loss

Exercise is very important for weight loss but not for the reasons you might think. If you watch the television commercials you could have convinced that any number of magical exercise machines and gadgets will help you lose weight. At best they are wrong and worst they are lying and cheating you.

To lose weight you would need to be training for a marathon, a 20 minute workout on a treadmill would not work off the calories of a small handful of raisins. The simple fact is that you can not out exercise your mouth and that diet is the major factor required for weight loss.

Exercise does help regulate insulin, it helps with stress management and does burn a small amount of calories. Human bodies have always been designed to move, we are by nature active creatures not sedentary.

Good health and wellbeing needs movement, diabetes, arthritis and often every health issue needs movement. 30 minutes of walking a day can reduce allergies by 25%. Moderate exercise aids with sleep and movement aids thinking, studying and creativity.

There can be no disagreement that exercise and being active is essential for healthy living but it is not directly the key to weight loss. However when you sleep better and have less stress and feel healthier you are more likely to eat a better diet and there before exercise has a role.

Hard exercise does not help more than moderate exercise, you sweat because your core is hot not because you are burning more calories. Research shows that while exercise is a poor calorie burner the best pace is what is referred to as zone two activities, ie 180 minus your age.

This gives a good working heart rate for most people, of course some people like my super fit father at 83 would have time practically standing still. You can add 5 if you are fit and subtract five if you are very unfit.

The important message here is that you need to exercise as a part of healthy living but do not drive yourself to burn calories, you will be disappointed.

As mentioned the key to weight loss is your diet, and specifically being in a fat burning mode, which means you need to consume good amounts of quality fats and low levels of carbohydrates (sugars).

Sugar is a poor energy source which needs to be frequently topped up, with proportions being converted to triglycerides (fats). But fat requires fewer calories and burns better as a fuel source while laying down less fat.

So to lose weight you need to avoid processed carbohydrates, eat quality fats and protein, take moderate exercise, sleep well and manage your stress.

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7 Killer Ways To Maximize Your Fat Burning In The Gym

Hey, we all want to shed some pounds and get back to the body that we had when we were youngger and did not appreciate it but it takes discipline, planning, and dedication to make that happen. All too often people shed 10 or 15 pounds and then seem to stop losing weight. There is definitely a reason this happens and it should not be seen as failure or an excuse to give up on your weight loss goals. Here are 7 absolutely killer ways to maximize your fat burning routine and help ensure success with your weight loss goals.

1) Anaerobic Exercise

If you think you can just run laps or pedal that fat away, think again. Muscle tissue is what burns the most calories in our bodies and you need to life weights in order to create larger muscles that will burn more calories. Now although aerobic exercises such as cycling or swimming are also necessary, the fact remains that building larger muscles is the best way to lose weight and keep it off. This is because you are creating a more efficient calorie burning machine by lifting weights which will ensure you success with your weight loss goals.

2) Warm-up and Cool Down

Warming up before exercising and taking the time to cool down after with some light exercises are not generally seen as essential to a fat burning program. However, the reason why a lot of people tend to give up on their weight loss goals is because they failed to see the progress they hoped for when they began. An injury, even one that only lasts for a few days, can set your weight loss goals back by weeks and lead to a loss of stimulation. You need to plan an extra twenty minutes into your weight lifting routine for these two essential activities or you risk injury and derailing your weight loss plan.

3) Diet, Diet, Diet

This should not be a killer way to maximize your weight loss goals but it is. The reason for this is because people tend to think of losing weight in two ways: diet, or exercise. Hey, these two go hand in hand and you are never going to maximize your fat burning routine in the gym unless you take care of your body outside of the gym. Stop thinking of meals in terms of three: instead, think 5 meals with smaller portions. The FDA recently developed a new food pyramid with this very idea in mind and you should check it out before starting your fat burning program because it can save you a lot of time and energy if you get the diet part figured out before even stepping into the gym.

4) Plan Workouts

The body is the most complex machine on the planet and you canít just hope to step into a gym and jump on a machine or some weights and think that you are going to see the results you want without knowing how they affect your body. The ideal exercise routine is done only 3 or 4 times per week and only for 30-45 minutes at a time. You can not work your body more than this because it will actually cause your muscles to break down which means you will be burning fewer calories, and therefore, not maximizing your fat burning routine in the gym. If you have any doubts about what kind of routine is ideal for your goals, do not be afraid to consult a physical trainer to help you set up a program that is best suited for you.

5) Nutritional supplements

If you really want to maximize your fat burning routine in the gym, then you need to consider using nutritional supplements. Now I am not talking about those crazy supplements that promise to burn fat for you while you sit and watch tv! I am talking about essential fatty acids, amino acids, whey protein – things that will really maximize your workouts that you can not always expect to get in the foods you eat every day. Again, consult a physical trainer if you want to know which supplements are best for your weight loss goals.

