Write to Lose Weight

Everyone who is trying to lose weight is aware of the fact that keeping track of the diet you have taken has extreme importance in getting fruitful results, but very few people realize the importance of maintaining the record of their weight loss related thoughts. Even if a person managed to lose a decent amount of weight, he or she never give proper credit to the routine journaling.

Controlling the diet can be considered as simple as maintaining a record of the consumed food, but if a person focuses on the entire body and psychological mechanism, then dieting can become reasonably complex. For example, which thoughts, goals, targets or issues increases or decrements your commitment and determination? Which people and their comments are increasing your motivation and which ones are making you demotivated by offering your delicious food and ice cream? All these things should also be recorded in a private journal.

There are several ways to maintain such a private journal, but the best one is to write a letter to yourself. While doing this, dieter writes a letter to himself and describe all the emotions and feelings related to increased fat and weight loss honestly.

What will be the outcome of such a letter? For the majority of people, such a letter will provide a strong insight into the current situation, especially, the factors influencing their enthusiasm and commitment. After writing such a letter, wait for a few hours and then read this letter yourself. Now, you'll be able to analyze the various factors that have a noticeable impact your weight loss activity and you'll be able to configure a better strategy to coupon up with the detracting things.

Such a journaling also includes mentioning the impact of your food choices on your future feelings when you'll be checking your weight or updating the journal. If you keep on writing such letters yourself, you'll be able to connect the dots and become fully aware of how routine life is influencing your food choices.

Maintaining such a journal will certainly help you in achieving your weight loss goal because it will provide you the insight regarding your thoughts, feelings, emotions and the impact of various external factors on them. I'll severely insist you to give it a try. Write such a letter to yourself and try to figure out that you are actually hungry for what? You'll find that it's not the food.

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Gain Weight and Build Muscle

Naturally thin people may be the way they are on account of their genetics or their low food intake which means that they feel fuller faster that is prompting them to eat less or a hormonal imbalance or a high metabolism which metabolizes the food that they eat instantaneously though increasing the overall requirement of the calories and other nutrients. According to BMI (Body Mass Index) range, a BMI of less than 18.5 is qualified as being under weight. Although a growing minority, the underweight people may be at risk for health concerns like nutrient deficits, osteoporosis especially in women, lower immune system and fertility issues in women to name a few.

“Eat as much as you can” is a common advice one gets when one is trying to gain weight, especially for someone who has always been lean and lanky. You may gain weight but it may not be the best indicator of how healthy you are. The body composition is a better tool to ascertaining your health and fitness along with the weight. It is a measure of how much of your weight comes from lean mass, which includes muscle, bone, connective tissue and water, and how much comes from fat. It is commonly noticed that in spite of the weight and BMI being well within the normal range, the fat composition is very high suggesting that the fitness levels are not appropriate and this makes the individual susceptible to various metabolic diseases.

It may sound odd, but it's possible to get thinner without actually seeing a change in your weight. This happens when you lose body fat while gaining muscle. Your weight may stay the same or even increase, even as you lose inches, a sign that you're moving in the right direction. Similarly, while gaining weight it is again possible that the individual is gaining weight with an increase in the fat mass and not the muscle mass indicating that the weight gain is not occurring in the right manner.

Here are some healthy ways to gain weight if you are underweight:

1. Eat more frequently : If you feel that you can not eat more food at a time then it would be wise to eat five to six smaller meals rather than three main meals.

2. Increase the calorie intake: Determine your daily calorie needs with your BMR and gradually increase the number of calories (watch where you get them from).

3. Snack smart: Calorie den snacks like nuts, cheese, dried fruits, hummus or guacamole with whole wheat breads, peanut or almond butter with bread, smoothies and milkshakes will help you get calories with other nutrients.

4. Pay attention to the fat: Avoid the saturated fats from butter, margarine, ghee, salad dressings like mayonnaise and thousand island dressing and full fat dairy and dairy products. They are not good for your heart. Instead use vegetable oils which contain the good fats. You could drizzle extra olive oil on salads, soups and bread (do not overdo it).

5. Do not overdo the protein: Medical research shows that consuming more of protein could actually harm your body. Eating more protein and increasing the calorie intake will add up to the fat mass in the body and cause stress on the other body systems. So, consume proteins in moderation (15% of your total daily caloric intake). Lean chicken and fish are your best choices when it comes to animal proteins.

6. Chuck the junk: Avoid the sweet and processed foods. Your weight gain will be mainly fat gain which will increase your risk to the diseases that result from their consumption.

7. Remember to exercise : Exercise, especially weight training helps in building muscle and then gain weight. Exercise also helps stimulate the appetite.

No matter what the reason is to put on weight, it is important to focus on the nutrient profile of the calorie dose foods and not just the quantity of calories in them. Eating more calories should not give one a license to binge on the junk foods that have only empty calories and no other nutrients in them. Eating more calories from the right foods along with a monitored exercise program will ensure that the weight you gain is the muscle weight and not from fat.

