Type 2 Diabetes and Healthy Living – Part 1 of Measuring Your Current Lifestyle

Regardless of where your health stands, it is beneficial to measure your current lifestyle. It will reveal areas of concern that can be worked on to elevate your health. It will also make it easier for your doctor to give you actionable advice.

Take a self-assessment test! Answer the following questions in detail and provide this information to a trusted professional. Work out the kinks in your health, and commit to attaining a higher quality of life …

1. Are you a couch potato? First things first: exercise. Do you do it, or do you avoid it more than you would like to admit? Exercising is essential for a variety of reasons. You are always better off exercising than not, and it is rare you will regret making an effort. It does wonders for every facet of health and well-being. Whereas being a couch potato leaves you vulnerable to a host of complications.

2. Do you park close to stores to avoid walking? This question reveals your mindset toward physical activity. Maybe it is a matter of habit but consistently choosing to park close to a store entrance shows a tendency to avoid exercise.

You can not avoid physical activity if you are to be healthy.

3. How do you spend your time at home? There s nothing wrong with leisure time during your downtime. But for work-life balance to exist, it requires your health is looked after. The two best ways to take care of your health is to eat well and be active.

Always allocate some of your time at home to healthy eating and regular activity: this means you should exercise throughout the week and make an effort to cook your meals. You do not have to do these every day, but they should become regular habits.

4. How often and when do you eat out? Is eating out a special occasion for you, or has it become something you have learned to expect? Everything in moderation. There is no harm in eating out a couple of times a month. Any more than this, and you bought to be mindful of the choices you are making at the restaurant.

(Say yes to traditional salads, and no to fish and chips).

5. How much sleep do you get? If you are sleep deprived, it is going to create a slew of problems you may not immediately recognize. It is going to throw off your moods, appetite, and energy levels, making it harder to stay on the right track.

6. How much alcohol do you consume? Be careful with alcohol. That is all that needs to be said. If anyone in their 20's can not afford the internal damage it inflicts, it is even more relevant for you to keep your`intake at a minimum.

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Weight Loss – Four Tips To Prevent A Stall

Worried about what could have stalled your weight loss progress? Have you been following your diet without missing a beat, seeing good results for the first few weeks and then suddenly, all improvements in your weight loss readings stopped?

You might have been frustrated – ready to toss in the towel. But do not be so quick to do that just yet! The fact is, you can overcome a weight loss stall with a few smart strategies. Let us look at what you need to know to get this handled …

1. Triple Check Your Counting. One of the main reasons people stop seeing results is that they become lazy with their calorie counting. Remember, you must count calories accurately if you hope to see ongoing success. If you mistakenly miscount your calories, this could easily cost you your results.

If you are 200 to 300 calories over each day, this will wipe out the progress you should be seeing.

2. Increase Your Macronutrients. Another thing to try is to raise your number of macros: your carbohydrates, protein, and fats. Or, if you have been using a higher carb diet, try a lower carb one instead as this may jump-start your progress.

Likewise, if you have been on a low-carb diet, try a higher carb one instead. Sometimes a simple switch is all you need.

3. Try A Refeed. If the above fails, you might want to try a refeed. If you have been dieting for weeks on end, a higher calorie day or two could help restart your stalled metabolism, giving you faster progress again.

Try eating 500 to 1000 calories more for one or two days, making most of those calories from carbohydrates foods. Then see if that does not restart fat burning when you move back onto your fat loss plan.

4. Reconsider Your Approach. Finally, if this all fails, you may need to review your calorie intake exclusively. Maybe you need to adjust it down since you have lost weight? Remember weight loss requires continual adjustments, so do not be afraid to make changes as you go about your weight loss plans.

Keep these tips in mind, and you can ensure you continuously see progress on your weight loss plan. Anyone who starts making changes to their diet reaps tremendously health benefits almost immediately. One study revealed people who ate a low-fat, high-fiber diet, and who also added forty minutes of physical activity to their day, found …

  • they lowered their blood pressure,
  • improved their cholesterol levels, and
  • reduced their insulin levels

in just three weeks. Just ensure you keep your weight on the downward slope.