6) Set Weekly Goals

I know that this just seems to be obvious but the truth is that most people are not thrilled with the idea of ​​working out so it is easy for them to skip a session or indulge in some pizza and think that they will make up for it next time . Listen, next time never comes and when you stop seeing the scales go down, the motivation just seemed to stop. By setting weekly goals, you can track your progress and make it that much more likely that you will adhere to the goals when you see things are not going as expected.

7) No More Late Night Snacks

This one may not seem to make sense, but I assure you that it will help maximize your fat burning exercises. The reason is your metabolism. When you eat right before you go to bed, it throws your body off and you probably notice that you woke and do not feel hungry. Then, you skip breakfast entirely or only snack on a bagel or something on you way into work.

The result: the body goes into conservation mode. This means that it slows down your metabolism and that means you are burning fewer calories through the day. Plus, it increases the likelihood of snacking and basically just sets the scene for a bad cycle. Eating five smaller portioned meals per day also has to do with your metabolism as it has been found that metabolism remains higher when there is a consistent supply of food in the body. You might not believe that late night snacking affects the way your body burns fat when working out, but it does.

Now some of the things listed above are obvious while some just seem silly. And yet, taken together and consistently adhered to, these 7 little ideas will maximize your fat burning in the gym and get you to that body you can see in your mind but not the mirror far quicker than if you just go about things in a disorganized and inconsistent manner.

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The Right Weight Loss Plan For Your Needs

When it comes to shedding pounds, you need the right weight loss plan to follow. You can not just take advice from anyone because many people who claim to know about weight loss does not know anything. People like that are called “pretent experts.” They work out in their dreams and lose weight in their nightmares.

How many times have you tried to lose weight only to give up because the program you were using just was not right for you? If you are like many people out there, this has probably happened to you at one point or another.

The right weight loss plan should consist of a few things. Here they are:

1) A healthy eating plan
2) Working out four times per week
3) Being consistent

See you can not be a quitter when it comes to losing weight. If you want the results that you dream of, you have to take action. I know someone who tried to lose weight by taking that great pill at first light, and for the rest of the day do NOTHING. You know how those pills make supernatural claims about how you will lose 39 pounds by the end of the week? My friend sincerely believed that.

No matter which plan you choose, you need to know that it will ALWAYS require exercise. You have to know how your body works. More than likely you have tried to lose weight in the past, and you witnessed great results, but quit for some odd reason.

Go back to doing that plan! (As long as it was healthy)

If it involved a personal trainer, then get a personal trainer. However, if it mean starving and taking a high dose of pills, do not do this. Always keep it healthy, and find yourself a workout buddy. You can find one in your family, at your job, with your friends, or even with someone in the gym also. Moreover, preferably get someone who's around your size – so you both can motivate each other.

Bottom line, you are the one who is going to determine how successful your weight loss program is. It is your call whether you stick to a program or give up because it is too hard. Just remember that losing weight is a marathon, not a sprint so you must find ways to stay encouraged through your weight loss journey. Follow the tips mentioned above and you are sure to succeed.

With the right weight loss plan, you can achieve your goals. Go out there and do it!

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Weight Loss And Resistant Starch

Starch is a complex carbohydrate which converts to sugar in your body and will mostly be converted to fat. Typically found in rice, potatoes and grains.

Resistant starch is the starch which is not absorbed in the small intestine and travels on to your colon where it can potentially feed the healthy bacteria.

There are several kinds.

  1. The starch in raw potatoes and green bananas. But very few of us consume these foods in their raw state usually preferring or bananas ripe and our potatoes fried, mashed with milk, cream or cheese or baked with toppings such as cream, cheese and bacon. This starch quickly enters the blood stream.

  1. The most interesting kind of resistant starch comes from ordinary starch which has been cooled and re-heated. Eg Instead of eating a bowl of pasta longnight which is like eating a cup of sugar, you cook it, then refrigerate it overnight and reheat it tomorrow night.

This left over pasta is still introducing a lot of sugar into your blood but some of it will not be absorbed. How much is variable, a large size penne pasta is better than macaroni which is not as good as a fettuccini.

A rice sushi roll is better than freshly cooked rice because it has been cooled.

  1. Resistant starch found in beans and seeds. These are an ideal source of healthy gut bacteria food without spiking your blood glucose resulting in increased insulin which can result in fat gain.

If you are seeking to be health and lose weight by limiting sugar and grains and processed foods then it is best to avoid these foods completely at least for the first month. This gives you the best possible chance of making a clear assessment about eating this way. Seeds and occasional beans are OK

After the month if you need to eat pasta then cook-cool and reheat are you best options. Unfortunately this will not happen in a restaurant so you will just have to wear the consequences. You will soon find out if there are any side effects.