A qualified nutritionist plays an important role in formulating a good weight gain diet. She would be able to provide the right body building nutrition with appropriate percent of the macronutrients carbohydrates, proteins and fats in order to maintain the desired body composition. If one does not have means to visit a qualified fitness and sports nutritionist in and around their place there are various nutrition companies offering online nutrition services for the same.

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Avoid These Four Mistakes So You Can Finally Reach Your Goals

Here are the four common mistakes I see in my coaching practice that keep individuals from reaching their health and wellness goals:

Mistake # 1: Setting unrealistic goals.

To share a personal example, a few years back, I made a decision to stop eating foods with added sugar.

There was just one problem. I was setting myself up for failure. While I had lots of discipline and optimism, all I did was think about chocolate and I ended up feeling like a failure when I caved and ate some chocolate. The takeaway: to achieve a goal, you need to feel something confident that you can reach it.

Mistake # 2: Having a long-term goal without a short-term plan.

There's no reason why I could not have limited foods with added sugars, but I went about it the wrong way. If I'm coming up with a very specific plan, I could have realized it. I just needed to re-assess my goal so I felt confident about my ability to achieve it.

When you're setting a long-term goal, the focus is on what I refer to as the “Big Picture”. And that's what I ask of my coaching clients. But to realize that really big goal, you need to have smaller, manageable goals along the way.

Reworking goals in this way makes even the largest goal manageable. As you achieve success along the way, you build your confidence and this makes it easier to stay focused and continue with that forward momentum.

Mistake # 3: Trying to do it all.

No matter how much you pride yourself on your multi-tasking skills, research shows your brain can only focus on one big thing at a time.

This is the same problem with having too many goals. Think about when you decided you wanted to lose weight. You probably made big plans to get to the gym, eat smaller portions and go to bed earlier in that first week. We all know how that worked out!

A better approach is to set fewer, smaller goals more frequently. I like to set weekly goals. This practice allows you to minimizeize competing priorities, which can squash your chances for success.

When you think about what you need to do to reach your big goal, it can cause some anxiety if you do not chunk it down. If you tackle your big goal over 30, 60 or 90 days instead of 365, your odds of achieving it are much greater.

Mistake # 4: Failing to recognize progress.

How often do you take time out to reflect on and recognize everything you've accomplished?

Your subconscious mind stores all of your experiences, and it makes you feel uncomfortable whenever you attempt to do anything new or different from what you've done before. That's why building new habits is difficult. Your subconscious mind's job is to protect you, so it wants to keep you right where you are – and that will not get you closer to your goals.

By rewarding yourself, you reinforce those new behaviors and this helps retrain your brain to be more successful.

So if you want to set goals that actually stick, make sure your goals are realistic, time-specific, and bite-size – and do not forget to give yourself credit for all of your hard work.

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Say No To Sugar

The warm weather is here and out comes the shorts and bathing suits. If you've been trying to lose weight and live a healthy life, here is a pearl of wisdom for you “just say no to sugar”.

Unfortunately, in today's world, sugar has found its way into almost everything we eat. It is hiding in healthy foods like organic granola, fruit filled yogurts, catsup, bread and salad dressings. It's not only in the obvious foods as desserts, candies and sodas. It is disguising itself sometimes as high fructose corn syrup, cane syrup or other sweeteners. If that's not bad enough, sugar helps stimulate dopamine in the brain which makes it very addicting so you want to eat more.

How can you empower yourself to resist sugar? Arm yourself with knowledge. Allow me to shed some light on important information you need to know about carbohydrates.

Basically, sugar is absorbed into your bloodstream and insulin converts it to some energy and a lot of body fat. Excess sugar intake also causes blood sugar spikes which makes you hungrier and craving more sugar. It's a vicious cycle.

Historically, our bodies needed this excess body fat in times of famine. Unfortunately for most civilized countries, famines no longer exist. Therefore, what we do have this a lot of unhealthy people in all shapes and sizes or consuming too much sugar contributing to health problems like diabetes, heart disease, obesity related cancers and obesity itself.

I hope you will decide to become more informed about sugars and to reduce or eliminate sugars from your diet. Whatever you choose, it must be a conscious effort.

Tips for cutting added sugar:

  • Obtain your carbohydrates from natural sources like non-starchy vegetables.
  • Travel with an ice chest and fill it with things like cheese sticks, apples, Greek yogurt, lunch meats and vegetable slices.
  • Treat fruits like dessert and eat in moderation.
  • Keep food intake from boxes, cans and jars to a minimum. Always read labels for hidden sugars.
  • Check out the YouTube video called “sugar is killing us” it is animated but very enlightening, only three minutes long.

Remember, one of the most significant diet dangers revolves around sugar consumption. Problems arise from riding on a sugar roller coaster. When you binge on sugar, you crave more and your body slows down. Sugar binges cause a drop in serotonin, a chemical in the brain that regulates sleep and appetite. A lack of serotonin is often associated with depression. When you are deprived of serotonin, you will not feel calm and in control.

Keep Healthy!