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Attractiveness and Physical Appearance

Reasons for changing physical body appearance:

  1. Overall muscle toning and flexibility
  2. Desire to wear certain fashions
  3. Attract or please a mate
  4. Improve health conditions
  5. Mental and physical fitness
  6. Preparing for a special event or a vacation

6 Reasons for Weight Loss Failure:

  1. Wanting to lose weight in a hurry. It is unrealistic to lose excess overweight overnight. It may have taken years to build up excess weight and time will be needed to remove the pounds.
  2. Wrong type of diet. Many people try different diets without success. Make weight loss an educational adventure. Research different foods and their nutrients. Why are other cultures producing slim people? What are slim people doing to maintain their desired weight and fitness? Think of an eating life style for lifetime results rather than a diet with short-term results.
  3. Wrong type of exercise program. Research exercising programs. Do something you love to do and are willing to do it often. There are a variety of formal exercising activities, sports, walking; any type of program which has the body physically active.
  4. Withdrawing favorite foods. This will cause deprivation and result in magnified cravings and impulsive eating. Enjoy a small portion or limit as a treat once a week.
  5. Be active in understanding nutrition and read food labels. Become familiar with why certain foods should not be ateen. Examples: avoid high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated fats, unnecessary sugar additives, diet type sugars, preservatives and additives.
  6. Not committed to losing weight loss.

It takes 21 days to change a habit but it will take 60 to 90 days before weight loss results are visible. Make a commitment, make a reasonable plan to lose weight, have a flexible goal, and do not break your commitment.

Twenty-one days may be unnerving and 60 to 90 days may seem like forever. However, as you continue enjoying wearing smaller clothing sizes, correcting medical problems, and watching the needle on the scale indicate weight loss you will be inspired to continue.

Healthy Weight Loss:

A healthy weight loss is about 2 pounds a week. In a month this would be 8 pounds and at the end of a year a weight loss of 96 pounds. However, there will be some variables or a plateau where 2 pounds a week is not happening. Patience !!

Nutrition Program:

Discover which foods are best for your body type and stay away from foods which are not in your best interests.

A steady diet of fried foods prepared in saturated fats, excess use of dairy products, desserts and candies, and convenience foods will contribute to weight gain with or without activity. Eat wholesome foods of lean meat, fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts. Avoid animal saturated fats, hydrogenated fats, and Tran's fats. Make eating wholesome healthy foods an adventure. These foods are delicious.

It is very important to eat foods and consume beverages which help the digestive system to eliminate waste products as this function will help the body to become slender.

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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid During Weight Loss

No matter how bad you feel about your increased weight; it does not seem to fade away. People with different age groups are dealing with obesity nowdays. Let's understand why we fail to lose weight even after trying so harder.

1. Unable to Follow a Disciplined Routine!

Ever surprised why you do not get the desired results after working so hard! Lack of discipline can be one of the main reasons why shedding extra kg do not happen. People start with great enthusiasm but after a week, they realize that the routine they set was somewhere interrupted. With the hope of gaining results, they carry on with their routine. But it does not happen because the way you started no longer exists. Losing weight needs regularity with a disciplined routine.

2. Lacking Adequate Rest!

No matter how hard you may try to lose weight, if you are not taking enough rest, it will not get you anywhere. Forcing you to exercise too much and then expecting faster result is a myth. In any fitness journey, you should be patient to expect results. You do not gain weight overnight and same is with losing it. It will not shed in a day or a month. It takes a disciplined routine to be followed with adequate sleep and rest.

3. Feeling Negative about Your Body!

Our mental attitude does affect activities in our body. If you are forcing yourself too hard to get back in shape but having negative thoughts, it will never happen. Generally, people are seen complaining about increased weight all the time. Having a right attitude is important. Believe in your efforts and think positive. Always remember, it is important to feel slim before you actually get back in shape.