An occasional cheat meal should not be a problem, but that all depends on how insulin resistant you are and how long you have been over weight. A long term problem will take longer for your body to reset and take you comfortably into fat burning mode.

It's all about testing and keeping your results, so keep track of your progress and setbacks.

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Obesity Is an Epidemic, Take Action

With our busy life styles our meals have become an afterthought. With little time to prepare and so many easy outs for a quick and easy meal no wonder why we as a whole are becoming more unhealthy and over weight. This trend is not a good one and it does not seem to be stopping any time soon. A matter of fact it is picking up traction. Travis Stork, MD says the number of people with type 2 diabetes is expected to rise sharply during the coming decades. Unless we make some big changes to our diets and activity levels, by 2050, as many as one-third of adults will have type 2 diabetes (up from 8.3 percent today).

The call to action is very clear but will many people take this seriously? Sadly the answer is no. It is human nature to procrastinate and undermine. Putting off what needs to be done because of false emotions. I will get around to it when I get more time. What can I do about it any ways. The thing is you will never receive more time than the time you have now and by starting with you, you can change it. The change starts with you.

Losing weight is not going to always be easy. This is because it requires change. It is human nature to develop habits in every area of ​​life and your eating habits are no exception. There are many programs out there and guidelines you can follow for help. Do not let self-doubt discourage you. The only person that can change your future health is you so when others may criticize you for being on a 'deit' do not let that feed into your self-doubt bringing you down. Once you begin to lose weight and those that criticized you you will begin to realize that they wish they had what you got, courage.

At the beginning the only person to benefit may just be you. It's your future health and if everyone would begin to realize the health risks of unprompted quick and easy meals on the go is doing to their future health maybe they would reconsider. The little decisions by getting those unhealthy meals everyday is compounding into a very dangerous situation in years to come. Most deaths in America are linked to eating habits. That is more than car accidents and violence combined .

The situation is real, the call for action is there. It is up to you to make the uneasy decision to make a change. The change starts with you. Changing your eating habits. You know generally what healthy foods and unhealthy foods are but it is recommended that you seek guidance on this major change in your life. After all this is an important issue, this is your future.

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Weight Loss Guide: 5 No-No’s for Bicycle Riders

Whether you're a first-timer on a city bike or a season triathlete on a roadie, these few points should be avoided if you want to achieve that ideal fitness level while still having lots of fun:

Skipping meals will burn more fat

Most cyclists these days prefer hitting the road or nearby trails early to avoid the morning rush. If you are a seasoned cyclist, you would know better that leaving the house without even eating a slice of bread will not needlessly help you lose those stubborn fats.

Although, studies have shown that skipping breakfast or any other meals prior your exercise will allow your body to burn glycogen and stored fats. On the flip side, other people feel weak, dizzy and lightheaded due to the decrease in their sugar levels which often results to reduced performance (and less fat-burning), which is actually contrary to what you aim for.

Perhaps the most sensible approach to this is to evaluate your current condition and consider factors such as age, health, medical history, fitness level and the type of exercise you are about to engage. This way, you can decide whether to eat a bit prior jumping on your bike and hitting the road or trail.

Less water will do the trick

Do not ever attempt to do this. Your body needs the appropriate volume of water prior to your exercise for maximum performance. Less water intake has no direct effect on weight loss. Drink ample amount of water before and after your exercise to avoid any conditions such as dizziness and worse, dehydration. You would not want to collapse on the road, right?

More cycle time is better

This is not necessarily true. A lot of cyclists aim for that long distance stint – usually a minimum of 100 kilometers within 8 hours – often dubbed as a 'Century Ride'. Yes, it's cool, awesome, and 'hardcore' but it's not for everyone. Exercising for long hours can cause fatigue especially for new cyclists. One good way to start is to try a good 30-60min session at home or outdoors. Do this 3-4x a week rather than choosing that 100km one-time sprint. Occasionally, you will increase your cycle time as your fitness level improves. But for now, take it slow and be consistent!

Sleep is for the weak

Depriving yourself from a good 7-8 hour sleep negates the total positive benefits you'll get from a good diet and exercise. Lack of sleep also increases your cortisol level – the stress hormone that acts as a stimulant for you to want more food. So unless you want to become part of the lethargic flesh-eating horde during a zombie apocalypse, take a good rest so you'll feel energized and ready for your daily dose of pedal-sessions the next day.

Just Pedal. No room for fun.

There's nothing more awesome than having fun while achieving that perfect fitness level! So before you decide to purchase that stationary cycling machine, consider buying a mountain bike (MTB) or road bike (roadie). Either of these 2 bikes will give you the satisfaction of seeing great sights and meeting new people rather than pedaling inside your room while watching television.