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Burst The Common Nutrition Myths About Weight Loss

Weight Loss is the topic of debt and is mostly surrounded by a number of misconceptions. Every single person has its own logic and advice to give that might confuse you and a wrong choice may even affect your health. Thus, it is always good to consider a dietitian or nutrition expert that has great knowledge in the same domain and suggest you the best diet plan for weight loss as per your body BMI. If you are also not able to differentiate between the fact and fiction about weight loss, so, this article is for you. Here we help you burst the common nutrition myth about weight loss people have. So, what are we waiting for? Let's get started.

  • Starve To Lose Weight: If you also think that starving or fasting is the easiest ways to lose weight, so, you are absolutely wrong. Eating does not affect your weight, but eating wrong food and at the wrong time may. Therefore, if you want to see quicker results, so, instead of skipping meals you should eat after a while. Break your three meals into the six one to give your hunger pangs a relief. Also, it boosts up your metabolism that helps in achieving your weight loss goal.
  • All carbohydrates Are Bad: It is not more than just an old wives tale, which you should not believe. But, the truth is that not all the Carbs you consumed are bad, some of them are very good for your health and provide your body essential nutrients and fibers that not help in losing weight but also keeps your protected from a number of diseases.
  • All Calories Are Created Equal: Well, it is not more than just a lie because different foods we eat goes through the different metabolic pathway and then, have different effects on your body hormones and brain center that give signals to your appetite. So, it is not the truth all calories have varying effects on hunger, hormones, and health.
  • Slimming Pills Are The Only Option: Come out of your dilemma right away, this is because slimming pills are not long-term effects and can affect your health in an adverse manner. So, if you want to avoid such situation, you should say “No” to them and “Yes” to a healthy diet.

Leave all these misconceptions behind and lose your weight in a healthy way. If you are still not sure, consult a dietitian that can guide you the right path.

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Wellness Activities to Stay Healthy

The workplace is like a second home for every employee. Creating an on-site wellness program is important because the majority of an employee's time is spent at the workplace. Statistics from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention show that an average a healthy individual misses three days every year while an overweight or obese individual misses five days. Not to forget the employee productivity, and the cost to the company. This is precisely why many corporates are adopting ways to look after their work-force. It is also one of the ways to attract talent, create bond between the employees and decrease the employee turnover.

Good health begins with good food. And what can be better than introducing healthy menu options for the employees in the workplace cafeteria. It is a proven fact that scarcity of time often compels the employee to eat the options available at hand and that usually turns out to be the options from the cafeteria. An in-house company menu which allows the employees to make healthy food choices and not resort to junk eating is an ideal value-add. Moreover, as many company profiles demand traveling, educating the staff about what kind of food selection to make on the go, reading the label can help them immensely.

Empowering the employees with the understanding of healthy balanced diet is a smart way to help them eat mindfully. Nutrition consultations, camps to educate the employees about the various health aspects like portions sizes, essential nutrients, assessing the body composition, workshops to discuss the concerns of the employees, and health assessments would create an environment of awareness within the organization. Health updates through various newsletters or online updates can be a fun way to educate them too. Outsourcing nutrition experts to design a diet considering the likes, dislikes, allergies, lifestyle, economic status, health conditions, blood parameters, age, gender of the employee can be a tool to motivate employees to look after their health and fitness.

A lot of fun-based wellness activities can also be adjusted by the employer at the workplace. Conducting regular medical check-ups and preventive wellness screenings to diagnose any health conditions on time can be organized. Encouraging employer-sponsored athlete teams is another interesting way to bring employees under a health platform. Measuring the distances in the halls and compounds of the company to set walking goals for the employees can make the employees more active during the day. Many organizations also decide on a theme for the month like 'no sweets' month, a '30 minute walk daily' month, a 'low sugar' month, or a 'salt-awareness' month that keeps the excitation going.

Onsite fitness activities like yoga, Zumba, and aerobics can be another step. Research shows that employees who are given these facilities are better at managing stress and can improve their work productivity. Figuring out the rewards for the top achievers not only for the work goals but also for the health goals can further motivate employees to work towards a healthier being.

Occasional absenteeism is inevitable. But habitual absences are the ones that can cost a lot to the employers and compromise on the overall productivity of the company and what better way can there be introduction health and wellness activities for the employees?

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Type 2 Diabetes and Weight Loss – Five Smart Moves For Keeping Cravings At Bay

Food cravings get the best of most of us. If you have been on a diet before, you know how it does not feel too difficult until “food cravings” strike. When they do, it may seem next to impossible to maintain the course of your weight loss plan.

This said, there are steps you can take to help you keep your desires under control. Let us take a look at five strategies you should consider putting to good use …

1. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate. Hydration is a must when on a fat loss plan, not only to help keep your metabolic rate in good working order but also to help ensure optimum energy levels.

On top of that, it is also going to help keep cravings at bay. Next time you have a food craving, try drinking a tall glass of water. Wait ten minutes and see if the craving does not just pass.

2. Combine Macros Wisely. Learn how to mix your macros carefully. If you eat a carb-heavy meal, you are going to be craving more carbs shortly after. Instead, focus on eating protein with your carbs, possibly with some fat added.

This is what will help keep your blood sugar levels stable, which in turn keeps cravings at bay. While you do not have to avoid carbs strictly, they should be paired with some other macro.

