Many of us are paralleled by the conflicting information being given out in the health and nutrition field. There are hundreds (if not thousands) of diets and nutritional plans, quick fix pills and powders, gadgets and gizmos, infomercials and gurus who are all giving us confusing and very often, conflicting information on how to lose weight.Who's right? Who's wrong … how do we know?

The fact is, the weight loss industry is a multi-billion dollar marketplace that thrives on keeping us guessing. It seems like we can not go a month these days without something “bigger & better” to come along that can help us lose weight “faster & easier.” It's the constant barrage of new products and methods that keep us so confused … A study published these days reminds us.

An American team followed obese people who were trying to lose weight in three different ways: by a simple scheme (strict 800 kcal / day plan), by a plan associated with exercises of endurance (stamina group) or to muscle strengthening (force Group) .


All groups have lost the same weight (12 kg) and achieved their goal at the same time (158 days or about 5 months). So, it seems that combine sport and diet improves the total of lost weight nor the time needed to lose.
Researchers found that more people join the scheme, more quickly lost weight (and vice versa). Nothing very special to this.

Membership in the plan was inversely correlated with the degree of caloric restriction. In other words, when people will pose a strict diet, they give up quickly.

Finally joining the scheme associated with the loss of fat mass was positively correlated with training in endurance and negatively correlated to the diet alone. In other words, people who start endurance adhere more to the plan and lose body fat, which is not the case with a diet alone.

To successfully lose weight permanently, should be well in his plate, well in his sneakers, and in his head. If one of these three pillows feeds the other, losing weight at every chance to be a lasting success. On the other hand, if a pillar dwells overly on the other – as is the case for example in the case of the too strict rules that appeal to the will – then all may falter. Balanced diet and controlled (if needed) + sport + daily well-being: this could be the winning equation for who wants to lose weight.

So by knowing a diet plan and workout you will be able to lose your weight very fast.