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Lose Weight by Learning How the Pro-Cyclists Eat

If you feel like you have been pedaling so much and still have not seen the improvement on your weight loss, then maybe it's time to examine what you have been feeding your body. Losing that extra weight will not only make you look and feel better, it will motivate you and also give you a larger room for progress with your cycling. Learn how the pro-cyclists manage their diets for them to be in top shape. Maybe you can learn a few tricks from them.

· Breakfast. Racers burn A LOT of calories. They lose up to 4000 calories everyday. That is why breakfast is important to them and it should be important to you, too. A hearty breakfast makes their tanks full as they start off their day. Most of them eat oatmeal with fruit. Skipping breakfast will not give you enough fuel to go through with your work-out.

· Hydration. It may depend on a variety of circumstances but, on the average, racers consume half a liter of fluid every hour. They drink plain water and add the fancy sports drinks and different mixes in there. But for those who are not pro-racers, drinking enough water will still be beneficial. This will help you burn more calories as your body works on warming up the water to your body temperature.

· Eat throughout the day. Racers eat a lot since they burn more than 300 calories every hour. Some munch on sports bars and gels while others eat potatoes, sandwiches, rice delicacies and fruits. While you might not need to eat as much, try eating small portions in between breakfast, lunch and dinner. This will keep your metabolism running. But take note not only of the quantity but also the quality of food that you consume. Think lean proteins, fruits, greens and complex carbs.

· Dinner. Most of the racers are served large quantities of meat for dinner – chicken, beef and fish. To balance this, they also consume their greens such as kale and spinach. From this, you can see how important lean protein is. This will help make you feel full longer and will help you feel satiated. In addition, it also contributes to building and maintaining muscles which burns your fat. It is also advised that dinner be ateen before 8PM. Eating meals late at night signals the body to store fat which is not expired because ofactivity during the evening.

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How to Body Detox for Weight Loss

A detox is recommended once a while. It helps the body get rid of disease-causing toxins; it flushes all your internal organs, including the liver, kidneys and colon and muscle tissues. As such it promotes physical and mental well-being, moving towards a more holistic approach to maintaining health.

A body detox is one of the ways to speed up weight loss. Most of us equate it with fad and crash diets, translating to massive starvation. It is not right! Detoxification is all about using natural foods and drinks to cleanse your body system. So, there are some simple steps you can use at home and we've rounded up 6 tips below.

Guzzle liters of water

Whether you are on a detox diet for weight loss or not, your body needs a lot of water to regulate different processes. It excretes harmful chemicals and wastes through urine. Keep a bottle at hand and sip water continuously.

For weight loss, squeeze half a lemon in a glass of water and drink it first thing in the morning. It helps weight loss. It also restores the electrolyte balance.

Sweat it out

Exercise works in two ways as a detox for weight loss. First, physical activity burns all those extra calories that get stored up as fat. It also pumps out harmful chemicals through sweat. It amps up the circulatory and lymphatic systems and keeps you fit by correcting digestive problems. Work out for at least 30 minutes a day. Have a bath after every workout session to get rid of the accumulated toxins.

Cut back on sugar

Since the primary aim of the body detox is weight loss, it makes a big difference when eliminate excess sugars from your diet. By supplying your body with more sugar, you are forcing your pancreas to work beyond their capacity. Skip sugary beverages, white sugars and artificial sweeteners.

Reduce sodium intake

Skip all frozen and processed foods as they are high in sodium. Sodium retains water adding water weight to your overall weight.

Green tea

You love that cup of coffee early morning, but your body sure does not like it. Caffeine causes you to put on weight. In excess, it also dehydrates your body. Substitute your coffee cup with green tea. Green tea is rich in antioxidants. It aids digestions. It flushes out toxins. It also helps for weight loss. So many benefits in a single cup!

Skin brushing

After you have done all you can internally to attack your weight issues, there's a need to tackle it from the outside. The skin acts like a kidney, filtering out toxins. Dry skin brushing is one way to help your body detox naturally.

Dry skin brushing massaging the skin gently with a dry brush using circular movements. This exfoliation process cleans clogged pores and sloughs off dead skin cells enabling skin regeneration. It also promotes circulation. In addition to this, dry skin brushing breaks down deep-seated fat deposits that cause cellulite.

A detox routine will create a healthy you. Not only this, it reinforces your immune system and leaves you with more energy to go about your daily tasks.