3. Try New Foods. Do not let yourself get stuck in a dietary rut: this happens time and time again to so many people. They end up eating the same foods over and over. Before they know it, they are off their diet and cheating.

Make it a point to bring one new food into your diet plan each week. Whether this is a new protein source, a new vegetable, a new fruit, or even a different spice or condiment: just try something new to help keep your taste buds interested in eating healthily.

4. Eat Regularly. If you are letting yourself go for hours between meals, this is only going to invite cravings. Eat every two to three hours during the day. This will also give you better control over how much food you are eating, making it easier to sustain your target calorie intake.

Let yourself get too ravenous, and you may find you are binging on everything in sight.

5. Do not Go To Calorie Extremes. While it is good to create a decent calorie deficiency to prompt weight loss results, avoid going too low, or you are setting yourself up for failure.

Starvation diets do not work. Not only will they slow your metabolism but they will also cause hunger so you crave everything under the sun. Any food will sound good as you are so depleted of nutrition.

Try the above tips as you move through your weight loss diet and see if you can not banish your cravings for good.

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Type 2 Diabetes and Weight Loss – Focus on Exercising And Not Your Body Weight

When starting a weight loss journey, there are more than a few things to keep in mind. Since it is a long and often tedious process, let us start by saying you should have the right mindset from the sunset. Nothing will be completed overnight. This includes other issues you may be tackling at the same time, like lowering your blood sugar and improving your blood cholesterol profile.

Your diet is of high importance. How and what you eat will determine your progress or lack thereof. Minding your calorie intake is also important, but it is secondary to healthy eating. If you focus your efforts on eating balanced meals and minimizing snacking, you will not have to worry so much about caloric intake. It is even more helpful to accept early on you will be experiencing mild periods of hunger. Without occasional beast, no weight loss progress can be made.

As important as your diet is, however, physical activity should not be overlooked. And if there is something that describes your focus just as much as your diet, it is exercise. It is not all about the calories you can burn. Even if it is helpful to do cardio, the benefits of exercise go far beyond those related to weight loss. Exercising …

  • directly helps reduce your blood sugar and also enhances your insulin response.
  • helps “filter” your bloodstream, as it reduces blood triglycerides and
  • is effective against hypertension.

And this is only a short list of health benefits. For these reasons, you should see exercise as more than just a tool to boost your weight loss efforts. In a sense, you are working with something much more important than weight loss. Exercise, in all its shapes and forms, is worth your full attention.

It is easy to get cough up on weight loss: body weight is a reliable measure of your progress. Body weight also has ties to your appearance of course: so many people see it as imperative to see lower numbers on the scale. Be mindful of your body weight … but do not focus on it. It is simply too variable. Not to mention the scales play tricks on you.

It is important to focus on eating well, but exercise is an area where your focus can be leveraged significantly. Commit to the habit of physical activity – whether it is …

  • cardio,
  • resistance training,
  • walking, or through
  • fitness classes.

This way, you should not feel the need to weigh yourself more than twice a week because you will know you are making progress. Having the habit in place is sufficient.

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Weight Loss Techniques and Products

The weight problem has become a disaster in the world. Being overweight comes with its challenges.

Weight loss not only makes you look better but also helps you prevent some overweight-related disease.

Some of the diseases related to being overweight include; heart complications, high blood pressure, and diabetes among others.

There are different ways to lose weight, but the quickest way to lose weight is probably through a surgery of the use of weight loss pills.

During the weight loss period, you need to have a weight loss plan and visit a weight loss clinic for monitoring.

The use of diet supplements can also help you lose weight in three weeks or less. However not all these weight loss products are safe, and sometimes people are advised only to attend a gym instead of trying to lose weight quickly and end u harming yourself.

Workouts to lose weight is tiring, but it's the safest.

Fat burning pills are sometimes recommended but never buy the diet pills without a doctor's prescription. Even with the pills workout is important therefore you still need a weight loss program to stay healthy.

Most people rush to identify how to lose weight quickly without looking at the consequences. Just consider a healthy diet plan and live healthily. Below we explain some of the loss weigh methods.

The Best Bodyweight products

The market is full of body weight products but how safe and effective are they? Many of these products actually do more harm than good to your body. Some of the best loss weight products include:

• Forever Living Products

The Forever Living products are highly recommended for weight loss. They are less harmful and are highly recommended.


High cholesterol elimination

Less effects to the body

The products are affordable


The products are made from chemicals which may have negative effects

• Chitosan

Chitosan is a fiber that originates from chitin, which is the primary segment in the shells (or exoskeletons, of you logical sorts) of creepy crawlies and scavengers.

Prescribed by holistic specialists to bring down cholesterol, chitosan has likewise been advanced as a sort of dietary fiber that may help diminish the retention of fat.


It's ideal for cholesterol burning


It's rare to find therefore not common

• Whey protein

Health and sports supplement stores have been touting the advantages of whey protein for quite a long time, yet predominately to build muscle, which it looks to do.

Whey protein, which as you can figure is gotten from the way of the drain, is an effortlessly edible type of protein. It contains abnormal amounts of the amino corrosive cysteine.


