You may be wondering why it is so difficult to lose weight, considering the amount of physical activity you are doing. Could it be fact or fiction exercise helps with weight loss? Surely the case is different for each person. If you had not guessed it, weight loss is a challenge unique to each person. While some people have a harder time than others, it is rarely (if ever) easy.

Weight loss is difficult because it requests the body to get rid of what it holds valuable. Body fat is essential to the body, even if it can be a danger to health in higher amounts. It is a reliable source of energy, and it acts as a buffer against starvation. But it also poses health problems and hurts one's self-esteem. Being overweight is also physically and mentally taxing, not to mention uncomfortable.

If your aim is to lose weight, good for you for starting an exercise program: it is overdue if you have been sedentary. Physical activity is essential to maintain your well-being and improve the quality of your life.

But why exactly is it still difficult to lose weight while you are exercising? And if you have gained weight, WHY did it happen?

The answer is simple: exercise is only one piece of the puzzle. As important as it is, it will never be a priority over nutrition. Your diet, portion sizes, and eating habits – are the primary factors influencing your weight. If your nutrition is under control, weight loss should occur. If it is not, progress may stall. You could gain weight if there's a lapse in your diet – even if you are exercising.

Exercise burns calories, which can burn fat directly. But what is the point of working out from a fat loss perspective if you are overeating? You should focus on your eating plan as much as you do on your training program, if not more. It is when your food portions are the right size, and your diet managed you can make progress.

It also helps if you are eating quality meals. This applies in particular if you are a Type 2 diabetic. You only have one body, so you might as well provide it with the very best nutrients. It does make a difference.

There is a reason professional athletes have world-class nutritionists in charge of their meal plans: health determinances performance. You do not need to compare yourself to them but we are sure you would not mind having the physique and health status of many serious athletes.

Be sure to keep up your exercise program but do not forget the importance of healthy eating.