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The Best Diet For Weight Loss Combined With Exercise

Shedding pounds can be tough, especially if you're clueless about the best diet for weight loss. The eating culture nowdays entails that you eat a massive portion of munchies and run. It takes more effort to maintain a healthy weight, or losing weight for that matter. Have you tried jumping from one diet to another to find the best diet for weight loss? But is not it just disappointing that none of them looks to work? The fact is, some diets are not that effective, and there's no perfect diet for weight loss that'll work for everyone. Different body types and make-up respond differently to different diets for weight loss. While losing weight is not an easy fix, there are some things you can do to curtail emotional consumption and food cravings, develop a healthy relationship with food and achieve long-term, effective weight loss.

  • Be physically active. There have been different opinions about how much exercise is needed to achieve thinking weight loss, but there are numerous and pleasant benefits of being physically active. It goes beyond eradicating calories. The benefits of exercise also extend to gaining a healthy metabolism. Endorphins released when exercising provides you with a better and positive outlook. You can work out in the gym, but exercise to lose weight can be little things such as going for a walk, stretching or moving around. From these, you can muster more energy and motivation to take on exercise routines that require more commitment and intensity.
  • Control your food cravings and emotional eating. Eating is not only compelled by hunger. Many times, people eat whenever they are stressed and anxious, too. If you easily give in to emotional eating, you'll end up wrecking your diet and gain pounds. Whenever you're lonely or bored, do you munch junk foods? At the end of a stressful day, do you snack in front of the TV? These are the triggers of emotional eating that can break your diet. How to remedy this? You can combat stress by doing meditation, yoga or having a long, hot bath. If you're depressed, take a short nap or walk around the block instead of gorging sweets as your pick-me-ups. Listen to upbeat and energizing music as well.
  • Reduce your sugar and refined carbs intake. It does not matter if you're cutting down on your sugar and carb intake, but people tend to consume sugar and carbohydrates than what's required. You can limit eating sweets and desserts, but that's only part of the solution because sugar is also contained in bread, margarine, pasta sauce, vegetable, canned soups and other processed and packaged foods labeled as “low fat” or “non fat”. Sugar “hidden” in these foods nourish you with empty calories. What can you do about this? As much as possible, do not buy canned foods. Stock your fridge instead with low-sugar foods and foods with frozen or fresh ingredients. Avoid drinking softdrinks whenever you can, along with shakes, coffee drinks and energy drinks. These contain stupendous amounts of hidden sugar, and that's tantamount to 10-12 teaspoons. Even diet soda is not advisable because it usually triggers sugar cravings and result to weight gain. If you're looking for the best thirst quencher, switch to unsweetened ice tea or carbonated water added with a splash of fruit juice.

The best diet for weight loss should be combined with physical activity for the most effective results.

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8 Exercise Fallacies

1. Crunches will flatten the stomach – You can not spot reduce fat by exercising a specific area. Situps and crunches can not widdle away abdominal fat. In fact crunches put a lot of stress on the lumbar spine (about 674 lbs. Of force) and may open you up for injury. Excess fat storage around your midline has more to do with hormonal imbalances and overall fitness than either or not you can do a million crunches. There are better ways to train the abs then crunches.

  • Proper clean eating habits and core stabilization exercises will do a lot more for flattening your stomach than a crunch will ever do. If you are properly doing squats, deadlifts and other Olympic lifts you probably do not need to specifically work your abs.

2. Pronation and “over-pronation” of the foot is bad – This is a normal and healthy function of the foot which refers to the multi-plane ankle joint action ( everts , abducts and dorsiflexes) that companies periodic rotation of the knees and hips during the gait cycle. During a normal gait cycle the foot rolls inwards and the subtalar joint everts (the heel rotates slowly outwards), and the arch flattens with weight being transferred to the inside edge. This is pronunciation and the foot is very loose at this time. It is considered 'unlocked'. Some over-pronation moments can be excessive but simply there is no criteria that actually defines it and no simple way of measuring the movement. You may pronate more than others but that does not mean its a bad thing because there are no studies that state controlling pronation leads to fewer injuries.

  • Many athletic shoes are made with stiff medial posts which are designed to prevent pronation. In other words, many sneakers are made to prohibit the human foot from doing what it naturally is supposed to do.

3. Pilates, Yoga and Stretching lengthens muscle – Simple understanding of human physiology dictates that all muscle have a predetermined length. Muscles shorten when contracted and lengthen when relaxed … their relevant insertions and origins do not change. Viscoelasticity may increase after hard stretching but this is only temporary. Static stretching will only increase your tolerance to the pain of the stretch – not actually change the length of the soft tissue.

  • Better posture (more upright) will give you the appearance of 'longer' muscles and even make you seem more confident, although to actually lengthen muscle would require either surgery or an accident resulting in a complete tear. The origin and insertion points are set not long after conception.