Its helps in bodybuilding while still burning out fat

• Beta Glucan

A concentrated dissolvable fiber obtained from yeast, mushrooms, and green growth, beta-glucans come in many structures yet all have the impact of bringing down cholesterol with the extra advantages of weight reduction and helping control diabetes.

Three most effective body weight loss pills

1. Research Verified Garcinia Cambogia

In the event that you need to attempt an eating routine supplement, at that point Research Verified Garcinia Cambogia bought to be your first decision.

This item bought the Diet Pills Comparison list, and if any eating regimen supplement will work for you, this is it! This eating regimen pill has the most noteworthy quality garcinia cambogia separate, in the correct measurements, does not have any covers or fillers, and is 100% safe to utilize.

This organization utilizes the prescribed daily measurements of 1600mg of garcinia cambogia with 95% HCA. Moreover, their pills incorporated a little segment of potassium for most extreme ingestion of HCA.

All buys of Research Verified Garcinia Cambogia are supported by a 365 day, Risk-Free, 100% Money Back Guarantee. That is the best certification that we have seen from any maker. This year-long assurance indications how sure this organization is in its items.

2. LifeExtension Green Coffee Extract

LifeExtension Green Coffee Extract is our second pick for the best eating routine pill in 2016. Green Coffee Extracts contain chlorogenic corrosive, which expends liver digestion and keeps the arrival of glucose in the body.

These two impacts cooperate to maintain existing muscle to fat ratio and farthest point extra fat stockpiling.

This item contains unadulterated, superb Green Coffee Bean Extract, without fillers or fasteners that could have reduced the quality of the item.

Be that as it may, it contains just 400mg for every case (with a prescribed day by day measurement of 1200mg), which is not as much as what was recommended by the clinical examinations done on Green Coffee Bean Extract (800mg pills, with a day by day dose of 1600mg).

3. GNC Total Lean

Missing the mark regarding our number two determination is GNC Total Lean.

We were inspired with the fixings used to make a characteristic “thermogenic” fat misfortune supplement, which expounds digestion in the body.

Add up to Lean additionally contains fundamental B vitamins and Chromium. While this supplement tested well in general, it contains various pointless fillers, fasteners and shading operators, which may need a portion of the advantages.

Best fat burning foods

• Whole grains

Your body consumes twice the same number of calories separating entitlement (particularly those rich in fiber, for example, oats and darker rice) than handled nourishments.

• Lean meats

Protein has a high thermogenic impact: You consume around 30% of the calories the nourishment contains amid assimilation (so a 300-calorie chicken bosom requires around 90 calories to separate it).

• Low-fat dairy products

Rich in calcium and vitamin D, this assistance saves and assemble bulk-fundamental for keeping up a vital digestion.

• Green tea

Drinking some green tea daily helped individuals shed more than six pounds in two months, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reports. Credit EGCG, a compound in the mix that briefly urges digestion in the wake of tasting it.

• Lentils

One container packs 35% of your day by day press needs-uplifting news, since up to 20% of us are press inventory. When you do not have a supplement, your Metab moderates on the grounds that the body's not getting what it needs to work effectively, says Tammy Lakatos Shames, RD, co-creator of The Secret to Skinny.

• Hot peppers

You can reduce your weight by eating crude, cooked, dried, or powdered peppers, says Lakatos Shames. “Include however much cayenne or hot sauce as could reasonably be expected to soups, eggs, and meats.”


Weight loss is important. However, it's a process, not something that can be done in one day. We recommend that you use the certified products only. The writer's choice is the Forever Living CLEAN 9 Chocolate Ultra with Aminotein.

It's safe to use and gets the work done. There are also other Forever Living products which are available and equally good.

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Knowing the Dos and Don’ts of the Alkaline Diet

Most of the diets we know are geared towards weight loss. After all, millions of people around the world are looking for diet tricks to get leaner and look better. The alkaline diet is not different either, except that it also promotes a 'disease-free' life. Does it work? To know that, it is important to understand that the alkaline diet promotes eating alkaline food. As such, there are a few dos and don'ts in the diet, some of which are extreme, especially if you are someone who lives on meat and dairy. In this post, we will talk about the alkaline diet and some of these dos and don'ts in detail.

The Dos:

The alkaline diet can be called a natural diet, because it contains a considerable about fruits and veggies. So, your diet should essentially consist of fruits and veggies, and most of the available options are allowed. You can also include some of the soy products, including tofu and soybeans. Other things that must be on your list include a few nut varieties, seeds, and some of the lentils and legumes. As for grains, there are a few restrictions, which you can find online. Some experts have promoted the use of vitamin enhanced water. Basically, this is high pH water that may benefit your body in the same way as these alkaline promoting foods.

The Don'ts:

If you intend to follow the alkaline diet, the don'ts probably matter more than the dos. First things first, cut down meat and dairy from your diet completely. You also need to get off eggs and all sorts of canned, processed and packaged food that you can think of, including your chips, ready meals and even popcorn. Just check a few books on the alkaline diet, and you will realize that alcohol is not allowed either. You also need to cut down tea and coffee from your diet and all other drinks that may contain caffeine.

Will I Lose Weight?