4. Refraining from Nutrition!

Depriving yourself of food will not help you anyway. In your journey of losing weight, you generally start skipping food which is prohibited. But instead of only staying away from prohibited food, you should also include what is necessary. Nutritious foods or supplements can help you in a great way. When you are on your way to a fit body, always trust a food supplement organization which promises to offer supplements that are grown in an organic atmosphere. Check their quality certificates and enjoy living a quality life.

5. Setting Unrealistic Goals!

Losing weight is a process which takes time. So before you start your weight loss journey, it is important to set realistic goals. Losing up to two kg in a month is a realistic goal for obese people. It helps them achieve it without compromising on health. Set the goals you can achieve with right exercise, food, and mindset. Another way is to enroll yourself in any reliable weight management program and stick to it. Remember, once you have decided to go for losing weight, you should not stop until you achieve it.

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Lose Weight for a Healthier You

Weight loss goals may have different intentions behind them. People have different reasons to trim their waistlines. Believe it, they are more than interesting to read. Some want to lose weight before their D-day, some want to cut down the fat deposition for fitting in their favorite dress and others to impress their peers. But who does not know that losing weight is not easy enough. Honestly achieving the figure you want to see on the weighing scale looks next to impossible to many. But there are some fitness freaks and health enthusiasts that may inspire you to shed those extra calories you have packed inside under your skin.

Do you know what is most important in life? It is a good health unless you are healthy your life may seem to be less charming to you. People incredibly should fall in love with themselves. For approaching the respect of others and even more importantly your own respect; you should be admiring yourself for what you are. The vanity of a person defines his lifestyle. It is a clear indication of harmony between your body, mind, and soul when you gain normal weight.


Overweight conditions are prohibited for centers in this society. People often try around various tricks, tips, and products to melt the fat deposits in their body. But more often they fail. Why do you think this happens to the majority of the people? It is because the overweight people do it as they seek the approval from society. If one fails to understand the importance of losing weight for him, he will give up sooner or later. Whereas when a person is self-determined to reach the ideal weight for the right reasons he succeeds, slowly but surely.


Getting approval for your appearance is the basic things every person seeks. But the advantages of losing weight are not limited to the look thing only. For enjoying better health it is important to have the statistics that you dream for. Curves look good but only the slight ones. The sleek and lean version of yours will help you enjoy better health.

Being overweight or obese can cause serious health concerns including cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and some forms of cancer. According to the World Health Organization being overweight is the fifth leading cause of deaths across the world. These health consequences can be reversed if you throw out the useless extra weight out of your body. But for that, you have to start on time.

Health means when you have a fit body and you enjoy sound mental health. If you often feel mood disorders, losing weight is the key to improve your mood. Being overweight blows lots of insecurities and future depression in the person. Low self-esteem and anxiety can be the by-products of being overweight. Fatigue and sluggishness that are commonly found in more than healthy people contribute greatly to the depressive symptoms. Losing weight can improve your mood and keep you smiling.


For flaunting your curves you need to lose fats that are doing no good to your body now. Healthy living is not easy and there are so many challenges to it. The pros work on those and find solutions for those problems as you are not the alone fighting the weight loss battle.

EXERCISING DAILY IS SO DEMANDING- Many people find no fun in exercises. For exercise, you need to get out of your bed early, sweat your heart out and experience the best results.

You do not have to spend life in exercising; you have to indulge in any of the activities that interest you like dancing, swimming, walking, cycling, and treadmill. Pick your favorite.

WEIGHT LOSS PRODUCTS ARE TOO EXPENSIVE- This is actually a myth when it comes to choosing herbal supplements. Go for the healthy foods which are in the season than to spend on their frozen versions.

Dropping pounds boils down to a simple formula consume less and lose more. Keep moving and burn calories.