4. Stretching is necessary – There is no research providing the need for a separate stretching session to improve performance or safety. The greater degrees of flexibility garnered with stretching are likely the result of boosted tolerance to the pain of stretching, not actual lengthening of tissue. In other words you get used to the pain and can go farther in the stretch.

  • Simply participating in a smart exercise program will actively move all your joints though their normal safe range of motion; this may be enough.

5. Lifting 'heavy' weights will make women bulky – The word 'bulky' means different things to different people. That being said, lifting heavy weights will certainly increase lean muscle mass just not that much in a low testosterone environment (like a woman's body with 15-20 times less testosterone). It takes lots of dedication, time and effort (not to mention crazy genetics) to develop thighs like Serena Williams.

  • When you pick up heavy things, your muscles get STRONGER (but not unnecessarily bigger). If you pump yourself full of testosterone and eat way more calories than you are burning every day, you will get bigger … otherwise do not worry bout it.

6. Soreness after exercise is because of lactic acid buildup – Simply not true. Lactic acid is not the demon it is made out to be. In fact, lactic acid does not exist in the human body … lactate does. Delayed sunset muscle soreness ( DOMS ) is not fully understood. However it is believed to be the result of eccentric exercise which in turn causes micro-tears within the muscle cell and localized inflammation from the stress of training. It has nothing to do with lactate. Lactate is a fuel released from the muscle and converted in the liver to glucose, which is then used as an energy source. So rather than cause fatigue or burn it actually helps to delay a lowering of blood glucose concentrations and slows down the rate at which the cells become acidic.

  • You do not need to experience soreness in order to benefit from workouts. Studies have shown that soreness itself (using a scale from 0 to 10 to assess the level of soreness) is poorly correlated as an indicator of muscle adaptation and growth. DOMS is multifactoral and in many cases can alert the individual to an overtraining incident.

7. Cardio training is necessary for weight loss -Weight loss, particularly fat loss is a multifaceted phenomenon in the human body caused by several factors. First let me say individual sustained body-fat loss (which is different than weight loss) is a complicated topic which is not fully understood by science. Rather than delve into the overwhelming multitude of variables, I will keep the scope of this article focused on a simple question: is resistance training better than steady state cardio for fat loss? Maybe. This is the truest answer you'll ever get. If you have to choose, I believe weight training is a more efficient way for most people to lose body fat than steady state cardio.

Side Note: The fat loss evidence is much stronger for high intensity interval training than steady state cardio.

Let me be clear, cardio is great for a whole host of things (even weight loss) – its just not an efficient way to decrease body fat. Do not believe me? Look at the majority of people at the gym who only do cardio. Their bodies do not change. Moreover, stand at the finish line of a marathon and after the winners zoom by take a look at how many overweight runners there are. Marathon training requires a lot of cardio, so why are so many runners still overweight? Simple: Cardio makes you hungry by directly affecting hunger hormones (grhelin and insulin). Many people feel it is a license to eat more. “I ran 8 miles today because I deserve some ice cream cake!” Some evidence shows chronic cardio stresses your endocrine system and increases water retention (due to the gross soft tissue / joint inflammation). In the end you can not run run a bad diet. Do you know how hard it is to burn 500 calories with cardio? It'll take about 1 hour of punishing work on a treadmill or rowing machine to barely eek out 500 calories. And you know what? Four slices of bacon or a bagel with cream cheese or one slice of pepperoni pizza will instantly negate all that hard work.

8. The upper and lower abdominals (rectus abdominus) are independent – The 6 pack muscle is called the rectus abdominus and is one muscle that extends from the ribs to the pelvis. When one area of ​​this muscle is contracted the whole unit contracts. It is called the “all or none principal.” Muscles do not contract partially. Getting 6-pack abs is 90% about reaching low bodyfat levels and 10% about having muscular abs.

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How to Reduce Weight by Simply Drinking Water

In this article I will tell you about the importance of water and the important answer of your question “how to reduce weight” ?

Water: The best zero calorie food with many benefits

Water has a therapeutic approach in treating some diseases. Water is an important element in your diet plan too. When you are planning to reduce weight using a diet plan such as GM Diet plan, water becomes critical in achieving your desired goal.

The good part – Water is cheap and easily available. The best part – it has zero calories.

Many of us overlook this healthy fact about water and instead opt for other beverages such as aerated drinks, canned juices, fresh lime soda, tea or coffee. Perhaps many of us drink more calories through these beverages.

One can be eating 200 to 400 Kcal if he or she is taking 4 to 6 cups of coffee / tea or two canes of aerated drinks.

If you are preparing for the diet, homework is necessary. Even skipping three of your five coffees would reduce your calorie consumption by 50 to 200 calories.

Case Study

Study suggests – those wanting how to reduce weight should choose more water over the other beverages. This was the outcome of the western study carried over 18000 adults over a period of 7 years.