Now that's a question that most people ask, mainly because this is one of those high-effort diets. The alkaline diet is not any magic. It does not promise rapid weight loss as the GM diet or others similar diets, but since you will be eating more fresh foods, your weight will drop considerably. Also, cutting down processed food makes a significant difference too. With processed and junk food, you are also limiting your sugar intake, which again impacts the weight loss process.

Do I have Help?

Yes, there are many books and cooking manuals that may help you in following the diet. However, this is not a plan for everyone because one must give up most of the good foods that they are used to. Also, whether you can stick with the diet is also a matter of concern.

Check online now to find more details on the alkaline diet, and before you start, make sure to focus on your exercise regime, because this form of dieting is silent on that aspect. You need both diet and exercise.

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The Shepherd’s Diet Review – Does This So-Called Biblical Breakthrough Work?

As we continue to grow old, work, stress and lifestyle often make us lose the ability of attaining our fitness goals. Taking diet pills, Starving yourself or constantly working out may fail to work and with so many diet and weigh loss programs available currently, it can be very difficult to know which diet program will be effective for you.

Today however, I will be looking at a new program that has recently launched on the scene and is creating quite a buzz in the fitness community.

Introducing The Shepherd’s Diet

The Shepherd’s Diet is a Christian based weight loss program which claims to helps to eliminate excess body fat by following biblically inspired principles and lifestyle habits.

Below you’ll find a brief overview of the program, how it works, the pros and cons and conclusion. This should help you to make an informed decision if this program if right for you and your weight loss goals.

Here Is The Shepherd’s Diet Review

How the Shepherd’s Diet Works -Shepherd’s Diet Program requires users to focus their energy on listening and heeding to the Holy Spirit’s direction in their lives. The Bible inspired regimen encourages users to use biblical guidance to help them to determine the correct nutritional choice and how to use self control to prevent over indulgence in eating.

Additionally, the diet program recommends users to have an eating plan that contains high amounts of healthy fats i.e. “Holy Fats” which helps to eliminate fatigue.

According to Kristina Wilds, the program’s author, the fats contain innate healing abilities which help to boost metabolic and digestive functions that in turn lead to quick burning of body fats.

The diet plan works in a natural and very automatic way. It works even when one is sleeping.

Here’s a list of manuals you’d get if you invest in the Shepherd’s Diet:

1. What would Jesus eat grocery– field Guide: It contains a list of some of the best diet foods to eat.

2. Moses Secret Fat-Loss Protocol: it’s a fasting fat loss guide that explains how to correctly fast in order to accelerate weight loss.

3. Prayer-warrior anti stress guide: it contains details of common stress causes and Biblically inspired mental practices that one can use reduce stress.

4. Fat Burning Furnace-Nutrients Report: This part focuses on the specific foods, why & when you should eat those foods.

Users’ Feedback On The Program

Reviews published by users reveal that this diet program has mixed results. There are some people who give positive praises about it and it’s considered as the “Biblical Diet Breakthrough for Weight Loss” while some says it’s just a rehash of the Ketogenic Diet.

With That Being Said, Have A Look At Some oF The Pros And Cons Below:


  • The diet program can be used by anyone.
  • It contains five different components that help to maximize its odds of success.
  • Shepherd Diet Program gives a comprehensive guide about the food that you should eat and how to manage your food intake. For example, users are introduced to certain types of proteins, carbs, fats and fibers and how they aid in weight loss.
  • Most foods recommended by this diet program can be easily found in local groceries and supermarkets.
  • The diet program isn’t only about weight loss; you will be shown how you can develop and maintain a clear skin and how to improve your mental health.


• You have to be patient and consistently follow the program to achieve noticeable results which sometimes takes weeks.

• The diet program contains too much information which the user can find irrelevant and overwhelming.


The shepherds diet weight Loss program is based on the ancient and reliable bible facts. It is a diet consisting of low carbs, moderate proteins and lots of healthy fats.

This type of diet is indeed effective at burning fat.

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Features A Successful Weight Loss Program Should Have

Losing weight can seem like a very challenging thing to do and it is actually a challenge to lose weight than gaining it. But the truth is that with the right weight loss program or course, it is possible to get slimmer in a few weeks. The results may be gradual but you will indeed see positive results in a few weeks when you are doing things right. With so many weight loss programs out there, it can be a daunting task to find the most suitable and one that will actually yield the results that you are looking for. But when you know the features to look out for in a program, you will definitely choose a good course and enjoy good results.

1. Nutritional guidance – One of the best ways of handling weight is by starting with understanding metabolism, fats and nutrition in general. A good weight program should at least have a handbook to educate you about weight, calories and the foods in general, so you know exactly where you could be going wrong in achieving your desired body weight. This kind of guidance is helpful in that it does not only ensure that you get it right with the foods to lose weight, but that you also lose weight in a healthy way.

2. Diet planner – Now that you know about foods and how they affect weight, your weight loss program should help you with planning your meals. A program with tailor weekly meal plans for instance, will take the guesswork off your diet to lose weight. It is so much easier when you know how to pair foods and the portions to eat and at what intervals and this is what the diet planner will do for you.