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Super Foods That Help You Shed A Few Extra Pounds From Your Body

So, you have finally decided to fit into your old pair of jeans and search for the easiest way to kick out those extra kilos from your body. One of the easiest ways to lose weight is to keep a strict eye on what you eat. Most of the people think fast is the best way to drop down the extra weight, but no, it is not. This is because the human body needs fuel to work, and the source of that fuel is food. Do not stop eating if you want to get effective results, rather, eat healthy.

Different foods have different effects on hunger hormones; therefore, it is good to switch to a healthy diet. If you do not know what to eat, so, here is the list of weight-loss friendly food you should add to your diet plan. So, what are you waiting for? Let's get started.

Super Foods That Burn Your Fat And Help You Lose Weight:

  • Almonds: Do not get surprised, these delicious nuts are very much helpful in losing weight as they are a good source of mono and polyunsaturated fats that play a vital role in lowering your cholesterol and keep you slim. It's a perfect snack to eat when your hunger pangs disturb you.
  • Black Beans: Believe it or not, but it's an undeniable truth that a cup of black beans contains a good amount of protein that fulfills your body needs and helps you to lose your weight in an easier and healthier manner.
  • Oats: Another super food you should add to your meal is oats. They are rich in fiber and having them at breakfast keep you full through the day, which reduces your intake of junks. Moreover, it boosts your metabolism and helps you to drop in your extra kilos.
  • Avocados: One of the best foods you should add to your meal if you are serious about your weight loss plan is Avocados. It will melt away the fat faster and help you get into the shape. This creamy fruit is recommended not only because it helps to lose weight, but also these are packed with fiber and protein.
  • Brown Rice: Do you love to eat rice? But worried about your weight? Do not worry; now you can lose your weight with brown rice as it is a healthier alternative to white rice. They have contained a great amount of fiber that helps to burn fat quickly.

These are a few super foods that you should add to your meal. In addition, to eat healthy, you should also do some work outs to get effective results.

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5 Super Foods That Prevent High Cholesterol

Our eating habits control various body functions for the healthy you. Whatever you eat balances the amount of nutrients and essential elements in the body, so it is always recommended to pick healthy foods and keep the munching on junkies minimal. Our heart is one of the most important organs as it pumps out the blood through the entire body. You must have heard the doctors and dietitians advise to adapt with a diet that lowers the cholesterol for a healthy heart. This is a list of super foods to keep your bad cholesterol level lower and enhance the buildup of good cholesterol.

  • Tomatoes – The juicy vegetable tops the list as it is really easy to incorporate the tomatoes in your diet through any season. Filled with great benefits, they have the higher amount of lycopene, which give them beautiful red color, and eating these will keep the LDL cholesterol lower to a great extent. The healthy heart diet vegetable releases even more lycopene when they are cooked.
  • Almonds – The crunchy nut has several benefits and we can not ignore them anyway. The great source of Vitamin E, Biotin, Manganese, Monounsaturated Fats, and Fibers which help to prevent production of high cholesterol and fight with the bad fat. It reduces heart diseases and risk of diabetes as it is high in HDL cholesterol. Therefore, without giving any second thoughts make them the part of your grocery list.
  • Garlic – It is known for its various properties to kill the bacteria and fungi to aid digestive disorders and lower the bad cholesterol level. The high amount of allicin helps to keep the long-term effects for the same. Through any of the medium ie powder, extract, tablet, oil, or raw it has the same benefits.
  • Dark Chocolate – Who else would say no to the super delicious food? You must have heard from the doctors that the dark chocolates are healthy for the heart. They are pure and contain theobromine, which is an active compound for increasing the good cholesterol in the blood. It also prevails blood platelets from sticking together and keeps the consistency of the blood accurate as to prevent the arms from clogging.
  • Apple – We have heard many times that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. It is actually true for the heart patients who daily eat apples has good amount of antioxidants and soluble fats that keeps the bad cholesterol at the bay.