Survey adults underwent diet recall of their foods intake over two different days. They detailed their drinking of plain water and other beverages such as canned juices, lassi, soda, energy drinks, and sweetened bottled drinks. They also underwent the diet recall for empty calories foods such as, ice creams, pastries, cookies and chips.

The survey shown that participants on an average, in a day drank 4 glass of plain water while consuming little more than 2,150 calories. The contribution of sweetened beverages or tea / coffee and other empty calories was around 125 calories.

The study also concluded that the participants drinking plenty of water happened to consume fewer calories who drank the most plain water in their daily diet consumed fewer total calories, drank fewer calories, drank less quantity of sweetened drinks, took less sugar, salt and total fats and cholesterol.

They learn that the total calorie intake can be reduced to 65 to 200 calories just by increasing plain water intake by one to three glasses a day. This could benefit significantly in weight management over the time.

These outlet of this study holds up the earlier on this weight loss and water connection, which has indicated that drinking plenty of water instead of sweetened drinks and empty calories and taking water can reduce the calorie effect effective mange weight control.

That indicates people looking to reduce weight and wanting to improve overall health can certainly be benefited from adding more plain drinking water into their diet chart. So next time you're tempted to go for a coke or a Pepsi or soda or when you feel thirsty, keep in mind that a more healthy drink is available in your kitchen or at work place. Water!

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How Weight Loss Protein Shakes Can Help You Get Ready for the Beach

You have been working hard to save for that well deserved summer holiday and it is now only 4 months before you pack your suit and jet off for a week. Excited at the thought of lounging around on the beach topping up on your tan, while reading your favorite books and sipping your favorite drinks.

For many of us, before we go away on our holiday one of our goals is to lose weight and to drop a dress size before we have to get into our bikini or swimming trunks.

Going to the gym is an ideal way to tone up and loose those extra pounds. You will initially be given a workout routine depending on what your goal will be. You will use resistance machines to tone up or jump on the treadmill or cycle work to burn those extra calories.

The plan will be given to you in the form of a tailor work out routine for you to achieve your goals and lose those extra pounds.

The gym is a great start but you will need to fuel your body before and after exercising to gain the maximum benefits from your new healthy territory. There is no better way than to do this than in the form of protein.

This natural vitamin is the latest buzz health word. A visit to the local supermarket will see an awful lot of products to claim to have a particularly high content; from yogurt to snack bars.

What is protein? It helps build, protect and maintain tissue in your body. A lot of our body contains it, from muscle to organs and even our immune system. When we digest it our stomachs turn it into amino acids, these acids are the building blocks for our bodies. Eating this type of product keeps us fuller for longer.

Research has found that there are 22 different types within our bodies. 13 of them can be made naturally within our bodies, but that leaves 9 that can not. We can however get the other 9 from making sure are diets contain protein rich foods.

There are an abundance of naturally occurring high protein foods that are available to us. Chicken, pork and many others forms of meat, nuts, seeds, yogurt, beans, lentils and even eggs all have a high content. There really is something for everyone to get the desired take they require.

Are there other ways in which we can get it? Yes you will be happy to know that you do not have to sit down to a plate of chicken before you go to the gym. All in one weight loss shakes are readily available and are an easy convenient way to get all the nutrition your body requires in an all in one meal replacement weight loss shake.

The shakes are fortified with vitamins and minerals so you do not lose out on the essential building blocks your body needs after a hard work out, and will help repair and build your muscles. Sometimes turning the wobbly bits into firm and toned areas you will be proud to show off. They will also keep you fuller for longer which will stop the need for reaching for those sugary snacks.

Did you know that there are specific gender weight loss protein shakes. Female shakes offer a lower fat, sugar, carbohydrate and calorie content than the male versions. All of which can help in any weight loss exercise plan that is being undertaken. They offer faster recovery rates by providing the correct amount of vitamins and minerals.

Weight loss protein shakes can be purchased online from varying companies. A general search for this type of product will bring up a whole host of different retailers. Specific female only companies are also available to save you the time of sifting through the relevant products for you.

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The Many Benefits of Whey Protein Powder for Women

When we watch the television or read various magazines, we are inundated with all sorts of various sports and pictures of sports men and women. Sometimes as a non professional sports person we can sometimes feel like our own bodies are a millions miles away form the bodies of the professional athletes.

There are many ways in which you can achieve a toned and slim body similar to those you see on television and in the magazines you read. A balance of a healthy diet with regular exercise will certainly put you on the correct path of achieving the body and look that you want.

Through eating a diet packed full of the essential nutrients your body requires and cutting down on fatty and sugary foods is the best start you can give you body. Regular exercise in the form of running, aerobics and going to the gym is also a must in getting that bikini body you desire.