3. Workout guide – The truth is that it can be extremely hard to lose weight by only changing your eating habits. It is important that you combine the foods with proper exercises to hasten the process and also ensure that you are left toned up even after losing a reasonable amount of weight. A program that includes a workout guide will help you in ensuring that you burn more calories than you eat every day because you are propelling you to your weight goals. You might need as little as twenty minutes of workout every day to achieve your goals.

4. Motivational insight – Losing weight is a journey and if the motivation is lost along the way, it is very easy to stop trying and putting in effort. Developing a positive mindset is important when trying to shed some pounds and this might mean having third party motivation. A motivational handbook included in a weight loss program will keep you in a winning mindset so you can keep going past your goals. It is helpful to find a weight loss buddy to keep the spirits up too. Weight loss is a lifestyle change and not just a diet change. Your mind can determine just how far you go.

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The Reason Why Everyone Loves Chicken Soup

Do you seek refuge in a bowl of hot chicken soup when you are under the weather? Well, most people welcome winter sniffles with chicken soup!

There are many health benefits of chicken bone broth. Keep reading!

Chicken soup wards off cold

You can give yourself a dose of the classic tonic to prevent an illness just before winter begins. In a study, it was found that chicken broth helps improve the functioning of the tiny hair in the nose and thereby prevents contagious elements from entering the body.

Helps improve immunity

Chicken soup has therapeutic and recreational properties due to immunity-boosting minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sulphur, and silicon. Additionally, these nutrients are easy to absorb for the body when served in the form of a warm chicken soup. It is beneficial for those who are unwell.

Provided healthy calories

When you fall sick, the body starts working overtime to fight the infection away. This requires energy. Moreover, you would not feel like eating an elaborate meal when you are ill. It is at this joke that you need something that provides you with healthy calories and gets easily digested by the body. Chicken soup comes to your rescue!

Heals the digestive tract

It is important to maintain the health of the digestive system when you are unwell. Vitamins and minerals required to fight infection need to be properly absorbed by the body from the food you eat. The main building block of the digestive system of our body is glucosamine and that gets released from bones when you cook them. When the chicken broth cools downs, a layer of gelatin gets developed on the surface. This combo of glucosamine and gelatin is helpful in protecting and healing the lining of the digestive tract.

Reduces cold symptoms

There are many benefits of chicken soup for treating a cold. Chicken is rich in a compound called carnosine and studies say that this compound helps in reducing the congestion and stuffiness you have in your nose and throat due to cold. It appears that carnosine reduces the inflammation in the upper part of the respiratory tract. However, this benefit doesnt last long! It only lasts till the soup is inside you. This directly means that you need to make a big batch of soup for yourself to enjoy the benefits.

Fights inflammation

When you cook the chicken bones that have joint tissue on them, the tissue gets cooked and dissolved in the soup. Compounds like gelatin and glucosamine (the ones discussed above) get released into the soup and get absorbed by the body. They help in rebuilding and repairing the body's connective tissue along with reducing inflammation. It will definitely help you in getting back into action a lot faster after the illness.

The place effect

Chicken soup has a place effect that can not be underestimated. If all your childhood, your mom has matched you with a warm bowl of it whenever you were sick, as an adult too you will find the same old comfort in the soup. Past memories do have an effect on how you feel today. So, if chicken soup makes you feel better when you have a cold, just go for it and enjoy the benefits of chicken bone broth!

Is chicken soup good for weight loss?

So, we discussed the role chicken soup has to play in treating your illness but do you know it can help you lose weight too? Yes, you read that right! It does!

Soup is generally an important part of a weight loss diet. Consuming soup as a starter increases satiety and makes you eat less when it is time for the main course. This way you will consume a lesser number of calories and that helps in weight loss. Drinking water is also an option to fill you up but eating soup is a tastier option and nothing can be better than eating it! You need to stay away from soups that have cream in them so that you do not ingest too many calories. If you want to lose weight, you can include it in your diet and reap its benefits.

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How To Eat For Your Body Type

Determining which body type you belong to can be liberating. It can help you better understand your body composition, the efforts you need to put in to gain muscles, the sports that will suit you, the foods that will help you stay fit and achieve weight loss, and so on.

No matter how hard some people try, genetics will always be a step ahead of them. You can not beat your body type when it comes to fitness or weight loss. Clean eating is an essential aspect of fitness, regardless of your build.

You can boost your health and weight loss and get rid of any barriers you are facing by understanding your body type and knowing how to eat to help it become optimal.

Our body type does not only define how we look but also provides information relating to how our body responds to food intake. It also determines the characteristics of your hormonal and sympathetic nervous system (SNS). It has also been identified that a person's body type can also define their metabolic capacities and set them apart from other individuals when it comes to processing different types of food and gaining or losing weight. Which means it is an important factor that can be used to optimize your health goals.

Body types consist of three main categories: EctomorphEndomorphMesomorph

Most people can look like they possess characteristics of more than one of these categories, but that is probably because of the years of training and physical care that they put into their health and body. And they could also be a mixture of two different body types because of their parents.

Let's now get into what these body means mean and what the ideal diet is in each case.