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Maximize Your Health With Kitchen Ingredients And Leave The Drugs Behind

Seasonings play a vital role in managing the healthy weight including providing various other health benefits. It helps to manage different diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, blood pressure problems, and even cancer. A plant compound called polyphenols provide a number of health benefits and it is found in tea, fruits & vegetables, red wine, and of course some spices.

These herbs help to curb the inflammation and balance the acid level in the body. The commonly found spices also concentrate on the problems like rising blood glucose while keeping the level constant. Apart from this, they also play a major role in weight loss management, which let you control the portion size of the diet effectively.

Certain Ways You Can Add Spices To The Food For Better Health Benefits: –

  • Chutney – Indian food is incomplete without chutneys. Not just chaat but some snacks like Idli Sambar, Dosa, Vada, Dhokla, Pakoras, etc. are incomplete without the spicy flavor of chutney. Core ingredients of various chutneys help to target different common causes and give you surprising health benefits. For example – If you are making Coconut Chutney, the main ingredients like coconut itself and tempering of mustard seed together give a perfect flavor and many health benefits as well.
  • Beverages – In summer season, all we live for is only chilling beverages that are the eye candy in all the regions. From buttermilk to some other refreshing drinks, you can get the benefits of different ingredients used in making different beverages. These helps to fight with the heat strokes and keep you fit for the daily challenges. The best way to reap the benefits of spices for a good health is to add them to some homemade beverages instead of the packaged ones so you can get the healthy and delicious options at the same time. For instance, adding roasted powdered cumin seeds to the buttermilk gives digestive aids and keeps you cool in the soaring temperature. Apart from this, you can include Lemonade, Jau Ka Sattu, Lassi, Thandai, etc., which are super healthy and free from all the preservatives.
  • Lentil Broth – Lentils are the powerhouse and best source of proteins for the strict vegetarians. The lentils itself are healthy but adding various raw spices while cooking them enhance their nutritional value while adding zingy flavor. You can simply put in turmeric, black pepper, cloves, bay leaf, cinnamon, cumin, asafoetida, etc. To reap all the rewards and medicinal values ​​of these spices.

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A Slave to Advertising

Many aspects of life today encourage us to not act or think for ourselves. The lazy culture that has taken many of us over in mind and body could become our downfall. Ready meals which are constantly available from supermarkets ensure that kits in many homes are rarely used. This together with take away delivery services that are always available, often rarely resemble the images of the meals advertised.

There is no doubt that advertising has become part of society today and gradually a high percentage of the population are not thinking or acting independently. The weight loss industry is a prime example where you are inundated with adverts that promise the earth but in some ways deprive your body of essential vitamins and minerals which are needed on a daily basis.

Lose a stone in a week with this miracle diet that will make you feel good about yourself. We have all seen adverts like this but in some cases to actually register what the implications of the advertised products could mean.

Why was the weight put on in the first place? Will losing weight this quickly do any harm? The answer to these questions is that common sense must prevail and taking over your own destiny is the only way to achieve a healthy and fulfilling life.

Losing weight quickly is never a good idea but laziness and inertia tend to take over and many opt for the easiest option which is what the advertisers hope for. What many people do not appreciate is that by succumbing to drastic weight loss regimes to encourage people to become victims of “yo-yo” dieting. This means that the sooner the weight is lost, the sooner it will return and this process can become more dangerous than obesity itself.

Once the excess pounds have reduced and the required weight has been reached, it is tempting to revert back to normal eating patterns with the mindset that you have lost weight before and you can do it again. The producers of the magic pills are only too pleased to keep selling you their products because you have become a regular customer without realizing it!

Sitting back and analyzing what is being offered and assessing how it will benefit you is essential before making a hasty decision and purchasing something that could, over a period of time, prove to inflict untold damage to your body.

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Hypnotherapy As an Alternative to Weight Loss Surgery

In recent years the number of people using weight loss surgery has increased dramatically.

But for every person who does have a gastric band or bypass, there are many others who are unable or unwilling to undergo surgery. This could be down to health concerns, the cost or a lack of availability.