For that extra push a whey protein powder could be used as part of your new healthy lifestyle. The formula work by giving your body a helping hand in the repairing and building of the muscles which are used during exercise. Protein produces amino acids and it is these valuable nutrients which are the building blocks of a toned, lean body.

Whey protein powder for women comes in different forms, the best type to use is Whey 90 isolate. It contains over 90% of protein per serving, a serving size is usually 25 g, so that is a massive 23 g per serving. The best way to consume a serving is to mix it with 200 ml of water or if you want more flavor, add to milk or juice.

The recommend daily amount to consume is usually 2 to 3 servings. These can be consumed as an alternative meal replacement at breakfast or for a healthy snack in between meals and can be taken up to 90 minutes after exercise.

Why 90 minutes? This is an essential window when our worked muscles require the nutrients to repair themselves, fueling them with a specific nutritious shake is ideal for optimum repair. Not all whey powders are the same. Whey protein powder for women offers a low fat, low sugar, low carbohydrate and reduced calorie content than male specific powder.

The lower calorific version can help with weight loss during an exercise plan. They also offer faster recovery rates by providing the correct amount of vitamins and minerals needed for the female body.

Shakes made specifically for women are packed full of vitamin B6, folic acid and iron and many of the major nutrients which women require from their diet. They are also suitable for a vegan diet and those which require a dairy free diet. They are free from artificial flavors, filling agents and sugars. What more can you ask for in something that is so good for you.

As with all food supplements, this type of product should not be used as a substitute to a varied diet that should contain a wide variety of food. It is essential to maintain a healthy diet along side the use of this product, doing this will very well gain you the achievements of a slim, toned, healthy body which you desire.

Whey protein powder for women can be purchased online from varying companies. A general search for this type of product will bring up a whole host of different retailers. Orders can be placed direct on the website and delivery is usually made within a couple of days. Specific female only companies are also available these will help save you time in finding the correct products for you.

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5 Natural Remedies for Losing Weight

Almost everyone wants to lose weight, and the vast majority of us want a quick fix. People have tried an immeasurable number of quick fixes and fad diets that aim to help them lose weight quickly and easily. At the end of the day, however, there is no quick fix to weight loss. If you want to lose weight, you will have to exercise more and eat healthily. If you are dedicated to these two practices and want some additional help, however, there are some natural tricks that can help. Try these as some tricks to help with your weight loss goals.

# 1 Ginseng

Ginseng is a popular root plant that can be extremely beneficial for weight loss. It can act as a stimulant to speed up the metabolism, and it can increase energy levels and fight sluggishness. Try adding some ginseng to tea or taking a ginseng supplement to increase your metabolism and energy levels.

Bottom Line: Ginseng can give you more energy and help to increase the speed of your metabolism.

# 2 Chew Gum

This is an old favorite, but many people think that it works. If you feel hungry but it is not a mealtime, instead of opting for an unhealthy snack, try chewing some sugar-free gum. The act of chewing can provide some satiation without increasing your overall calorie count. Make sure that it is sugar-free gum, however, and check with your dentist to make sure you find a brand that is not increasing your overall sugar levels.

Bottom Line: Chewing gum can help you to feel satiated when you get hungry and do not want to eat.

# 3 Drink More Water

Drinking more water is another great weight loss tip. Not only is water essential for all bodily functions, but drinking lots of it, particularly right before a meal, helps to make you feel full and therefore decrease your appetite. If you are concerned about portion control, try drinking a glass of water before each meal.

Bottom Line: Drinking water before a meal can decrease appetite.

# 4 Use Coconut Oil as a Replacement Fat

A lot of people are skeptical of coconut oil because it is a saturated fat, but replacing other fats with coconut oil can limit your overall body fat and increase your energy. Most fats are broken down in the intestine and immediately stored as fats, but coconut oil is sent intact to the liver, where it is instead converted into energy. Therefore, if you opt for coconut oil instead of another fat, you will help to decrease your overall fat levels and give yourself more sustained energy.

Bottom Line: Opting for coconut oil instead of another fat can decrease your overall body fat levels and increase your energy.

# 5 Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia is a favorite natural weight loss remedy. This tropical plant contains hydroxycitric acid, and this acid has been shown to inhibit the body's ability to make fat and regulate the body's cholesterol and blood sugar levels. If you want a natural weight loss supplement, Garcinia Cambogia would be an excellent choice.

Bottom Line: Garcinia Cambogia is a good natural weight loss supplement because it can inhibit the body's ability to make fat.

Take Home Message

There is no shortcut to losing weight. You will have to exercise more and eat a healthy diet. However, if you are dedicated to these two practices, you can still make losing weight easier by trying some of these natural tips.

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