1. Ectomorph

People belonging to this type are lean and skinny, meaning they have skinny limbs and a slender, narrow body. These types have a high metabolic rate which makes them resilient to weight gain. But that also means that they have difficulty putting on muscles. Ectomorphs can get away with eating excess amounts foods without gaining weight and they do not have problems with weight loss as well. They naturally have low body fat. But that's not to say that they do not need to exercise or live a healthy lifestyle, we all do.

What to Eat

If you belong to the ectomorph category, you must aim to consume higher carbohydrates and lower fats. Carbohydrates work great for this type. Proteins must also be consumed but in moderate quantity. Fats consumed should be of good quality. Examples are nuts, avocado, chia seeds, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil.

For ectomorphs is has been suggested by some experts that distributing the nutrients in these proportions is ideal 55% carbohydrates, 25% protein and 20% fats.

2. Endomorph

Endomorphs sometimes feel that they are the unlucky body type, being one myself I often seem challenging to get results and it seems that we always have to work harder than the other two body types to achieve minimal results.

Endomorphs are often fuller, rounder and have the tendency to store a lot of fat. Our body shape is round and the joints are long. We have a large bone structure and some people in this category sometimes find it a bit more challenging to live an active lifestyle. This may be due to the challenges and frustrations of not getting the success they want as quickly as they want compared to the other body types.

As endomorphs, our metabolic rate is characteristically very low and that promotes storage of fat and the tendency to gain excess weight. This can be discouraging and frustrating for people with this body type and it is understandable because some people get fed up and get lazy.

But that is not the right answer either, once they create a plan which includes understanding their body type it is easier to get results and achieve overall success in their weight loss and fitness journey.

Knowing your body type will eliminate all the confusion and misinformation that has added to the frustration that people are experiencing and it will keep things simple but successful. No diet or controlled eating patterns will give the success that learning and understanding our body types, eating for that body type and exercising for that body type can.

What to Eat

An endomorph would need to consume good quality fats and protein. As far as the intake of carbohydrates, it is tricky but very do-able for endomorphs to put more emphasis on good fats and proteins while incorporating some good low glycemic carbohydrates.

Therefore a breakdown of 25% carbohydrates, 35% protein and 40% fat. In simple words, considering eating more fats and protein and fewer carbohydrates is a great place to start and tweaking might be necessary based on results.

3. Mesomorph

This body type is considered to be genetically gifted. Mesomorphs are lean, muscular, athletic and naturally active, making them great at sports. Their bodies are proportionally built, consisting of medium sized bone structure and considerably lean mass. People belonging to this body type can gain and lose weight easily by changing their diet and activity level. Due to high testosterone, mesomorphs can build muscle easily.

What to Eat

If you are a mesomorph, you should consider consuming a balanced diet. Which means splitting eating proportions into 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 30% fat. The ability to gain muscle and weight easily means that you should focus on effective weight management through your life.

Going on a trip without a map or directions is the same thing as not knowing your body type but expecting results or success in weight loss or fitness journey. We often do not appreciate what our body does for us without asking until it stops doing it for us. Getting fit, losing weight and achieving health is simple but not easy to do.

But we can make it simple and easier by understanding the subject which is our body. This way we will have the information, understand the needs and get the edge to get what we want.

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Forskoloin Body Blast Is The Answer

Weight management has been an issue with so many people; This is because get the has been described as a leading predisposing factor to many health problems, a significant health condition arising from being overweight is, heart problem. There are, therefore, various means that help have been designed to deal with these excess fats in the body such as, dieting, regular exercises and use of drugs. One of the best methods, however, of keeping in shape has been the use of herbal supplements such as Forskolin Body Blast and Pure Asian Garcinia .

Forskolin Body Blast is a supplement from a coleus forskohlii plant with vital health benefits that helps improve the body shape as well as having additional health benefits to the body. Many users have registered satisfactory response and thus making it the ideal body toning ingredient. Therefore, for those afraid of going long without food, or strenuous exercises to keep in shape have a solution in Forskolin.

Health Benefits of Forskolin Body Blast.

· The first health advantage of this supplement is the ability to break down fats in the body. The biological mechanism of overweight is as a result of the body failing to utilize all the carbohydrates in the body leading to the excess being converted and deposited as fats under the skin layer.

· The other benefit that has its recommendations from doctors is its ability to increase the metabolism rate. This, in turn, leads to proper and complete utilization of minerals that would have been converted to fats. Also, high rate of metabolism translates to large supply of energy to the body giving the individual vitality and general well-being.

· Attaining a lean mass is always a struggle, and one has to end several hours in the gym to streamline their muscles. But, with this supplement it is one of its main and quick health benefits, therefore for those who tread gym and morning runs, this is your quick answer.

· The other significant health benefit is that Forskolin ingredients regulate cortisol, the primary stress hormone in the body. This, therefore, means excellent mental health with concern ability to think and act.

· Lastly there are no known side effects of this product, and so it is safe to try for anyone struggling with weight, or even those with the desire to get in shape.


Forskilin Body Blast is the best way to go for weight management and is recommended by many nutritionists. The supplement is useful and once you purchase get the right prescription from the licensed dealers.

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