An alternative solution for those people could be to use hypnotherapy for weight loss. Hypnotherapy helps your mind to think differently about food and helps to change the habits that are often the cause of the extra weight.

It's that mental change that is the key to success in weight loss. Even with the various surgical methods, you still need to change what and how much you eat, otherwise the weight loss will not happen.

One of the main factors of obesity for a lot of people is comfort eating. Having an alternate way of dealing with emotions means that you are less likely to turn to food for comfort and so less likely to put on weight. Hypnotherapy combined with cognitive behavior therapy can help you to think differently about situations that make you happy so that you react differently and do not rely on food for comfort.

What happens in a hypnotherapy for weight loss session will depend on the individual hypnotherapist. Everyone has their own way of doing things. Some hypnotherapists will design sessions specifically for each client and others will follow a predefined program.

Most hypnotherapists will discuss each of the issues that are related to the weight problem. Then they will address each of those with suggestions while you are hypnotised.

Some hypnotherapists conduct a session where you experience a hypnotic gastric band. The session takes you through the surgical process under hypnosis. That may appeal to some people but would not be suitable if you are using hypnotherapy because you do not want the surgery.

To reinvigorate the weight loss suggestions you may be given a CD to listen to which may be a generic weight loss CD or might be a recording of your own session. Other hypnotherapists may ask you to practice self hypnosis or one of the meridian energy techniques.

The number of recommended sessions will vary, usually from around 4-10. They could be weekly sessions or there might be a longer gap between some of them.

If you are considering hypnotherapy for weight loss then do some research into the best hypnotherapist for you. It's important to find someone who you feel comfortable with and who you feel has the relevant experience.

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Imagine Your Favourite Food As a Way to Lose Weight

The holy grail for weight loss is food that is tasty and enjoyable but low in calories, sugar and fat. That sounds like a tall order but there is a way of achieving that which few people have ever tried.

That food is stored in your brain. It is the memories you have of your favorite “unhealthy” food. It is the experiences of you eating and enjoying it. By accessing those, you can enjoy your favorite food whenever you want to and eat as much as you want.

Most people are surprised when I tell them that thinking about food can stop you wanting to eat it. That is not their normal experience. Usually, thinking about it makes them want it more. You have to think about the food in the right way though. You have to experience it with all your senses. You think about what looks like, how it smells, what it tastes like and what it feels like to eat it.

Doing this helps you to tap in to your remembered experiences of eating that food. It releases the chemicals into your body that are usually released when you enjoy eating something so you are left feeling satisfied. This means that you are likely to eat much less of that food if you have the opportunity to do so or the craving could even go away completely.

If you would like to try this yourself, find somewhere quiet and think about your favorite food. Close your eyes and imagine eating it and think about all the sensations that you experience when you eat it. If you find that difficult at first then eat just a small mouthful so that you have something as a reference. Then spend about 5 minutes more imagining eating it. I know it sounds strange but if you struggle trying to resist tempting snacks, try it because this could really change the way you feel about weight loss.

Using this technique takes away any feelings of deprivation. In fact you may well end up normally eating less of other foods as well if you use the same thought process when you are eating real food too.

If you watch TV, check your social media or are distracted by something else when you are eating then you are not getting the full value of that food. People tend to eat less when they focus on what they are eating because they are aware of the physical signals of fullness and also get the satisfaction of experiencing each mouthful rather than simply eating without tasting.

So, focus on what you are eating when you are eating real food and imagination eating when the sugary cravings hit and you want to feel satisfied.

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Leg Workouts for Women

Would you like to learn some leg workouts for women? Circuit training workouts are the best way to get a great workout in the shortest amount of time possible. In today's post I go over circuit training leg workouts for women. So if you would like a great leg workout read on …

One thing that women have to get over is being afraid of bulking up. Almost every woman I speak to avoids leg workouts with heavy weights because she thinks she'll get bigger legs. I have tried bulking my legs for years, and I can tell you even though I'm a man, it is not as easy as it sounds. It takes a lot of time, calories, and specific hypertrophy training. Do not worry about developing tree trunks for legs because that will not happen!

Something that you can do to avoid bulking up your legs is to not have a calorie surplus. A calorie surplus is when you're taking in more calories than you are burning. This does not mean starving yourself because it is important to build lean muscle in order to accomplish your goals of being toned. Also, your RMR (resting metabolic rate) will slow down if you starve yourself. This can create a calories surplus even when you're hardly eating anything at all. That being said, make sure you are not pigging out and overeating too much as well.

A great solution to the problem of bulky legs that any marathon runner will tell you is long distance running. Different distance running styles are great leg workouts for women. Running will help break up muscle tissue and will help big time with having lean legs. Short distance running on the other hand, such as sprints, can definitely add bulk to your legs. Compare a marathon runner's legs to a sprinter's legs and you'll see that the marathon runner has much thinner legs.

So now without and further ado, here is the workout:

Perform all exercises back to back in a circuit. After completing all exercises in the circuit take a 90 second break, and then start your next set. Perform 4-5 sets of the workout for a great leg workout.

Circuit Training Workout – Leg Workouts for Women

1. Sumo squats … 8
2. Bulgarian Split Squats … 10 each
3. Kettlebell Swings … 20
4. Jump Squats … 20
5. Donkey Kicks … 12 each
6. Single Leg Bridges … 15 each

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Type 2 Diabetes and Weight Loss – Is Losing Weight As Difficult As It Is Made Out To Be?

First, let us get one thing clear: losing weight is never easy. There are always challenges involved. At some point, you are bound to struggle. If you have followed a long-term weight loss plan earlier, you probably found you inevitably stalled – sometimes more than once. This is why persistence is due to the number one tool for weight loss success. If you can keep going by making adjustments when necessary, nothing is going to stop you from reaching your goals.

With that said, losing weight is not as hard as it is often made out to be. Some people tell them that they are not capable of losing weight. Some go far enough to convince themselves it is impossible for them to be lean again. Common excuses include …

  • age,
  • genetics,
  • lack of time for exercise,

amongst many others.

If you are struggling with weight loss, know it is normal. Do not give up hope; you just have not figured it out yet. If a leaner and healthy body is something you really want, you will work to get there. Perhaps you do not want to succeed badly enough just yet.

Weight loss might be easier for you if you lift your spirits. There is a chance weight loss may be easier for you than the average person. If you have a decent amount of weight to lose, it is typically easier for you to lose weight. Why? At a higher body weight, your resting metabolic rate is greater than that of the average person which means you can lose weight by eating more calories.

Let us say the resting metabolic rate …

  • for the average person is 2100 calories, while
  • for a heavier person, it is 2600 calories.

For each to lose an average of one pound of fat a week, they have to consume 1600 and 2100 calories respectively. For this reason, technically it is easier to lose weight when you have more weight to lose. The opposite is also true: when you are reliably lean, it becomes harder to lose those last few pounds.

What is hard about weight loss is getting started. Most people do not give them the chance to succeed. It is a long-term game. If you go into your weight loss plan with the realization losing excess weight is a long-term goal, you are not going to find it as difficult.

But weight loss of any consequence will not be yours if you do not give it a serious shot.

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Type 2 Diabetes and Weight Loss – Setting SMART Goals for Exercise and Weight Loss

Goals: they can work for you or against you. For better or worse they exist and no doubt you plan to make good use of them. Goals can be harmful when too much emphasis is placed on the “promised” results. You must dedicate yourself to the process because it is only when you actively commit to the process the results will come. You can view this as pushing through a short-term struggle for a long-term gain.

Another way goals can work against you is if they are not adequately structured: this is where the idea of ​​SMART goals come in. If you set your goals according to SMART, you will be more likely to succeed.

Let us look at two areas where setting SMART goals can be of great assistance: exercise and weight loss …

S – Specific. Starting with S, your goals must be specific. Wanting to lose weight and get in shape are not specific targets. They are broad goals and it would benefit you to be more particular about your intentions.

Losing twenty pounds and increasing your fitness so you can swim 500 meters are good examples of specific goals. As you can imagine, in the case of exercise and weight loss these goals work together. Losing twenty pounds will improve your fitness, and working on your fitness will help you lose weight.

M – Measurable. Your goals must be measurable. Fortunately, it is easy to track changes in your weight. You will have to be honest with yourself in regards to how well your fitness is coming along, but that is as tough as it gets.

A – Attainable. It may seem ambitious or feel uplifting to set challenging goals, such as getting a six-pack or getting in shape to run a 10km race. But in all likelihood, such goals are overzealous and would end up demoralizing you.

Start with simple goals. Make sure they are attainable.

R – Relevant. Your goals must be relevant and consistent and so should your methods of achieving them.

Let us use the six-pack example again. If you are aiming to become healthy through weight loss and improved fitness, it is unnecessary to seek to have a six-pack. Not to mention it is unhealthy to get to that point.

T – Timely. Many people think it is important to set a timeline. But it is not – and it could be counter productive.

You must, however, be able to achieve your goals in a reasonable amount of time: this does not mean quick – think sensible instead. If you see yourself spending many months on your fitness and weight loss goals, cut them down into smaller goals.

It is much easier to keep your motivation high when you tackle three mini-goals of losing 10 pounds, than aiming to lose 30 pounds. It is purely a matter of perspective, but it does make a positive difference in your mindset.

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Ways to Lose Weight Post Pregnancy

We put a lot of emphasis on ensuring that we eat meals on time and eat perfectly. However, the whole scene changes once we deliver. Post-delivery we realize that the excess baggage that looked cute on us when we were pregnant suddenly starts to look as flabby and excess layers. It is a catch 22 situations, since you are breastfeeding, you can not go on a crash diet, since you had a caesarean delivery you can not opt ​​for CrossFit to lose weight quickly but if you will never return to your old clothes. Here, you must take one step at a time and draft a realistic plan to lose weight post pregnancy.

Here are some ways, that will help you to lose weight post pregnancy in a realistic manner.

Have Patience: Motherhood is the true test of patience and your loved one's must surely be trying yours to the maximum. Now, you also must be patient enough with your weight loss. You need to understand that just as it took 9 months to gain that weight, it will also take some months to shed them. You can not expect overnight weight loss. So, no matter what steps you are taking to shed those extra kilos it is important that you keep a realistic goal. Post new mothers suffer from depression about the way they look because they think that they are unable to shed those kilos asap. Give your body time to lose them.

Indulge in “Me” Time: You must be wondering how does indulging in “Me” time aid in weight loss. Once the babies are born our world revolves around them. The entire day we are at attention to our little one's demands and requirements. In between all this hustle bustle we completely forget about ourselves. This is when we easily slip into a vicious cycle of depression. Here, it is important to take out some “Me” time from the all-day long “Mummy Time”. If nothing, spend some time in the park amidst the greenery so that you can be alone with your thoughts. Do things that you like to do as read a book you were longing to read and so on. These trivial things will help you stay positive and happy and trust us it will also make you a better mummy.

Detox in the morning: Motherhood also comes with breastfeeding. We can not go on a crash diet like others to lose the weight as it will affect our milk flow. However, the good thing is that the more we breast feed the more calories we burn. Also, we can include some things in our diet that will increase our breast milk and help us to lose the weight. Soak fennel seed overnight in water and drink it the morning. The water detoxifies your body and the fennel seeds increases breast milk. Similarly, ajwain boiled water if sipped through the day is known to have similar benefits on your body.

Motherhood is undoubtedly a beautiful journey. Enjoy every moment of it and remember other things will also fall into place you just have to give them some time.

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